• Published on: 23 July 2019
  • This is Grayson and he fell for it just saying he fell for it so yeah I got him and he fell for it.

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  • Runtime : 17:5
  • Dolan Twins diamond play button diamond plaq 10 million diamond ten million diamond ten mil broken smashed destroyed ethan grayson


  • LillianaDodson
    LillianaDodson   1 days ago

    The whole time I was nervous for the real play button literally hanging on two metal pieces

  • Nada Life
    Nada Life   1 days ago

    Plot twist: he got confused and broke the real one

  • Infinite Master
    Infinite Master   2 days ago

    No one:Ethan and greyson everytime changes colour be like: OHHHHHHHHHH😂

  • Aubri Jewell
    Aubri Jewell   2 weeks ago

    6:53 Greyson says that they’ve had it for a year

  • Grace Chalk
    Grace Chalk   2 weeks ago

    The camera man hands be going: 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋😂😂

  • Chris Yi 2
    Chris Yi 2   2 weeks ago

    “Gray: not only I pranked Ethan, I got the rights back to my diamond play button.”Ethan: iS iT eDiBlE”

  • Pola K.
    Pola K.   2 weeks ago

    Ethan: the playbutton can't just bREAKPewdiepie: 😶

  • lexnikolle
    lexnikolle   2 weeks ago

    "it must've fallen at the right angle" "what the fuck are you talking about?" lmao.

  • Future Qween
    Future Qween   2 weeks ago

    I lovd this videoGray is so talenented like i was high key impressed by his acting skill and the frame was so coolYOU GO BRO

  • LaLa_Land 319
    LaLa_Land 319   3 weeks ago

    Ethan goes: I doesn't even smell like the play button ME: hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Kayla Talbert
    Kayla Talbert   3 weeks ago

    Sooo imma need Grayson to come build stuff for my new house because that case is dope af

  • Harry Watson
    Harry Watson   3 weeks ago

    At 6.46 minutes ethan looks at camera and is talking gazing itWas it a prank or a planned skit ...🤔

  • Cing Lian
    Cing Lian   4 weeks ago

    don't your teacher tell you not to stand on a wheel chair

  • Victoria Dork
    Victoria Dork   1 months ago

    Ethan: it’s does not smell like a play button Grayson: what is a play button post to smell like huh? And ya Ethan it’s you guys play button

  • Peyton Triano
    Peyton Triano   1 months ago

    I got worried he would see that its fake because it looks nothing like it

  • 1the queen1
    1the queen1   1 months ago

    Grayson: U kept in your room the whole time I never got to play with it or figure out how to hold itEthan: how do u figure out how to hold something GraysonMe: 😂😂😂😂

  • Briqueen 108
    Briqueen 108   1 months ago

    7:08 1 mil? Dont you mean 10 mil cause thats what its supposed to be.Edit: oh I didnt realize 8:57 theres the 10 mil pieces

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet   1 months ago

    Sliding into your DMs like 6:24

  • charcs_7
    charcs_7   1 months ago

    I think Ethan was so chill and in a good mood bcuz he was probs with Emma

  • charcs_7
    charcs_7   1 months ago

    11:29-11:30 Gray doesn’t even try but that was so hot idk y

  • Hi I like food
    Hi I like food   1 months ago

    9:00 it doesn't even smell like the play button

  • Minty
    Minty   1 months ago

    You know you can just b u y another right?

  • nehu Xoxox
    nehu Xoxox   1 months ago

    Maybe he should have painted the fake play button

  • Jaki Poloai
    Jaki Poloai   1 months ago

    ethan: iT dOeSnT eVeN sMeLl LiKe ThE pLaY bUtToN. grayson: WhAt DoEs A pLaY bUtToN sMeLl LiKe!?ethan: I dOnT kNoW!