Is Techron better than Seafoam? Let's see the proof!

  • Published on: 23 April 2018
  • Seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil have both proven to be very effective engine cleaners in testing during previous video episodes. However, many have asked that Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil and Techron be compared for preventing buildup. I hope you enjoy the video and please keep the video recommendations coming because I'm listening to your ideas!
  • Runtime : 10:9
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  • Robert Matetich
    Robert Matetich   1 days ago

    I've never used Seafoam or Marvel but I've found that Chevron gas with Techron and Shell's gas with their additive were helpful in keeping the fuel system, including injectors, clean. One of my cars was sensitive to this and these products, used periodically, helped keep it running smoothly and the fuel economy up.I think your use of a carbureted flat head engine may have influenced the effectiveness of the test while ignoring the rest of a cars' system.

  • nic6147
    nic6147   2 days ago

    Will there be any difference using these product in 4 strokes engine vs 2 strokes engine, and do the nitrogen in techron really makes much difference vs seafoam that doesn't contains nitrogen, thanks

  • Roger Siples
    Roger Siples   4 days ago

    I use Seafoam in my Lexus BEFORE every oil change. Makes a difference. Runs smoother.

  • Cobradriver99
    Cobradriver99   4 days ago

    Mix seafoam and tech, half and half for a tank, winning !

  • Mytwistedvoices
    Mytwistedvoices   4 days ago

    I think one tank full is 13 gallons, sales as a automotive product. My friend swears by MMO in the oil tank. Many motorcyclists tell me (in non catalytic) they use MMO in the fuel to help preserve the inside of their exhaust. I use sea foam twice a year, recommended amount , in all my vehicles.

  • Anubis Thanos
    Anubis Thanos   4 days ago

    But what is BEST at maintaining vs. cleaning. Try running the test more like 10 times. I'd also like to see it done on a car with an "easy" head to remove like an inline-6 or 4. I understand its a lot to ask, but i might as well.

  • Mytwistedvoices
    Mytwistedvoices   4 days ago

    I enjoy you efforts, have you tried to test Helicoils, timecerts and other thread replacement options?

  • Dosestradamus I
    Dosestradamus I   4 days ago

    @projectfarm what if you mixed them all together and blend with fuel?

  • Murphy Law
    Murphy Law   5 days ago

    A shot glass full of Mineral spirits in the tank with a teaspoon of Auto transmission fluid! It'll clean everything!!!

  • Jagannathan Raman
    Jagannathan Raman   5 days ago

    You should add Techron before adding gas. Otherwise, Techron won't mix thoroughly. Your results are not accurate, as a result.

  • Whiskey 1 Mantis
    Whiskey 1 Mantis   6 days ago

    I use Chevron in my new car. A friend worked at Yuma proving grounds for 20 yrs recommended it. They would beat hell out of Fords in 120° heat and tear the engines down at specific intervals. The engines are new and clean. What was noted by my friend, he correlated all the test, is the techron kept a clean engine cleaner. That's it. So, I cant answer if it will clean deposits. can say, by what the Ford proving ground test showed that it kept deposits down and or to a minimum. I think anything is going to help the swill that is passed off as fuel these days.Speaking of modern fuel and swill, have you ran a comparison of 10% ethanol fuel with no ethanol fuel. I've seen big box stores, no names, begins with W, sell 1 gallon of no ethanol fuel for....$20 ...a gallon. I make a lot of mistakes typing so..that's TWENTY DOLLARS for a gallon of non-ethanol fuel. 'C' fuel cost less. I've seen what 10% ethanol does to 2 stroke diaphragm carbs. It doesn't treat 4 stroke much better.I hope you ain't an ethanol subsidy farmer :-D. But me and my pump fuel 675hp 545 torque Big Block Chevy (bbc another thing the internet ruined) miss Sunoco you remember "blue fuel"?In a perfect no covid whatever I'd like to sit discuss 'regulated drip' also known as BIG HOLLEYS and voodoo cam timing over a cold beverage, make mine Coke, with ya.

