Is Techron better than Seafoam? Let's see the proof!

  • Published on: 23 April 2018
  • Seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil have both proven to be very effective engine cleaners in testing during previous video episodes. However, many have asked that Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil and Techron be compared for preventing buildup. I hope you enjoy the video and please keep the video recommendations coming because I'm listening to your ideas!
  • Runtime : 10:9
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  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart   4 hours ago

    Thanks for all your hard work and detail comparisons. I will use Seafoam and stay far away from Marvel Mystery Oil.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C   6 hours ago

    That Techron is the cleanest looking cylinder head I've ever seen on here.

  • damage control
    damage control   17 hours ago

    Great, you did a fine controlled experiment. Thank you! Maybe you could make a video using K-100 fuel additive. K-100 makes some mighty claims.

  • Patrick Cosgrove
    Patrick Cosgrove   1 days ago

    Thank you for putting on an unbiased (advert free) comparative report on these three. Otherwise the customer is left doing a lot of hoping and praying. I have a fifteen-year-old XJR supercharged that I absolutely love and I am going to do the whole thing Seafoam-wise this weekend. I'll keep you posted. I have chosen Seafoam 'cos it is new to me; the others I have known and used for ages. But I DO note that you and anyone else testing Seafoam on Youtube seem to agree -- Seafoam is the way to go for optimization all around! Thanks again.

  • Misteryman321
    Misteryman321   1 days ago

    My Subaru has a 16 gal tank. I put 32oz in the tank and filled it up and it had fixed a ton within the first few miles. I was thoroughly impressed

  • PCollen YT
    PCollen YT   1 days ago

    I saw that , after you cleaned up the piston and chamber before each run, the engine was dirtier after when using any of the products than when using just regular gas. It seems that the products made it worse. Did I mis-interpret something ?

  • PCollen YT
    PCollen YT   1 days ago

    I use a bottle of Techron in each of my vehicles once per year. Most of my driving is at interstate speeds, so low speed carbon build up is not much of an issue, I mainly want to keep the injectors, fuel pump and other plumbing clean. Using 1oz of Techron per QUART of gasoline is WAY over the recommended amount..thats 4oz per gallon , or eight 8oz bottles per 16 gallon tank of gas.

  • B Henry
    B Henry   1 days ago

    Techron seems better at preventing buildup than removing it. I'm a seafoam and Lucas guy.

  • Aaron
    Aaron   3 days ago

    I use chevron because I can count on them to be well lit, and have working squeegees.

  • rusty lamphear
    rusty lamphear   3 days ago

    I use them all techron for the injection seafoam for the engine and marvel to keep my tools working freely

  • Michael Picozzi
    Michael Picozzi   3 days ago

    Let me ask you something how about if you use top tier detergent gasoline in your engine all the time shouldn't that keep it clean

  • Anders Borum
    Anders Borum   3 days ago

    I'm using a BellAdd additive for my 3.0 TDI diesel for every tank; it's my subjective impression that the engine runs better because of the higher cetane level (the equivalent of octane for petrol).

  • Coltrane Cat
    Coltrane Cat   4 days ago

    My questions after watching this video are: Does it negatively affect my exhaust system or fuel system in any way? Does it create buildup of some sort in those systems? Does it deteriorate any part of those systems i.e. seals?

  • Pelt Down Posse
    Pelt Down Posse   4 days ago

    I always alternate. Marvel Mystery oil is a good lubricant compared to Seafoam. Seafoam, better to clean fuel injectors...They are all great products...

  • Neal Keith
    Neal Keith   4 days ago

    I use chevron with techron, and my ass dyno says it's better. Less throttle to go the same speed, and engine is more responsive.

  • jeremy pearson
    jeremy pearson   4 days ago

    I’ve watched a ton of these videos and it seems to me that the jury is still out on whether or not oil/gas additives are actually beneficial. It may just be that using premium gas every once in a while does the trick. I think a lot of the results depend on the condition and age of the engine being treated.

  • U Only Live Twice! !!

    I use sea foam, it improves acceleration in the truck engine,also smooths out the surging engine on the riding mower.These videos are accelerating the price of that stuff!

  • flagmichael
    flagmichael   5 days ago

    I use top tier gasoline - have had a lot of trouble with EPA standard gasoline, especially on manual transmission vehicles.

