• Published on: 13 September 2019
  • Spike gets out smarted and finds himself in yet another sticky situation. spike might need some backup if he plans on getting this Bounty.

    beat created by: JSQUAD

    rapper : Daddyphatsnaps
    “Space Cowboy” | Daddyphatsnaps [Tank Remix]

    Should we make a part 3?

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    shoutout to @RideSpin for letting me & jet jam out on their scouters!


    Spike Spiegel: @KINGVADER

    Jet Black: @Dj.2.rivers

    Vicious: @Pierrestepz

    Faye Valentine: @Elizabethrage

    Ed: @Kqueen
  • Runtime : 7:42
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    KING VADER   6 months ago

    Screen shot your favorite part & DM it to me on Instagram : @KingVader

  • Mr. C
    Mr. C   2 days ago

    Dude the amount of effort time and money this must have took.... mad respect to you and your team this came out great !!

  • Sam H.
    Sam H.   6 days ago

    I would pay to see this movie

  • kosmin
    kosmin   6 days ago

    He should've walked with his hands in his backpockets like Spike does

  • Guivi99Druid
    Guivi99Druid   1 weeks ago

    This is the only Good Live Action and interperatation of Cowboy Bebop i love every second of it Thats pure dedication

  • Simran Bhola
    Simran Bhola   1 weeks ago

    man if there was some part of Edward too

  • wassup ppl
    wassup ppl   1 weeks ago

    He should do live action movies of anime😌😌

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves   1 weeks ago


  • sweetest days
    sweetest days   1 weeks ago

    The level of content I feel after seeing this. 😏

  • stardust fusion
    stardust fusion   2 weeks ago

    yo King Vader can u do a video about fire force it would mean a lot to me

  • Cameron Black
    Cameron Black   3 weeks ago

    As soon as faye showed up, you know where my eyes went to the entire time 😏

  • Oshay BlessedInThaCity

    Fucking loved every part of this!!!! Bout to smoke n watch this shit again!!!!! Love it!!!!

  • junior jc
    junior jc   3 weeks ago

    Demais os vídeo dele kakaka top

  • PhilosoWolf
    PhilosoWolf   1 months ago

    I thought he would finally do a video without him swaying side to side the the end got me and then I said to myself This nigga man

  • Thomas Spencer
    Thomas Spencer   1 months ago

    I really think this would be a perfect Live Action

  • Reaxt
    Reaxt   1 months ago

    You're the only one I'd accept playing spike in a live action cowboy Bebop

  • AjairukyuRa
    AjairukyuRa   1 months ago

    Brooo!!!!! I have to give it to you man!!! I WANNA SEE YOU IN THE CINEMA THEATERS ONE DAY!!!! ALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE TOO EPIC NOT TO BE!!!!!🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯 KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

  • Luisa T
    Luisa T   1 months ago

    I need MORE 👏 this is better than every Netflix anime adaptation

  • Cancer The Zodiac
    Cancer The Zodiac   1 months ago

    Yall better make a Bungo Stray Dogs version , no Hood Stray Dogs

  • ST R
    ST R   1 months ago

    Well done!!

  • Wes Keene
    Wes Keene   1 months ago

    Lol the bullet is still in its casing

  • Bryce n Gw
    Bryce n Gw   1 months ago

    You’re video’s or so much cool and fun and like your move

  • liizzset
    liizzset   1 months ago

    Awesome. Still come back to this. It is done so well.

  • Qixie Jk
    Qixie Jk   1 months ago

    0:53 was that a power fist from fallout 4? I’m pretty sure it is