Do You Know Gun Laws In America?

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • The following topic discusses gun control in a variety of countries around the world. This video will not be monetized, but please consider contributing to The Christina Grimmie Foundation by clicking “Donate Now” here on YouTube.

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    Do You Know Gun Laws In America?
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    REACT   6 months ago

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    MATHHEW TOMPKINS   5 months ago

    As much as I love your videos you MUST have more dissenting views if you are going to have this kind of discussion. Gun control has NOT stopped the violence. It never will. Only an armed response will. That means allowing weapons everywhere. There will still be people that are insane enough to try this is true. But just committing these acts breaks the law. So laws don’t work. And the Second Amendment is NOT outdated it is VITAL.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith   5 months ago

    Nice job of assembling a panel of diverse viewpoints React Channel. That was sarcasm by the way. Don’t tread on me.

  • Kel S
    Kel S   5 months ago

    Your right to live ?? That’s what the second amendment is for. for you protect your own life not depend on other people to do it for you.

  • Billy Manning
    Billy Manning   5 months ago

    I love how everyone thinks that stricter gun laws will stop gun violence. It amazes me that people think that criminals will abide by the law. We already have background checks, and most of the shootings we've had background checks wouldn't have stopped. FYI check your stats, most mass shootings are done with handguns not "assault rifles". People want gun bans yet if you look at the UK where it's very hard to own firearms they are now attempting to outlaw knives due to mass stabbings. The guns are not the issue, try getting to the root of the problem and try to understand why our culture has gotten so out of hand.

  • Rigby 12
    Rigby 12   5 months ago

    “Gun laws need to be more strict” I’m in the f*cking military and I still have to do all this background check stuff

  • M Chambers
    M Chambers   5 months ago

    17:36 Japan's strict just laws were put in place by... the USA due to making sure the Japanese didn't rearm after WWII the same way Germany rearmed after WWI. We won the war! We can be armed!

  • M Chambers
    M Chambers   5 months ago

    15:00 I think they mean dishonorably discharged from the military. (idiots) If someone's bean committed to a mental institution they're still there! If they've been release from an institution then it's been determined they're no longer a danger to themselves or others.

  • M Chambers
    M Chambers   5 months ago

    6:20 You must pass a background check to get a CCP or FFL. States which do not require a license to carry a gun open or concealed mean you still need to be free of being a felon, mentally dangerous, or being a domestic abuser.

  • M Chambers
    M Chambers   5 months ago

    4:15 There are no laws on firearms trafficking? So someone can just import machine guns and hand them out to people? You need special licenses to import any fire arm or the order them through the mail.

  • Josh rodgers
    Josh rodgers   5 months ago

    Way to get an all anti-gun group to interview. We've all seen examples of how much these people really know about firearms.

  • JJ Halley
    JJ Halley   5 months ago

    Ya show people who don't have any people who disagree with gun control just show people who agree with gun control easy way to push one idea

  • Brandon Tollison
    Brandon Tollison   5 months ago

    "You should have a license to operate any machine" ma'am are you qualified to use that laptop in front of you? Do you have your macbook certification on hand? Can i see your phone license?

  • Phlimbob
    Phlimbob   5 months ago

    The second amendment was created so that in case the government needed it, you, the private citizen, could take up your gun and fight for the country. It is like an implicit draft. You own a gun so you can protect the country. An example of this being done is when Washington enlisted the help of the citizens to put down Shay's rebellion. A second example is of course the entire revolutionary war where most who fought for the colonists were civilians. We didn't have a large or well funded standing army, so it was necessary to use civilian forces when needed. Nowadays, the US military is OVER funded, and while enlistment might be down, the military has enough fire power to destroy the world over and over and over. There is no reason for civilians to have the same access to military grade weapons if they are not actively in the military or law enforcement.

  • G0r32
    G0r32   5 months ago

    Read the bottom of the first law that's what trafficking is: over boarders in attempt to sell or ship to another

  • Christian Shin
    Christian Shin   5 months ago

    I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery- Thomas Jefferson

  • 1911GreaterThanALL
    1911GreaterThanALL   5 months ago

    Australia has had 15 gun massacres prior to 1996. They had 12 gun massacres after 1996. Their homicide rate corresponds to U.S. homicide rate during the same time period yet the U.S. had lower rates of homicide during their ban when we did not implement those gun controls laws.

  • Royal Irish
    Royal Irish   5 months ago

    You should really read your second amendment as it states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The emphasis is on SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, surprised it takes someone from the United Kingdom to remind you of the freedoms considering the whole reason this came into being was it was ordinary citizens taking up there hunting rifles in your fight for independence.

  • PurplePrideFTW
    PurplePrideFTW   5 months ago

    Hey how about you react to this and get your facts straight

  • Joseph Craig
    Joseph Craig   5 months ago

    One of the biggest issues with the background check is the fact that most of these shooters do not have a criminal background.

  • Kerf Matin
    Kerf Matin   5 months ago

    Freedom in the U.S:You can shoot me I also can shoot back too.I‘d rather not have “Freedom”

  • Justin Ford
    Justin Ford   5 months ago

    You do not need a licence to operate a vehicle on private property or purchase a vehicle

  • İlker Atabay
    İlker Atabay   5 months ago

    Guns shouldn't be something that ordinary people have access to. Highschool shootings are done by kids and with the guns their parents possess. So just a background check on the person that wants to have a gun is not enough.

  • Eddy Carm
    Eddy Carm   5 months ago

    A lot of the things they said in this video are NOT TRUE

  • Eddy Carm
    Eddy Carm   5 months ago

    I fear for the future of this nation from what I’ve seen in this video .

  • C Delany
    C Delany   5 months ago

    Glad I got here before the comments are disabled.

  • Wil Hathaway
    Wil Hathaway   5 months ago

    These dip shits should have to have a psych evaluation and a license to own a computer, use social media, and speak freely. The first amendment was only about the printing press right? If the 2A doesn’t count for ar’s & ak’s, the the 1A doesn’t count for computers, cell phones, social media. If you want me to have a license to buy a gun, I want you to have one to speak

  • Edita-Pita
    Edita-Pita   5 months ago

    How many enemies does this guy have 😂9:45

  • Jason Rhodes
    Jason Rhodes   5 months ago

    All the "facts and statistics" are wrong.

  • rip industries
    rip industries   5 months ago

    Ryan Vigus Parkville Maryland lmfao some people are so stupid. I know I know Trump's fault lol

  • rip industries
    rip industries   5 months ago

    @Ryan Vigus some of us have special license for military weapons. :)

  • Steven Luis
    Steven Luis   5 months ago

    In response to those whom make the argument that the 2nd amendment is outdated I recommend a video by Political Juice titled The History of the Second Amendment. Additionally, the point of federal laws are to establish minimum guidelines across the states. It is up to the state government to establish stricter, or otherwise additional, laws as per the tenth amendment.

  • Mario Myers
    Mario Myers   5 months ago

    Cool video. Thanks for reminding me to stock up on more guns and ammo! :)

  • Chuck Daly
    Chuck Daly   5 months ago

    I always take my advice from people with green hair.