• Published on: 07 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 10:31
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  • Allen Gard
    Allen Gard   2 hours ago

    0:22 this music gives me mark rober vibes😂

  • Teodora Ramos
    Teodora Ramos   3 hours ago

    I'm watching lazarbeam while I'm jumping in my trampoline

  • OJSeph
    OJSeph   4 hours ago

    So at 9:58 when Fresh jumps on the boat, he's not in the Storm, but Lazer is in the storm. It's like Lazer is in a different game but interacting with another one. That's some parallel universe shit right there.

  • OJSeph
    OJSeph   5 hours ago

    That whole dancing while Fresh is fighting was hilarious

  • Adam Korany
    Adam Korany   11 hours ago

    Tell us how to do the invisibility glitch on another account

  • Skwool
    Skwool   1 days ago

    When u dislike the video, ur not disliking lazarbeam ur disliking his culture

  • Sh4dow
    Sh4dow   1 days ago

    Whoever reads this god bless and have a great day

  • Amy Kemp
    Amy Kemp   1 days ago

    Is it you’re my favourite YouTube are and I play this game 24 7 to try being higher level than you but I can’t keep up I’m level 223

  • Ky @CESC
    Ky @CESC   2 days ago

    I just realised when fresh was hitting the boat with his pick axe Lannan was taking storm damage when he wasn’t even in the storm

  • John Cobb
    John Cobb   2 days ago

    Laserbeam you cheated you became invisible laserbeam I’m in one🤬

  • _ok_ _ok_
    _ok_ _ok_   2 days ago

    I really want to learn the invisible glitch

  • NolaNation and ItsJaCrispy

    Trying not to self promo. But It would be appreciated if you could sub to me. No need to be toxic in the comments btw

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss   2 days ago

    Please! help me get a creater code in fortnite. Follow me on Instagram "da_boss112233"

  • Dave TheCat
    Dave TheCat   2 days ago

    Leave a like it your researching this in quarentine😂

  • BelgiumE.M.T Belgiumemt

    The first one happens to me with enemy’s it will literally teleport me to anyone doing a synced emote and I can’t do anything about it

  • humgaming
    humgaming   3 days ago

    Lazar Lazar u know that u r like 20 so stop being a child bro like uhhhhhhhhhh

  • Victoria Thach
    Victoria Thach   3 days ago

    Laserbeam 1v1 ingFresh stream sniping invisibility glitch

  • SlushyKing YT
    SlushyKing YT   3 days ago

    The Epic games demon said no sir and you got possessed

  • kid best
    kid best   4 days ago

    Its funny how he put the aluminum song when it was dowing 3 6ds

  • FG Z3PHYR 20
    FG Z3PHYR 20   4 days ago

    LazarBeam: Let's make a stupid video today! Me: I HOPE LAZAR MAKES A STUPID VIDEO TODAY!

  • K WS
    K WS   4 days ago

    Anyone re watching in quarantine???

  • Habib Lonley
    Habib Lonley   4 days ago

    Do you like your tea with milk or without milk ???