20 BOSS Plays Show Why BARCA Is Called The Greatest Team Ever ||HD||

  • Published on: 16 July 2019
  • Ridiculous Team Plays & Goals Only FC Barcelona Players Can Do in Football ||
  • Runtime : 9:19
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  • Messi Magic™
    Messi Magic™   8 months ago

    There Will Be Nothing Like Barcelona 2009-2012, 2014-2016 in Football Ever Again.

  • ASC9Football
    ASC9Football   2 days ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw27ZyBznmEHello Guy what do you say about that video?

  • Zlatko Jeremic
    Zlatko Jeremic   2 days ago

    Jesu je.ali ceo svet. Kakvi su to majstori. Majstorcine. Krile loptu.

  • Horsey Horsebox
    Horsey Horsebox   3 days ago

    Boss plays? Wtf does that even mean? It’s not American throwball.

  • Nazrul
    Nazrul   4 days ago

    tittle should change to “How barca change real to rubbish”

  • Erik Aasen
    Erik Aasen   4 days ago

    This was a crazy era for Barca but i think most people will consider Real Madrid AS the greatest team ever through history. They have 8 more UCL titles than Barca

  • Suarez 9
    Suarez 9   5 days ago

    Ahh magisterial Lionel!!!

  • nishan kandel
    nishan kandel   6 days ago

    First of all”the greatest team ever” is far fetched! Yes they were untouchable during their prime, but greatest cmon bruh, don’t insult the legends before them who pioneered all this!

  • Mohamed Xavi
    Mohamed Xavi   6 days ago

    I was about to cry when I remembered what our team is looking like today

  • Mad Titan
    Mad Titan   1 weeks ago

    The plays from 2:13 shouldn't even be allowed. The guys have families, for crying out loud!

  • Stevan Djelic
    Stevan Djelic   1 weeks ago

    That goal at 8:08 is one of the best goals I've ever seen

  • Derek Ewart
    Derek Ewart   1 weeks ago

    2:15 that was beautiful, I'll have a wet dream tonight for sure 😂. But seriously it was superb

  • Kypriee Eleis
    Kypriee Eleis   1 weeks ago

    Xavi mocked them for that first goal 😂😂

  • L13
    L13   1 weeks ago

    Honestly, when Xavi left nothing was the same. Which was heaven for us(Madrid) but hell for football...

  • franco Alfaro
    franco Alfaro   1 weeks ago

    06:28 clase hasta para guiarla con el pecho que crack jajjajaa

  • Giuliano Caldara
    Giuliano Caldara   1 weeks ago

    99% of these boss plays are because of Messi, does that mean that Messi is why Barcelona is called the greatest team ever?

  • J Wizdum
    J Wizdum   1 weeks ago

    In terms of touch, you very rarely see a RB of Dani's caliber, insane class.

  • Say_less !!
    Say_less !!   1 weeks ago

    Idk but Messi is in every single one of them clips!!! Now ask me, " who is the best footballer in the world"

  • Uno
    Uno   1 weeks ago

    What is Ronaldinho doing here?

  • Arbaz Khan
    Arbaz Khan   2 weeks ago

    It's humiliating for Real Madrid, it's heaven for Barcelona 🔥

  • Nhan Dao
    Nhan Dao   2 weeks ago

    who is still watching this in 2020? Barcelona 2008-2012 was the only team that played that you wouldnt predict who would win that match, but you would have to predict how many goals would Barcelona score that match. Unbelievable team, best team ever in football

  • Munther K
    Munther K   2 weeks ago

    “This is a la liga match and it’s completely outrageous , outrageously entertaining ““It’s humiliating to Real Madrid, it’s heaven for Barcelona”