  • Insighter vibe
    Insighter vibe   1 weeks ago

    Great Video in my opinion seafoam holds it own weight it's like gold whoo hoo

  • Kevinak
    Kevinak   1 weeks ago

    Try using straight pure Techron not the complete fuel system half strength rip off

  • D.J. Fencer
    D.J. Fencer   1 weeks ago

    Please do another test and this time include actual snake oil.

  • David Forbes
    David Forbes   1 weeks ago

    Have you considered using a borescope to view the condition of the inside before using a cleaner?

  • Oscar Hoehandle
    Oscar Hoehandle   1 weeks ago

    I'd like to see what cleaner works best to clean carb parts in a ultrasonic cleaner!

  • Frank S
    Frank S   1 weeks ago

    They’Re all snake oil

  • John Carlo
    John Carlo   1 weeks ago

    Can you compare berrymans to seafoam?

  • Jim Allen
    Jim Allen   1 weeks ago

    Hi, The best fuel treatment I’ve used is Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Carburetor / Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner. The stuff is amazing and only costs $3 a can on Amazon. Blows away Techron and STP which I think are totally worthless. One can of Chemtool per 20 gallons of fuel. I also used it on an Ariens snowblower that had a gummed up carburetor. Used about 4 ounces to a gallon of fuel and it cleared up the problem after running the engine for 5 minutes. Had used Techron prior to Chemtool and it did absolutely nothing.

  • chris w
    chris w   1 weeks ago

    I think those additives are a joke. Just use gas

  • Green_Pirate
    Green_Pirate   2 weeks ago

    I have been using the lucas fuel additive

  • Double J
    Double J   2 weeks ago

    Looks like snake oil to me .

  • omegarex909
    omegarex909   2 weeks ago

    I enjoy watching this guy standing next to product

  • Nancy Arzaga
    Nancy Arzaga   2 weeks ago

    As always, I really enjoyed this video! Thank you for taking the time, money and effort to put it together! I have only used Techron in my engine, so I cannot comment on the other products. I add one can of Techron to my fuel tank every 3,000 miles. I do not have a bore scope to inspect the inside of my engine either before or after its use, so I don't know how well it cleans the interior. What I do know is starting with the next fuel tank I DO NOTICE an robust increase in POWER and a (very) slight increase in MPG. To me, Techron really works!

  • R.D. Goodwin
    R.D. Goodwin   2 weeks ago

    Test dollar general fuel injector cleaner.

  • Mike Sollows
    Mike Sollows   2 weeks ago

    So hard to find good gas , centex just opened up in our city , edmonton a b , last year , their gas is so clean i use the 89 oct mid grade and my 2008 ford fusion awd will light right up 0 to 100 km in 4.6 seconds , all the other gas brands even at 91 octane and my car is off 3 seconds , never been tuned , just change the fluids alot , going to try seafoam and get new plugs and then see how fast 0 to 100 km ..... great vid information is super thank you ..

  • Nic Mc
    Nic Mc   2 weeks ago

    What if you mixed Seafoam and Techron..🤔

  • Bob Powers
    Bob Powers   2 weeks ago


  • tom Lau
    tom Lau   2 weeks ago

    how about lucas fuel treatment ??

  • Jessie Gonzalez
    Jessie Gonzalez   2 weeks ago

    Can u do a video of yamaha lube ring free please please please

  • Ken Logue
    Ken Logue   2 weeks ago

    I like it when you give your opinion at the end of the video. You are the one doing the tests and can see much more of the data that probably does not make it into your excellent videos. Keep up the good work!

  • build it at home
    build it at home   2 weeks ago

    ⚠️Hey friends i made an video where i used sunflower oil as engine oil. Thank you for inspiration project farm❤💯

  • Chievres Nightrain
    Chievres Nightrain   3 weeks ago

    Have you ever done a test on the multitude of Injector Cleaners out there???