Five Finger Death Punch - Gone Away (Official Video)

  • Published on: 22 December 2017
  • "Gone Away" latest single from Five Finger Death Punch!
    Listen to the single from their new album A Decade of Destruction!
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    Directed by Nick Peterson
    Director of Photography Nicholas Matthew
    Produced by Alec Eskander @ Escape Velocity Content

    Copyright (C) 2017 Prospect Park.

    Original song:
    “Gone away” by The Offspring from the album IXNAY ON THE HOMBRE (1997)

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  • Runtime : 5:3
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  • larry aniel
    larry aniel   12 hours ago


  • swedish ghostbuster
    swedish ghostbuster   16 hours ago

    In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers. Neville ChamberlainRIP to all soliders that has been KIA/MIA/POW'S. you are not forgotten

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye   21 hours ago

    Moved me to tears tbh..I was never in any branch of the forces but I had a few buddies join and pass away all leaving their kids behind..I'm a father of a beautiful baby girl and I cant imagine what their families and kids must be going through..prayers to everyone who served and is currently serving.. god bless all of you amazing men and women that make up our defense

  • warwizard217
    warwizard217   1 days ago

    As a war veteran, this song has guttted me. I am crying for the first time in many years.

  • Raymond Busbee
    Raymond Busbee   1 days ago

    Wat up everyone check out muntant freak records rock

  • never forget
    never forget   1 days ago

    i dont care who you are,,or what color you are,,because i got friends of all colors,,and they will tell you the same thing,, dont f with them when they are litsting to something good as this,,and dont treat the people like shit like they are when all we want to do is live our lives in freedom and peace,, but yet you keep fucking with us,, love all of you baby

  • Deadboi
    Deadboi   1 days ago

    They played this at my cousins funeral, and everytime I hear it it brings a tear to my eye, but I’ve been listening to it for over 2 years now. Rest easy cuzzo, I’m gonna complete your legacy.

  • Rational Skeptic
    Rational Skeptic   2 days ago

    Do you US citizens realize that the US armee forces are dispached all around the world and wherever they are they kill civilians? You call that colateral, but we (the rest of the world) call that killing of human beings! The US international plitics is garbage, your army is being used only to secure geopolitical goals, like oil for example. That is the only thing USA cares and the rest of the world is paying in dead civilians!

  • Mark Laughlin
    Mark Laughlin   2 days ago

    This is an amazing video. I have such respect for the military and this who have sacrificed for us.

  • Маторан Код

    TheOffspring's original is way much stronger. And these dudes haven't even mention that it's not their song.

  • Qualla Sowalla
    Qualla Sowalla   2 days ago

    The military complex is insanely stupid. The US goes to "war" with countries with different ideologies or just for economical gain. It's insane how horrid it get's for all those who risk their lifes just because they need to feed their children. It's all stupid and the military complex should be shut down.

  • Yiğithan Köseoğlu

    greatings from turkey and i found a diary of a soldier of smsgt reed but in the platoon nobdy knows who's it i hope can find him and give his diary back Rest in peace all of the KİAs <3

  • Rob F
    Rob F   2 days ago

    Videos hit just as hard as the lyrics. My parents didn't sign the consent form for this feels trip.

  • Drib Jerp
    Drib Jerp   3 days ago

    I will always support our troops but its sad that so many had to die over these wars over resources. Please....Please dont join the military thinking you are there to fight the good fight.

  • Dudeman
    Dudeman   3 days ago

    who was here on memorial day?

  • Nathan Cook
    Nathan Cook   3 days ago

    I listened to this song about 5 minutes before I found out my papaw died, I had a son a little over two years after he died that I named after him, I love you Billy Joe and I definitely miss you Billy Joe.

  • Jonathan Fletcher
    Jonathan Fletcher   4 days ago

    I used to get fryed on mollie and listen to this song I miss mollie so much

  • iera
    iera   4 days ago

    What was a song about losing loved ones turned into a song of war glorification

  • iera
    iera   4 days ago

    I'm sorry but covering this song is pretty much blasphemy, how good or how bad the cover is

    CHANGE   5 days ago

    To my brother Rey Rodriguez, Rest In Peace man. This song reminds me of you so much. I didn’t know you long but you brought a light into my life of courage, and taught me what loyalty meant as a TL. This is my one for my Airborne Ranger in the Sky. RLTW!

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray   6 days ago

    Best song to listen to with depression. Reminds me of how life is . All just a big fuck over

  • Waldgestalt
    Waldgestalt   6 days ago

    great song, but I prefer the Offspring´s

  • Mark Andrew
    Mark Andrew   6 days ago

    You aren't alone. If anyone needs an ear. Marine Corps 02-08. Iraq and the Stan.

  • Bakrenyyy
    Bakrenyyy   6 days ago

    A tear has fall on the end.. 😔

  • Hopscura
    Hopscura   6 days ago

    Theres few things worse or more disrespectful than this awful vomit inducing cover

  • Buddy Harrison
    Buddy Harrison   6 days ago

    This song has really helped me grieve and come to terms with death. Thank you.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese   6 days ago

    thank you to thoughs that have served