8 Fake Beggars That Were Revealed

  • Published on: 17 December 2019
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    We've all been in the following situation at least once in our lives: you're walking down the street or standing in a subway car, when all of a sudden... A person appears and begs you to give them money. At that moment your heart sinks, you start looking for your wallet... But then you think: where will my money really go? Am I doing the right thing? Or will it end up in the pocket of some bad people?
    It is because of these thoughts that many people cease this impulse of compassion. And in most cases they are right. Among the street beggars there are a large number of scammers. Today we will tell you how criminals on the streets deceive people and what tricks they use to manipulate us.
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  • Brahmi Singh Nar
    Brahmi Singh Nar   3 hours ago

    Once I saw a poor girl *from India* she had a sign In Hindi and she had a phone under it and I scream lieeerrrrr in hindi

  • G͓̽a͓̽y͓̽B͓̽o͓̽i͓̽

    I know some one who is actually blind and still goes to school and someone who is in a wheelchair and stills goes to school and I hate when people do this

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen   1 days ago

    Lol. In my country, they bring it to another level. They work in group. If you come and “abuse” a beggar on the street, some people in their group come to you right after and get you somewhere else and warn you for the first time. If you keep getting close to the beggar, they will follow you and do some sort of revenge. So, it’s best to just stay away.

  • Kieron Iswarlall
    Kieron Iswarlall   1 days ago

    Me and my mom were driving and we gave a beggar some water but she said she wanted money and my RE teacher gave sandwiches to beggars and she said most of the beggars threw the sandwiches in the bin

  • Star Flatinum
    Star Flatinum   1 days ago

    I have a single mother but I have a big family so when my mom is working my relatives take care of me

  • lepayen
    lepayen   1 days ago

    Donating to certified social funds does not help the homeless, it helps the certified social fund collectors. How many churches have a poor box to donate money to the poor? How few of those churches actually give to the poor or help the poor? Now imagine, it's the same with all of those certified social funds, except on a grand scale where loads of money is being donated, but hardly any of it goes to actually helping the homeless or the poor.

  • lepayen
    lepayen   1 days ago

    As a former homeless person, I have something to say about your claim that beggars with animals are scamming. First off, even homeless people need company. Second, homeless people with pets take better care of their pets than they do themselves, the pets are always fed and happy. Third, if they didn't love the animal, they wouldn't keep it around. Fourth, pets were originally wild animals, they are perfectly capable of dealing with extreme weather be that heat or cold, especially the cold part, that's why they have fur. If you became homeless and gave up your pets rather than keeping them with you, you didn't love them, love would never allow you to part from your pets. I have had cats and a dog while living outside, and my pets needs were always taken care of before my own. 2 of the cats I had were with me through the whole winter and half the winter was minus 40 degrees celcius, that would be also minus 40 farenheit, yes, that cold, and the cats were fine. Greedy people, or ignorant people stole my pets, breaking my heart and making me hate everything and everyone. My only reason for begging for change was so my pets could have what they needed, food(wet and dry), toys, water, treats, medications, vet visits, everything they needed, and if they didn't need something and there was some left, then I spent money on myself. When people stole my pets, I couldn't even be bothered to beg for change anymore. I spent a good 6 years on the streets with no pets and didn't ask a person for a fucking dime, I went to soup kitchens and went bin diving. But thanks for assuming that homeless people are incapable of loving another animal.

  • Isaiah Jackson
    Isaiah Jackson   1 days ago

    Is that Billy from it 8:27Bill is gonna kill you If you come with me you'll float too

  • Martin 11
    Martin 11   1 days ago

    Im a Muslim and I learned that working is better than begging for money

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson   1 days ago

    A young girl who was homeless in newcastle upon tyne not long ago approached me wanting spare change for food. I offered to buy her food she made excuse she "couldn't leave her friend". I asked her to go get her friend and I offered to buy sandwiches and multipack bag of crisps and drinks. she just wasn't interested. My advice..ask if they have eaten that day. If they're genuine they'll take the food. I'm yet to meet someone who will take food or drinks. And I've also witnessed things from people throwing away hot drinks seconds after the kind gesture of it being given to verbal abuse and even spitting at someone. For every 1 genuine homeless person you've got about 100 playing the system.

