Dialect Coach Guesses Who's Faking An English Accent Out Of A Lineup

  • Published on: 04 November 2019
  • Can this Dialect Coach spot the real accent from a line of fakers?

    Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/90883

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    Day to night time lapse of the London Eye and Big Ben
    WalkingCamera/Getty Images
    Great Britain Flag - waving, looping
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    Tower Bridge - London
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  • Runtime : 8:56
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  • Gulraiz Ahmad
    Gulraiz Ahmad   7 hours ago

    The way Chloe said London I already knew she was British 0:34

  • hutton87dfc
    hutton87dfc   8 hours ago

    Next video:A racial studies professor picks out which person is black in a line up.Would be more difficult.

  • Stanley13
    Stanley13   10 hours ago

    So it took the terrible English speaking dialect coach 8 minutes to do what every single English person with a brain recognised in 10 seconds????

  • Stanley13
    Stanley13   10 hours ago

    This was so boringly easy. It was obvious from the first sentences. The bloke sounded so bad.... wasn't even vaguely English sounding.

  • AlphaOscarRomeo
    AlphaOscarRomeo   14 hours ago

    Chloe works at Buzzfeed so she’ll be used to faking stuff.

  • O K
    O K   22 hours ago

    Hailey sounds too posh

  • 6
    6   1 days ago

    is everyone from london gay or am i skunked

  • Ethan Heron
    Ethan Heron   1 days ago

    Even the woman that's actually English doesn't sound English....

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith   1 days ago

    Why does the coach think that the 1982 film ET was released in the 90s?

  • lol lol
    lol lol   1 days ago

    DISLIKE this video everyone

  • Ricky911
    Ricky911   1 days ago

    Why is everyone here from London?

  • slitherin 181
    slitherin 181   2 days ago

    Most English people don’t speak in the queens English. And It’s annoying how Americans think that we all do☹️

  • J3queenofallcats
    J3queenofallcats   2 days ago

    Silly video - chloe is buzzfeed royalty so he will have seen her before. Silly.

  • Lil’ Fetus
    Lil’ Fetus   2 days ago

    If one said anything but London, they’d be real.

  • mario billy
    mario billy   2 days ago

    Chloe looks a bit like Sophie Turner, no?

  • PumpkinMozie
    PumpkinMozie   3 days ago

    Even as an American I can tell that those fake accents are just terrible.

  • L.U.
    L.U.   3 days ago

    0:29 Hailey was in a New York accent. Why is she here then?

  • Salvatore Belloni
    Salvatore Belloni   3 days ago

    This was painfully obvious. It's like the two non British wasn't even trying. You reall dont need to be a dialect coach to figure this one out.

  • MJW
    MJW   3 days ago

    As soon as the first guy said 'written' i knew he wasn't english cuz our grammar is terrible. And the english person looked the most english out of the 3. Also the 'Law and Order' was a massive giveaway lol

  • theking3562
    theking3562   3 days ago

    That Chloe actually sounds a bit Australian when she starts speaking normally at end

  • Slim567
    Slim567   4 days ago

    They need get some American people from different regions like one fromthe South, East Coast, maybe the Midwest interesting how he would react to those accents 😂

  • bmarshy2303
    bmarshy2303   4 days ago

    Am I missing something because absolutely no one in this video sounds british

  • Leighton Ree
    Leighton Ree   4 days ago

    Why do they keep saying British accent? When they are only using English accents?

  • The Rino
    The Rino   5 days ago

    Didn't read comments... It's Chloe!!!

  • Ben
    Ben   5 days ago

    These are quite possibly the worst accents I’ve ever heard, Brett is literally doing a South African accent mixed with an Australian?

  • NinjaNezumi
    NinjaNezumi   5 days ago

    For all of his fancy speech and knowledge, she could have literally done all of the accents correctly, but the moment she said Hospital it identified her. She was trying to hide being from London, if that was true, she would've said "To the" or "At the" or "The" Hospital. British drop their articles, because they treat Hospital as a state of existence, rather than a location to be treated.AND YET THE DIALECT COACH DID NOT CATCH IT!!!!!!!!!My guess why: He has never analyzed that quirk in British English. See, the British do not speak English, they forget proper syntax all the f'ing time.

  • Levis0mnous
    Levis0mnous   5 days ago

    So one is South African and the other is Irish possibly? The girl in the pink is British... Clocked it a minute in 😂

  • ChefMark
    ChefMark   5 days ago

    I would have done a Northern British accent. Come out sounding like Jon Snow

  • Joker
    Joker   5 days ago

    What's interesting to me as a Brit is that I could tell from the thumbnail quite easily. I wonder why that is. Fascinating