Best of Los Angeles Lakers Thus Far | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • Published on: 19 December 2019
  • Relive the best of the Los Angeles Lakers season thus far during the 2019-20 NBA season!

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  • Runtime : 10:30
  • NBA Basketball Pass Assist Dunk Jump Shot Steal Rebound Los Angeles Lakers Lakers LA Lakers


  • Anime YouTube
    Anime YouTube   20 hours ago

    Lebron is sensational carried the cavaliers into the finales got them a championship and now he’s doing the same thing for the Lakers respect to him the team hasn’t looked this good since koby’s injury.

  • ram aquino
    ram aquino   1 weeks ago

    LBJ's passing prowess...precision pitching of a baseball pitcher and pinpoint accuracy feed from a quarterback combined!!!

  • Budik Lagrata
    Budik Lagrata   1 weeks ago

    the only thing that stopping lakers rn is corona virus. deym!

  • Rossana Glasgow
    Rossana Glasgow   2 weeks ago

    Few people can say I get paid for my talent and LBJ is ONE of them. What a player and leader. he orchestrates plays.AD having his best year in BASKETBALL. Le Bron has his entire team looking good, Lakers play Basketball as fun and being paid handsomely for it.

  • hubble2016
    hubble2016   2 weeks ago

    0:44 thats a Clipper home game. Good luck in the playoffs. Lakers fans are lit.

  • cody Austin
    cody Austin   3 weeks ago

    I swear LBJ has hit his prime like 6 times now. 🤣

  • dean marley aguiero
    dean marley aguiero   4 weeks ago

    Dwight and LeBron's connection is just surreal. If they had the chance to team up they would've been champions. Just my opinion tho.

    A1 TRIZZY   1 months ago

    This dude lebron is the goat I dont wanna hear nothing.. hes malone jordan and magic on steroids

    DEAD GRATEFUL   1 months ago

    Lakers have a great teamBron and AD - the superstarsRondo and Bradley - the vetsKuzma and Alex - the young bloodMcGee and Dwight - the big guysGreen and C-Pope - the 3 pointersThey have a lot of love and respect for each otherLebron can truly take this team all the way i believe

  • Chimdike David
    Chimdike David   1 months ago

    KUZMA AT THE BUZZERRR!!!Kuzma before he started Channeling Amber Rose

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson   1 months ago

    I miss kuz hair from the beginning of the year😂

  • Noellie Ancheta
    Noellie Ancheta   1 months ago

    People may say clippers have more stars but when we talk chemistry damn man they are outscoring clippers

  • pro p
    pro p   1 months ago

    lol look at mcgee in the bench 6:08

  • Ed Wendell
    Ed Wendell   2 months ago

    You'll gonna miss lebron once he retires.

  • LC .337
    LC .337   2 months ago

    We have the best highlights and it’s not even a debate #Lakeshow

  • Monstar
    Monstar   2 months ago

    3:49 look at the synchronization between Dwight and Carushow. fire.

  • Mordzi Elikplim
    Mordzi Elikplim   2 months ago

    Anybody else seen what happened to the advertisement panel after the dunks at 7:45 and 7:56 😮😮😮😮

  • six Natalie
    six Natalie   2 months ago

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    BRIAN _ FPH   2 months ago

    where are the other three pointers made by McGee and Howard?

  • MattyJo
    MattyJo   2 months ago

    lakers are too nice

  • Chris
    Chris   2 months ago

    By far the Favourites to win the NBA Finals Lakers are Back

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person   2 months ago

    Lakers has dependable role players...Lakers has bald duoLakers has shot blocker trio

  • Jovel Dizon
    Jovel Dizon   2 months ago

    Sarap ng lakers grabe leBron di tumatanda ahahaha pati AD lokas

  • Rendel Katok
    Rendel Katok   2 months ago

    Nice mga idol Lalo na si LeBron at Davis

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   2 months ago

    Lakers are playing well this season.01-08-20.

    DCUO LORDSSERVENT   2 months ago

    Caruso literally be across the street and then just dunking like a mad man WTF