  • Beesty_Beest
    Beesty_Beest   2 days ago

    How come the guy on the thumbnail is part white part black... EXCUSE ME

  • Libby Clifton
    Libby Clifton   2 days ago

    If I could meet gerry on the street I would quickly find the police and make sure they found!

  • Davin Muxfeldt
    Davin Muxfeldt   3 days ago

    Well you may have Forgotten one disability that beggars never use: Transabled. It’s a choice

  • Allyn07
    Allyn07   3 days ago

    If you can't give them, blind them like I did with this scam beggar.I did say get a job. And I said 5 bucks, he looked to the ground and I ran

  • Jacob Quinones
    Jacob Quinones   3 days ago

    The guy who changed his clothes and Pretend he had a disability it’s just his job I’m not lying it’s an actual job but for the other ones they are the real fake beggars

  • Charli Thompson
    Charli Thompson   3 days ago

    That's not funny my brother has a my brother has a problem

  • Zoroak Gaming_02
    Zoroak Gaming_02   4 days ago

    So theres this blind man begging some money near our Church, so my friend whose very generous gave him a large amount of money, and me being the stupid one FAKE - kick him on the face....and he reacted lol

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum   4 days ago

    This beggar is pretty stupid: https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ

  • iwinulose43
    iwinulose43   4 days ago

    One of the main ones you missed at least in my state is people saying they need money to bury a dead family member

  • Family Klingensmith
    Family Klingensmith   4 days ago

    that clip wife the guy that faked epilepsy serger that was just rube my mom have segers

  • Ema Gutierrz
    Ema Gutierrz   4 days ago

    One time I was In Seattle and I saw this woman begging for money and had a little child with her but I saw an iphone10 in her hands under her sighn I just wanted to expose sooo bad

  • mobile games guy
    mobile games guy   4 days ago

    there was a guy in my part of my neighbor hood he sat under the freeway and he begged for 15+ years that's what all the locals said and a couple years ago he got either shot ran over or just passed of natural causes but in the duffel bag that he always carried he had over a million dollars and the community was shocked that he did not buy a mansion or live a good life but he just liked the community that he was in and all his "homeless friends" all did not care of his passing i believe he passed away at a intercetion corner but we were shocked that he never lived a good life

  • Sides How
    Sides How   5 days ago

    At that moment my heart sinks and I start looking for my wallet??..... Not even close

  • gabe carvill
    gabe carvill   5 days ago


  • ⃝
      5 days ago

    😑 a lot of homeless people have better phones than me.

  • sadboxking 47
    sadboxking 47   5 days ago

    the people how real need help cant get it be cuz sick people like you want your PS4 and Xbox you make me sick

  • Ale Lanz
    Ale Lanz   5 days ago

    People dont unterstand they dont have to reveal other secret to prove them right...they dont think before they have to do that maybe they begging for there familly or dont have a job or need to do al there doings for them right??so before you do that think before you do it....Dont hurt others feelings... You all got to have love for each other.. Then the world will be better

  • Arunachaleswaran L
    Arunachaleswaran L   6 days ago

    When a person, even though not disabled has gone down to lay on road .. seeking ppl kindness, just help him ... there’s no need to go vigilante on him ... it would have taken a lot of suffering for him to get there ...

  • Crime Boss Ent
    Crime Boss Ent   6 days ago

    These scammers make me don't sure who really need it

  • • Lovely Peachy •

    Don't give homeless people money, instead give them food because they could spend the money on alcohol.

  • Henry Webster
    Henry Webster   1 weeks ago

    Unfortunattly it is estimated that 50% of people on the streets do have mental health issues. Schizophrenia is the most common.