Spotting Potential Signs Of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Dogs get cancer at roughly the same rate as humans, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. So how can you spot potential signs of cancer in your pets? Pay attention to changes in the way your pet eats and moves, advises Dr. Nick Szigetvari, who is certified in veterinary oncology. In cats, look for minor changes in appetite and grooming, since they may hide their symptoms. In dogs, check for any lumps, swelling, limping or wounds that take longer than a week to heal.
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  • Inside Edition
    Inside Edition   6 months ago

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  • Big Donch
    Big Donch   4 months ago

    My Sophie passed away yesterday. Always wanted to go for walks and always acted tough against bigger dogs:) even tho she was like 20 pounds. Never take your dogs for granted.

  • Vlog阿鹏哥
    Vlog阿鹏哥   4 months ago


  • Isabella C
    Isabella C   4 months ago

    why am i watching this i don’t even have a pet

  • ZilloCars
    ZilloCars   4 months ago

    My best friend Kuma is typically a chill dog but I knew she was showing signs of old age as she reached 9 years old (she's a husky-malamute-shepard mix rescue dog and I don't know exactly how old she is in human years). Just before her adoption anniversary she showed lumps in her body that reveal to be cancer tumors. So far the vet predicts that she has 3 to 18 months left because the cancer is so aggressive. I hope she survives cancer and lives long enough to see me graduate - we've been friends since I started college.

  • Joley Sarro
    Joley Sarro   5 months ago

    my dog got a brain tumor and passed away a couple years ago. she also had breathing problems so she had to get put down. miss u natalie :(

    XIANZHI QU   5 months ago


  • Ariana Lopez
    Ariana Lopez   5 months ago

    Thank u for helping me with that know I know if my dogs and my cat cancer but they don’t but thank u inside edition

  • GerardoMjr
    GerardoMjr   5 months ago

    Have they listened to Billie Eilish within the last 24 hours? Her music is a known carcinogen.

  • M Lee
    M Lee   5 months ago

    What's the link to the dog food? I'm sure, like people you have to look at the food.

  • samhain
    samhain   5 months ago im gonna go watch a video teaching me how to drink water..useless

  • Chick-fil-a
    Chick-fil-a   5 months ago

    Lmao this video is a year late for me

  • In Full Bloom
    In Full Bloom   5 months ago

    Observe where the vaccine was put in the dog there you will see growth of tumors and cancers.

  • Lazy Bonez
    Lazy Bonez   5 months ago

    Remember when people used to take them out back Oldyeller style.

  • CocaKoda
    CocaKoda   5 months ago

    I can’t imagine my rocky getting cancer.

  • Adryana Porras
    Adryana Porras   6 months ago

    I have a boxer named zoey she’s 6 years old around 45 to 39 pounds not quite sure but she’s has this spot on her neck that I’m not sure what it is but it’s black and bleed I took her in a few months ago they never told me what it was they just gave her some medication but it’s now gone and she’s happy but still wondering what it is

  • 554321 554321
    554321 554321   6 months ago

    Won of my dogs got a bubble on his back what would that be a pimple

  • anastasia Michaelidou
    anastasia Michaelidou   6 months ago

    my english bulldog, who is 9 years old has a huge lump in her stomach. we took her to the vet and now pray she gets better :(

  • It’s a Yeet
    It’s a Yeet   6 months ago

    I’ve lost my cat to cancer in his leg He was only 3-4

  • nene chan
    nene chan   6 months ago

    I remember before my cat died I knew that he wasn’t looking so good. He started throwing up constantly and his fur became rough and his nose and paws were lighter than before. I asked if he could see a vet and my dad refused. It was too late when he was taken to the vet. After his visit at the vet he died.

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear   6 months ago

    My dog has lump rn but vet says it’s a hematoma

  • Debbie Cooper
    Debbie Cooper   6 months ago

    I have a 17 year old dog that has cancer now . they said just make her happy now theres not much more to be done. They ask if I wanted to put her down . Well no I dont

  • Evan
    Evan   6 months ago

    2 years too late, thanks for helping I still have pets it may help them one day❤️Sorry Lyric miss you❤️🥺

  • LeFt of the UnKnown
    LeFt of the UnKnown   6 months ago

    Why is this trending lmao...Not that this isn't important... Just why 😂

  • BAC
    BAC   6 months ago

    My GF loves our dog more than me.

  • adam mac
    adam mac   6 months ago

    I have a lot of respect for vets, but this reminded me of an appointment years ago. The vet clapped behind my dog's back, and when she lazily looked behind her at him, he declared her deaf. Only that Missy was such a chill dog, she could hear him, she just didn't care. 😂

  • Caitlyn S.
    Caitlyn S.   6 months ago

    My favorite dog Libby died of cancer, she was the best dog. She was a golden retriever but she was really old. I'm not sure where it was but I remember taking her to the vet to put her down ❤😕😢

  • RageFilledRichie
    RageFilledRichie   6 months ago

    my dog passed away from cancer, there was a growth on his stomach. We had to put him down :(

  • Peachy_ Girl
    Peachy_ Girl   6 months ago

    My dad lost his cat 5 years ago I miss him...I love you Mr.pups..

  • Morgan Beardsley
    Morgan Beardsley   6 months ago

    I have a dog with cancer and this is what is happening to her

  • L O
    L O   6 months ago