The Day He Played Like Lionel Messi But Scored Like Cristiano Ronaldo ! ||HD||

  • Published on: 14 January 2020
  • Messi Performing Like Himself BUT Scored a Goal Like Cristiano Ronaldo ||
  • Runtime : 17:13
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  • Messi Magic™
    Messi Magic™   2 months ago

    Nutmegs - Like MessiPasses Assists - Like MessiRuns Dribbles - Like MessiHeader - Like Cristiano Ronaldo.FACT - Messi Can Play Like Others, But Others Can Not Play Like Messi.

  • Vicky Singh
    Vicky Singh   38 minuts ago

    I thought he scored 2,3 penalty bcz of title

  • Khrisna Wati
    Khrisna Wati   16 hours ago

    Messi only plays one position (winger forward) for one club (Barcelona) and in one league (Spain). Ronald plays in 3 position (midfielder, winger forward, center forward) for 3 clubs (MU, Madrid, Juventus) in 3 leagues (England, Spain, Italy). Messi failed in national team while Ronaldo won Europe Cup in for Portugal. Ronald speed 30-35 kph and can jump 2-3 metres while Messi only 25-30 kph and jump 1,5-2 metres. Ronaldo can score many from heading, backheel, bicycle kick and dribbling. While most of Messi goal only from dribbling.

  • Michael Fury
    Michael Fury   17 hours ago

    Ronaldo eats shit for breakfast lunch and diner

  • B.R.I.G.S
    B.R.I.G.S   22 hours ago

    So not a tap in? This is click bait

  • Humanvid tv
    Humanvid tv   1 days ago

    "Anyone would b proud on that no.9 shirt""He is no.10"

  • Muhammed Fayaz
    Muhammed Fayaz   2 days ago

    The only way to catch him .. is to hang on his shirt ... 13:40 .. 😂😂

  • Juan Crerar
    Juan Crerar   2 days ago

    Score like....? He scores like Messi. Period.

  • Ali Murtza
    Ali Murtza   4 days ago

    Dont compare them cuz they both are completely different players and they have their own places we'll are just fans..


    Title is a bit misleading, he didn’t score a tap in xd siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu

  • JKs
    JKs   6 days ago

    he's getting old now

  • Samuel #Gurke
    Samuel #Gurke   6 days ago

    Damn , Andre Gomes was in this time great. What happened to him

  • Peak
    Peak   6 days ago

    This mean that when messi goes up to hit the header against Ronaldo, he is way shorter but still hits the ball BECAUSE HE IS A GOD.

  • Ovio !
    Ovio !   1 weeks ago

    I think that title was quite disrespectful

  • ncmukphotography
    ncmukphotography   1 weeks ago

    10:10 "Anybody would be proud of that in a number 9 shirt... He's number 10!" 🤣

  • Mark Tyson
    Mark Tyson   1 weeks ago

    Anyone who still compares Ronaldo to Messi is deluded. We're now at the point where it's quite obvious that Messi is the greatest player of all time.

  • King Saniyat
    King Saniyat   1 weeks ago

    I feel sad wathing this. I know the fans don't mean any harm but the amount of pressure he gets to do something amazing is too much. Any player would crumble under that pressure.

  • Sports Matrix
    Sports Matrix   1 weeks ago

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  • Maisam Salehe
    Maisam Salehe   1 weeks ago

    Bruh he didn’t score like ronaldo big liar

  • Mayar Chithung
    Mayar Chithung   1 weeks ago

    10:17 ..Am I the only one to notice one commentator saying on Messi's goal as, "Anybody would be proud of that in a number 9 shirt!" And the other commentator corrected," "He's no. 10"😂😂

  • Bossy Crook
    Bossy Crook   1 weeks ago

    So your telling me if i score with a header...its like ronaldo?

  • SikoMC
    SikoMC   1 weeks ago

    scored like christiano ronaldo? does that mean that he missed the goal more often then usual?

  • Angus Smith
    Angus Smith   1 weeks ago

    he dribbled well but nowhere near cr7 for shooting xd

  • Zesty
    Zesty   1 weeks ago

    Reporter 1:anybody would be proud of that in a number 9 shirt Messi:am I a joke to you??