The Ace Family Destroyed Their Image

  • Published on: 07 September 2019
  • The Ace Family RUlNED Their Image yet Again

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    The Ace Family is finally CANCELED by Tea Spill

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    They uploaded this video as this video was being edited.
    Let me know in the comments if you want me to elaborate more on the Ace Family.

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  • Runtime : 10:2
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  • Atozy
    Atozy   7 months ago

    New studio and same old me because I still can't spell. disgACE ahhah im done

  • alex ventura
    alex ventura   12 hours ago

    5:25 i feel like Austin turned his head to see what was happening when he was doing the jet ski thing. Maybe he should’ve stopped if he saw the water over flow 😗

  • Austin Elsdon
    Austin Elsdon   1 days ago

    The name “Austin” has been disgraced and I now want to change it

  • Tiffany Starbeck
    Tiffany Starbeck   2 days ago

    He is a psycho, my daughter loves The Ace Family, and had to tell her she’s was longer aloud too. Of course I told her why. They need to be stopped along with the Kardashians!

  • leave my lada
    leave my lada   3 days ago

    Imagine the shirt was included in the 1000 dollars like we said 1000 but like you got the shirt so yeah

  • Sagtopolus
    Sagtopolus   4 days ago

    i think we need the term ‘professionally obnoxious’

  • Lavi Legos
    Lavi Legos   1 weeks ago

    The mom: Your so disrespectfulMe: Oh good, she’s addressing the issueThe mom: “disrespectful to our pool”

  • soter305
    soter305   1 weeks ago

    Human trash. Needs to be taken to the reality curb.

  • Walker
    Walker   2 weeks ago

    Too bad he didn’t fly off the edge. Grapes take 3 years usually to get them to the point of harvesting

  • YourSleepyPotato :3
    YourSleepyPotato :3   2 weeks ago

    I hope he falls off the ledge of the pool but honestly idk if I do because that would be rude and were better then them

  • YourSleepyPotato :3
    YourSleepyPotato :3   2 weeks ago

    At this point ima just search up ace family tea ALSO ace family is filthy rich they dont NEED your money but they’re GREEDY AF and they trick their young fanbase The ace family sucks homestly id even know how they have subscribers

  • Raya Xx
    Raya Xx   2 weeks ago

    “A hand written letter from a robot” 😂😂 whoever does your subtitles is amazing.

  • A Human
    A Human   2 weeks ago

    its disgRacenot disgace

  • mrkite
    mrkite   3 weeks ago

    Did anyone report them for running an illegal lottery? You can't do a giveaway and require a purchase to enter.

  • Adriana Crowley
    Adriana Crowley   3 weeks ago

    My dad said that nobody gives a fuck how you and your family be living...lmao to the ace family 😂😂 bragging and shit like if they work which they don’t

  • Finja Hoppe
    Finja Hoppe   3 weeks ago

    Did he Forget the „r“ in disgrace?😂

  • despot reality
    despot reality   1 months ago

    such a fucking scumbags!!!!!!!!!!! man!!!! Austins smile is so fake and annoying, id love to slap that face.

  • galactic lemon
    galactic lemon   1 months ago

    okay butobviously they're in florida or somewhere along the coastcouldn't they just take the jet ski to, oh, i don't knowA BEACH????????? WITH AN OCEAN???????????????INSTEAD OF DESTROYING PEOPLE'S PROPERTY??????

  • Lord Satin
    Lord Satin   1 months ago

    This is what happens when people get too rich.

  • Shae Weaver
    Shae Weaver   1 months ago

    i legitimately can not fathom how ANYBODY could be THIS f***ing obnoxious, i really TRULY can’t. it ACTUALLY makes me sad.

  • westAlone
    westAlone   1 months ago

    We should all rob the ace family 💀 every penny

  • ellobec
    ellobec   1 months ago

    They were a special, rare type of grape too. I think he made a limited number of bottles of wine from them every season. I really hope they sued the ACE’s.

  • Myka Ruest
    Myka Ruest   1 months ago

    Grapes are hard to grow so chlorine doesn't help!

  • Ace2upGames
    Ace2upGames   1 months ago

    Just to clarify my username is Ace2upGames and I’m not associated with the Ace family what so ever and i feel that i might get hate with the Ace in Ace2upGames just because of what the Ace family is doing and it might ruin my channel in the long run

  • Michael Fairchild
    Michael Fairchild   1 months ago

    You take a bat and go visit that family. A trip to ER will fix their viewpoint.

    ROB ITSAGHOST   1 months ago

    Edited like a mw2 clip he wasn’t exaggerating

  • The Sea Sloth
    The Sea Sloth   1 months ago

    The spelling of disgrace on that whiteboard is disgraceful

  • PJ Cole Productions
    PJ Cole Productions   1 months ago

    Woooww that’s messed up. Idk if y’all know but grapes are actually kind of expensive and they take a very long time to grow. Anything for shit content. The ace family is corny as hell, I’ve never heard of them actually until atozy and mista gg made vids on them. Them having 18 million subs shows what YouTube audiences are. 9 year olds

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez   1 months ago

    The ace family... More like the assholes family... Fuck what they do... I hope they come to their senses before.. I don't know.. S. H... Damn...

  • Nicole Vannoy
    Nicole Vannoy   1 months ago

    Man, he couldn't have pulled that jetski stunt had then MY uncles yard he was ruining. My fam would have came up with some crazy way to destroy that man's pool & property without ever setting foot on it. There's clear evidence here & I'm sure its grounds for a lawsuit. The family really needs to sue.