Why Megalodon (Definitely) Went Extinct

  • Published on: 19 December 2018
  • For more than 10 million years, Megalodon was at the top of its game as the oceans’ apex predator...until 2.6 million years ago, when it went extinct. So, what happened to the largest shark in history?

    Thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart: http://spinops.blogspot.com/

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  • Runtime : 11:13
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  • PBS Eons
    PBS Eons   9 months ago

    As some of you have pointed out, the size comparison we show at 9:36 features a humpback whale instead of a blue whale. That's my fault! The illustration (from a stock photo site) was improperly labeled and we missed the mistake in our review. We spent so much time making sure we had all of the extinct species depicted accurately that we missed the (enormously) obvious error right in front of us. Sorry for the mistake! -Seth

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  • Juan Martini
    Juan Martini   15 hours ago

    Funny that you assume this animal has been extinct when we only know about %2 of the oceans but okkkkk

  • Holmzy1992
    Holmzy1992   1 days ago

    Is it me or does she look like a scuffed Riley Reid?

  • тσиуαattarian
    тσиуαattarian   1 days ago

    Me spending an hour looking at the comments because it’s the funniest comment section I’ve ever seen😂

  • Peter Gardner
    Peter Gardner   1 days ago

    Megalodon should of went for the tail of that whale shark thing that would of been easy food then they would of lasting a bit longer

  • disney fan81
    disney fan81   1 days ago

    "Which leaves the niche of super-shark wide open." Yikes!

  • Baylie Harrison
    Baylie Harrison   1 days ago

    how do you explain the video of the GIANT shark caught on tape at the bottom of the ocean ((kinda)) ?? ur saying that they just chilling in warm waters but where it was caught on tape that's estimated -10 degrees or colder due to lack of sunlight but surely it moves around because 1. there would not be enough food 2. they would just be waiting for something to sink that they can eat and most sharks can't just wait so surely the mega would have to move through the levels of the sea eg twilight zones

  • h y p o c r i s p y
    h y p o c r i s p y   1 days ago

    What ifMegalodon: Aha I have survived the ice agePlastics: Think again sis

  • sapphire flame mvp
    sapphire flame mvp   1 days ago

    dont trust pbs but don't be afraid you have a better chance of death by a coconut then a shark and there deep sea monsters so enjoy the sea budda

  • In Cognito
    In Cognito   1 days ago

    I’d imagine the Livvyitan couldn’t kill a Megalodon One on OneThe Megalodon has the larger size, stronger bite force and a killer charge as they sent Whales out the water with their heads, 15 metre long beastsMost likely the decline of whales that ended them off not the Sperm Whales cooler, deadlier older brother

  • Cory Tyler
    Cory Tyler   1 days ago

    ...and Steve ahaha that was my favorite part

  • GamingWithDaniel
    GamingWithDaniel   3 days ago

    you should make a video called ''why 94 percent of the ocean isnt explored stop assuming hunto not hatin makes scence yolo yoec''

  • Ali Rachini
    Ali Rachini   3 days ago

    i really like the voice of the woman. really nice ! i dont know how to describe it :)

  • The Ace
    The Ace   4 days ago

    Great video, just dont believe it. He shrunk

  • Elder PlayGames
    Elder PlayGames   4 days ago

    I bet she could swallow you whole as well. MMMM, I like that thought.

  • Itz ßloom
    Itz ßloom   4 days ago

    Her: There’s also proof of its extinction Me: There’s also proof that it still exists

  • Han
    Han   5 days ago

    basically, no more available foods

  • FS S
    FS S   6 days ago

    They actually still exist, they just don't post instagram story often

  • King Dav8d12
    King Dav8d12   6 days ago

    the real question is..how many megalodon were there..only 1??

  • Jenny Hart
    Jenny Hart   6 days ago

    Poor big boi got starved. Prime example of size isn't everything, it was too big for its own appetite.Edit: Wait she makes a point, giant whales and warmer waters does leave the niche of Megalodon back on the table, our bois the great whites have a opportunity they might actually be taking.

  • RockCrushing777
    RockCrushing777   6 days ago

    Why did cetaceans suddenly appear in the earth's oceans 50 million years ago without any relative preceding them???

  • Keith O'Neill
    Keith O'Neill   6 days ago

    You may update the size estimate. New paper measures them at 15 meters long at most. https://www.forbes.com/sites/melissacristinamarquez/2019/10/02/turns-out-the-megalodon-shark-aint-that-big/#4c09820c503b

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   6 days ago

    Climate model??? Every climate model since the 80s is proven wrong just a few years after implementation.

  • Romeo Is Dead
    Romeo Is Dead   6 days ago

    Megaladons aren’t extinct. That’s just what they want you to think.

  • WAK Dash
    WAK Dash   6 days ago

    We’ve only explored 5% of our ocean floor so we don’t know exactly but they probably still did go extinct

  • Jezzer Merrel
    Jezzer Merrel   1 weeks ago

    I dont Believe this!! There alive i know it our Ocean has only been 5% Explored the megalodon is Down deep In the ocean i just know it! Like come on there is 95% of the ocean unexplored Who knows whats in the deep and shallow water

  • Xquirt
    Xquirt   1 weeks ago

    cuz he's single?

  • spinosaurus tricycloplots

    Megalodon = Biggest, scariest, strongest shark that had the most powerful bite everTopic = Why it died out