The Try Guys Read Mean & Thirsty YouTube Comments

  • Published on: 02 March 2020
  • You guys are honestly TOO kind! Drop your favorite comment, from the comments, about a comment below!

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  • Runtime : 18:59
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  • TheLadymoonstone
    TheLadymoonstone   2 hours ago

    i haven't been watching for long but I very much enjoy watching your channel. The fact that every one of you brings something different to the table is what makes this channel so great.PS. I love all the dog, I love Wes and can't wait till there is a new member to the Try Guys group. Cheers from the Pacific North West.

  • Kyra Black
    Kyra Black   4 hours ago

    The only reason the Cancers (including me😅) aren't mad is because we were too busy going through the stages of grief to comment 😂

  • Mrs. Inzane
    Mrs. Inzane   4 hours ago

    I love how everyone makes fun of Keith for eating weird and a lot but yet he’s still in shape?

  • Ava Wheadon
    Ava Wheadon   6 hours ago

    Calling out my ex boyfriend: he asked me to be in an open relationship and then dumped me when I told him I liked someone else 😂

  • CorysFriends
    CorysFriends   6 hours ago

    Can we just remember Eugene was on New Girl?

  • Haley Kawaii
    Haley Kawaii   7 hours ago

    the whole fuck you aaron segment was amazing. me and my ex who cheated on me and manipulated me so much i had go to therapy recently broke up and hearing these guys says fuck you just made my day.

  • Thicky Nicky
    Thicky Nicky   8 hours ago

    “Until then it’s a pandemic and we’re all sick” that didn’t age well 😅

  • Mary Ketcherside
    Mary Ketcherside   8 hours ago

    so as of right now, Keith and Eugene are tied for the appearances in the thumbnails of their most popular videos

  • blackclouds909
    blackclouds909   9 hours ago

    I just love the guy reading the mean comments. He's funny, SCORCHER ALERRTT

  • Udom Vathanac Chum
    Udom Vathanac Chum   10 hours ago

    Ok i am just gonna add a another commentWHY THE HELL DO U HATE DURIANS!?That taste great

  • Julia Roland
    Julia Roland   12 hours ago

    Awwww... Keith.... no disrespect to Becky... but if you were single... this chick would take you on Big Boy!!!

  • Bethany Shimmon
    Bethany Shimmon   14 hours ago

    They told me to call someone out. F*** you EDS for outing me in serious pain and and ruining everything aspect of my life. Thank you NHS for giving me a diagnosis and helping me through it

  • Millie Grace
    Millie Grace   15 hours ago

    Let’s be real Eugene would be the one that takes Wes to the bar

  • Unknown parrots
    Unknown parrots   17 hours ago


  • Im A book
    Im A book   18 hours ago

    I keep on watching this video yet i still cry on zach‘s sweet comments 🥺

  • Kannaysia Jones
    Kannaysia Jones   21 hours ago

    Forget the girl who got my whole friend group mad at me because I asked her to stop bullying me. Chloe Moralez😡😡😡😤😤

  • Eggy Love333
    Eggy Love333   21 hours ago

    Eugene: gayMe: a lesbianAlso me: He’s my husband so I would die for him...

  • *insert username*
    *insert username*   22 hours ago

    Sorted by most popular, this is it so far :Keith : 5Eugene: 5Ned : 2Zach : 0?!?WE NEED NED AND ZACH IN MORE THUMBNAILS YALL???

  • MarkosmyWords
    MarkosmyWords   1 days ago

    Callout comment to Markosmywords that idiot ruined my life.

  • •Laney•
    •Laney•   1 days ago

    I would die from happiness if Eugene was my uncle. Please adopt me as your YouTube niece.

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz   1 days ago

    They should put the commenter and Aron in a video

  • Katty Mendes
    Katty Mendes   1 days ago

    Me scrolling through comments: i wanna see more thirsty comments ;-;

  • Charlotte H. Blackmon

    Um I want to call out Addison for not social distancing and for being insensitive to the current black lives matter movement by posting about him having fun and not even posting one thing on his story to support the movement! And for moving away that hurted

  • kimeh101
    kimeh101   1 days ago

    Keith, you are THE sexiest out of the Try Guys! Anytime, anywhere. ;)

  • Ebi Fries
    Ebi Fries   1 days ago

    The sweet comments are killing me ;w; but they are so true, because you guys are amazing and beautiful people!

  • Veritaserum
    Veritaserum   1 days ago

    I honestly can't believe there weren't more thirsty ones 😂😂

  • Ana Carmen
    Ana Carmen   1 days ago

    14:17 look at his face it's so pure and adorable❤️, he's literally tearing up,love all of them and they probably have very complicated stories and lifestyle but Eugene deserves all the love and support💜🧚‍♀️

  • Megan Barnes
    Megan Barnes   1 days ago

    The thirsty guy sounds like that one TikTok of the dude going “Let’s play two truths one lie, I’ll go firstz I have a crush on Jacob-“

  • CuteCat Ahu
    CuteCat Ahu   1 days ago

    Eugene is honestly adorable. The way he kind of hides his smile? when he’s embarrassed 🥺 He always tries to show his tougher side when he’s just a cute beanie 🤧

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  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia   2 days ago

    i think it would be funnier if their partners are the one to read those thirsty comments. LOL

  • Fehrb Flores
    Fehrb Flores   2 days ago

    Eugene's dog looks like a dead dog that has been stuffed then came back to life.

  • Warren K Bell Jr
    Warren K Bell Jr   2 days ago

    They're so funny.😅😅😅😅😅👏😁🤲🤲🤲