  • Nuancolar
    Nuancolar   5 days ago

    What's really confusing is other YouTube channels show before/after photos that are just the reverse of this. Dirty becomes clean. Some take engines apart, some use camera snakes, etc. but it's hard to get a straight answer from YouTube.

  • Dawson Copeland
    Dawson Copeland   6 days ago

    I use B-12 I believe it’s just as good if not better than seafoam for half the cost. I’d like to see you do them head to head

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003   6 days ago

    As rule I just use premium gas and never have any troubles. The check engine light came on one year when I did too much in town short drives. Taking the car for a highway run, cleans the engine sensor and the light went out. I have told this others who had the same problem and it has worked everytime. Today's cars have too many computers and warning lights, most car just need to be driven on the highway to correct some problems.

  • Donnie Bargo
    Donnie Bargo   1 weeks ago

    I'm 48 years old I've been a mechanic since I could walk and every bit of that stuff is just garbage rubbing alcohol from the dollar store works good if you've got water in your gas tank as long as you don't use too much of it and we'll do a better job than all of that other crap put together and it's $0.50 a bottle0

  • Tim Schultes
    Tim Schultes   1 weeks ago

    Glad I put sea foam in my F-150 lol it looks like it did the best job

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor   1 weeks ago

    Try Royal Purple as it cleaned my stuck injector(s) that caused a hot start 'flooded' rough idle cut out condition. Took 5 consecutive tanks of gas with Royal Purple to get rid of the problem. Starts quickly and goes to instant smooth idle.Tried 4 to 5 consecutive tanks each of Sea Foam (did 2 bottles once, they say it's safe) and Techron with no improvement. I agree with the multiple tanks as no cleaner will do much with just one. They should be consecutive tank fulls to keep the cleaning continuous so to not allow more build up.They are the OEM injectors of 33 years and 470,000 miles. Always used cheap gas without issues. Last 8 years I use Walmart gas, a none top tier gas, and think that caused the dirty injectors. Now I use Shell gas with their Fuel Rewards card and get 5 to 10 cent a gallon. It's even cheaper than Walmart and it's a Shell is a top tier gas. The truck does seem to have more pep and idles smoother.

  • Kamalakrsna Devi
    Kamalakrsna Devi   1 weeks ago

    anyone who does automobile blown head gasket repairs - knows: the cylinder that has the leak piston/valves&chamber area are like new so: water cleans BEST

  • Mark Gaarz
    Mark Gaarz   1 weeks ago

    So many disclaimers to prevent carbon build up...we are more interested in a product to remove existing carbon.

  • manstersr
    manstersr   1 weeks ago

    Looks to me that Seafoam worked best. I swear by Seafoam, I have a Suzuki Hayabusa and riding around town it never gets a lot of revs because it's geared so high, a few years ago I noticed the throttle getting really hard to turn and it didn't return on it's own, scary on a bike with almost 200hp. I started spray cleaning the throttle plates and shaft with CRC intake cleaner but it would just gum up again within a month or so with a thick, sticky goo and the back of the intake valves had tons of crusty carbon buildup on them. With most modern bikes you can see straight down to the back of the intake valves because they make the intake runners short and straight for high rev hp. Anyway after about three times of taking the fuel tank loose and air filter box apart and all that crap I happened to find Seafoam on sale at the parts store and thought I'd try it. After running with it in the fuel for about three weeks (and I don't get to ride all that often) I pulled the air filter out and looked down the intake ports and it was clean as could be (within the area that the injector sprays) and no more sticking throttle since (again, about two years). I use it in all my cars now also, about every couple months I'll dump a bottle in when I fill up with gas.

    PETER MAINWALD   1 weeks ago

    I found out what the trade secret is.... it goes by the name Hype101

  • Alice Christian
    Alice Christian   1 weeks ago

    Use sea foam on Chevy suburban2007 every 6 months 2 bottles at once, 240k miles still going strong hauling miles.

  • Stormy Effects
    Stormy Effects   1 weeks ago

    I’m confused. All of the things you put in made a mess?

  • SeventyHeavenF-150
    SeventyHeavenF-150   2 weeks ago

    What happens when you add fuel system additives to e85? My car explicitly states to not use additives when running e85