The Trouble With Trilobites

  • Published on: 26 June 2017
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    Trilobites are famous not just because they were so beautifully functional, or because they happened to preserve so well. They’re known the world over because they were everywhere!

    This episode was written by Blake de Pastino.

    Thanks to Franz Anthony, Julio Lacerda, Lucas Lima and Studio 252mya for their illustrations. You can find more of their work here:

    Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios:


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  • Runtime : 6:55
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  • the rising sun
    the rising sun   1 days ago

    i saw it and thought “ISOPOD” and got really excited

  • Fluffyhead
    Fluffyhead   3 days ago

    I swear I’ve seen a creature that is alive today that looks just like the trilobite, that is supposed to be evolved from prehistoric times, I can’t remember what it’s called, some kind of medicine is extracted from it, it may be a different species correct me if I’m wrong

  • Hambone3773
    Hambone3773   1 weeks ago

    Why I can I imagine Engineer Scott holding a bunch of Trilobites that are all yapping at a Klingon?

  • Natsume Neko
    Natsume Neko   1 weeks ago

    my new favorite channel! (it is like a nat geo/ discovery channel but tho short, way more fun and not boring to watch. just my personal opinion tho.) glad I found this channel, tbh, i have been searching nice and educational videos (like kid encyclopedia-like shows) but i couldn't bc all i see are these top 10 rare/extinct/big, etc vids everywhere in youtube that i don't even know if the info could be trusted or what XD..but really glad i found the one! thanks for this!

  • Fezari Ahcene
    Fezari Ahcene   1 weeks ago

    We’re the worst survivors of all time, we built societies we don’t know how to use,with ideas we don’t understand.

  • Nova Stocker
    Nova Stocker   1 weeks ago

    Maybe if we’re lucky they can still be alive, just somewhere we haven’t been able to find them. Like the bottom of the ocean today, I mean it’s still so unexplored. But I guess it’s very very unlikely.

  • Mark Patrick
    Mark Patrick   2 weeks ago

    Where is the transitional form trilobites?

  • Mad Cinder
    Mad Cinder   2 weeks ago

    Top tier level video title work.

  • Cal
    Cal   2 weeks ago

    They had a good run.

  • Slashley gibbins
    Slashley gibbins   2 weeks ago

    My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the family and friends of the trilobite.

  • catmandenny
    catmandenny   3 weeks ago

    PBS, you need either a new editor or a new narrator.

  • Milligram
    Milligram   3 weeks ago

    I've always hoped that one day a deep sea dwelling species of trilobites would be found and we could see them for real.

  • reuireuiop0
    reuireuiop0   3 weeks ago

    OK I surrender. It is trilobite, not Tribolite.I found -lite more suiting, as, well, most of 'm are found as fossils; stones, in other words, validating a -lite ending as often used in geology. Whereas ...bite ... That's not something they're known for, biting. T-R-I-I-I-LO- bite!Trrrriiilooo-biteStill doesn't sound like it.TRIBOLITE !!!

  • Dak Hammer
    Dak Hammer   4 weeks ago

    Maybe they evolved to humans aka cockroaches of the hominids.

  • Alexander Howarth
    Alexander Howarth   4 weeks ago

    I love how at the end he talks about human extinction with a checky smirk

  • hzhang1228
    hzhang1228   1 months ago

    they tried so hard~and got so far~

  • Destructo WIZ
    Destructo WIZ   1 months ago

    Too bad they don’t have lungs with em legs

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian   1 months ago

    I always feel bad for those who did not escape extinction.

  • TajimaMunenori
    TajimaMunenori   1 months ago

    Star Trek: Trouble with tribles! Anyone?Bueller?

  • Nathan Remendado
    Nathan Remendado   1 months ago

    After Hank's marvelous performance, I was touched and now feel attached to the little trilos

  • Anonymike
    Anonymike   1 months ago

    No, the planer's most successful large animal is the chicken. And that's no bull. Hee-haw!

  • Anonymike
    Anonymike   1 months ago

    I'm gonna guess. Replaced by the more functional isopods, crabs and lobsters.

  • Oscar Walton
    Oscar Walton   1 months ago

    Horseshoe crabs are still here so maybe. Not all of th went exstinkt

  • Obito
    Obito   1 months ago

    Sea Roaches

  • Ryan Nu
    Ryan Nu   1 months ago

    Literally the earths first dominant species even if they failed it’s still amazing the ups and downs of earths biodiversity, earths even seen multiple sentient life forms but only 3 including us to get this far.

  • Adventure Fighter
    Adventure Fighter   1 months ago

    The most surviving species are maybe coelacanths! According to the wiki, they survived many periods! Maybe like 6 periods?

  • clarionzoo
    clarionzoo   1 months ago

    Cenobites are a bigger problem.

  • Jack Hartford
    Jack Hartford   1 months ago

    New channel! And I just watched this video, and then moved on to other things, and then realized, I hadn’t liked, or subscribed!

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn   1 months ago

    When the climate got bad, the Archean went underground.