• Published on: 13 August 2017
  • Yeah we play hide and seek still

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  • Runtime : 7:52
  • Dolan Twins Caspar Lee Hide and seek challenge extreme


  • skai
    skai   1 weeks ago

    why is caspar always moaning1

  • DavetheCapriSun
    DavetheCapriSun   1 weeks ago

    Tbh, hide and seek is not too fun when you're claustrophobic... 😅

  • savannah_ 17
    savannah_ 17   3 weeks ago

    It's really not cool how Caspar can't tell the Grayson and Ethan apart😑 and he hid in the same place as Grayson and he had 2 minutes......like seriously dude

  • Ayanna Johnson
    Ayanna Johnson   3 weeks ago

    O:36. Look at grayson face It looks like he wanted to "punish" him lolLove grayson with all my heart but sometimes i kinda thibks hes a little sus

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones   3 weeks ago

    3:09 "I gotta wipe my nose at 5pm, but oh wait I gotta look at that booty at 5pm"

  • SHOO keth
    SHOO keth   1 months ago

    Dolan Twins- LikeDobre Twins- Comment

  • Rachel
    Rachel   1 months ago


  • -Tiana Jackson-
    -Tiana Jackson-   1 months ago

    3:23 Just made me die of laughter just everyone jumping with their hand in the air going YAYYYY

  • mr. & mrs. backwoods
    mr. & mrs. backwoods   1 months ago

    UGH! You R such little kids. Except Etha. I have a HUMONGOUS crush on him.

  • Ella Chaim
    Ella Chaim   1 months ago

    i feel like the twins were annoyed with him

  • April Brown
    April Brown   2 months ago

    0:37 “ I wanna get punished by 2 twins”Watcha smiling about Grayson😂

  • Sarina Amir
    Sarina Amir   2 months ago

    Grayson trying to hold in his laugh 0:41

  • Ailar Tz
    Ailar Tz   3 months ago

    5:05 G: touching E 🥴

  • Julia Francis
    Julia Francis   3 months ago

    6:03 Grayson’s reaction when Ethan scared him was priceless. Lol!!! 😂😂😂

  • brooklyn suarez
    brooklyn suarez   3 months ago

    nobody:me trying to figure out the logic of how they're 17 in this vid.....

  • Jasia G
    Jasia G   3 months ago

    Casper had me dead this whole time

  • Mariana Fabian
    Mariana Fabian   4 months ago

    y’all see how cute gray looks in the thumbnail 👀

  • Lemon Snake
    Lemon Snake   4 months ago

    Here's an idea:play extreme hide and seek again. But the seekers have to be wearing headphones to where they can't hear anyone. :^

  • Lily Ennis
    Lily Ennis   4 months ago

    Am I the only one that after watching them for a long time can tell them apart at first sight and be like I know there twins but I can’t see it very much anymore

  • Miyori GachaStudio
    Miyori GachaStudio   4 months ago

    “ wait, which one are you? “Is honestly me when I meet twins

  • Lauren Dill
    Lauren Dill   4 months ago

    Is it just me or does Casper look like Bill Skarsgard ?

  • Olivia Canez
    Olivia Canez   4 months ago

    Hi Dolan twins I add u guys on Snapchat

  • T A Y L O R
    T A Y L O R   5 months ago

    Oh my ga look at 3:09 anyone remember that?

  • Kvkono Aviko
    Kvkono Aviko   6 months ago

    Why am I nervous I literally have two idiots coming after me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kate Busevica
    Kate Busevica   6 months ago

    okey but why is nobody talking about HOW FREAKING CUTE ETHAN IS IN THIS VIDEO💕💞💖💓💗💘

  • Ashley Greenwood
    Ashley Greenwood   7 months ago

    "i keep thinking i found him but it’s just you" 😂😂😂

  • euphoria
    euphoria   7 months ago

    The fact that Casper is taller than the twins... blows my mind

  • Jasmine wallbank
    Jasmine wallbank   7 months ago

    Ethan:where would a 3 year old hide?Casper:im not a 3 year old(whisper)

  • Frxnch Toast
    Frxnch Toast   7 months ago

    How are two 17 year olds buffer than a 23 year old 😂 how?