Kim Kardashian's Emergency Labour Scare With North West | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • Published on: 27 February 2019
  • Kim Kardashian is in agonising pain as she think she's going into early labour with baby, North West. Sometimes, we just need our mum to make things better!

    #KrisJenner #KimKardashian #NorthWest

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  • Runtime : 4:43
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  • Helena Massies
    Helena Massies   4 hours ago

    Bruce just standing there like okBruce: want me to come with you?Kris: NO LET ME HANDLE THIS ! ITS SENSITIVE!

  • Toba Safi
    Toba Safi   17 hours ago

    This is the first time I’ve actually liked kris a lot

  • uenzw
    uenzw   3 days ago

    Kim: "I'll never do that again"Also Kim: *gaves birth again*

  • Laiba Nadeem
    Laiba Nadeem   3 days ago

    You can hate on Kim all you want but you can’t deny she’s been through so much and still so strong

  • Marison Abe
    Marison Abe   5 days ago


  • Coco Wei
    Coco Wei   1 weeks ago

    Bruce always eating and never knowing what’s going on

  • Kyle
    Kyle   1 weeks ago

    Poor kim 😣

  • Kahina Tikour
    Kahina Tikour   1 weeks ago

    الام دائما بجنب ابنتها في هذه الظروف... ❤❤

  • X_Angel_X
    X_Angel_X   1 weeks ago

    This is how many grand kids Kris will have⬇️

  • potato
    potato   1 weeks ago

    Kim: I'd never do this again!Saint, 2 years after: SURPRISE BITCHES

  • Jamie Myburgh
    Jamie Myburgh   2 weeks ago

    “Kim has always had a really strong tolerance to pain”Yeah no shit she’s currently experiencing the worst pain she can imagine and she’s still trying to put on a brave face (and she’s doing really well — Kim k is a queen fite me)

  • Gordon Bell
    Gordon Bell   2 weeks ago


  • Shupi Murambidzi
    Shupi Murambidzi   2 weeks ago

    Kris you are my role model. I just love the love you give to your kids.

  • Thea GABRIEL
    Thea GABRIEL   2 weeks ago

    I wish you could come so I could help you I live in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and we have the coronavirus and we have to wear mask

  • Pratiksha Bezbarua
    Pratiksha Bezbarua   3 weeks ago

    At the end of the day when you get hurt the first word comes is mom

  • Karlie Cheng
    Karlie Cheng   3 weeks ago

    Kim:i'll never do this againAlso kim:has 3 more children after north

  • RalX
    RalX   3 weeks ago

    Emergency....Kanye: oke oke oke oke k

  • Kittenpeeps31
    Kittenpeeps31   3 weeks ago

    Kim "IT HURTS SO BAD I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN"Kim has 2 more almost 3

  • Naminata Fanny
    Naminata Fanny   4 weeks ago

    A ton âge là tu pleure pourquoi moi je suis ton fan je n apprécie pas cela ok je t aime

  • Cristiane Edin
    Cristiane Edin   1 months ago

    I had lots of pain...My muscles riped..I coudnt anything...

  • IDrinkClorox
    IDrinkClorox   1 months ago

    Kourtney: holds laugh at Kim’s ugly crying face.

  • Safaa gh
    Safaa gh   1 months ago

    The kardishians beautifuuul 😘😊💖💕👍

  • Safaa gh
    Safaa gh   1 months ago

    I'm so happy because baby and kim are fine ,thanks god 👐😢🤗😘😊👍💖💕.

  • Luis Zavaleta
    Luis Zavaleta   1 months ago

    Para que vean que ni con todos sus millones las exonera,del dolor físico ola muerte todos somos iguales en esas circunstancias