I Put Him On An EMBARRASSING Billboard!

  • Published on: 30 July 2019
  • Ethan gets Grayson by putting a very bad photo of him on a billboard in Las Angeles for the whole city to see... this is Grayson typing rn and I'm still embarrassed...

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  • Runtime : 17:20
  • Dolan Twins


  • Lola Maria
    Lola Maria   16 hours ago

    i really wish i lived in la so i could see that

  • Madi Brooks
    Madi Brooks   17 hours ago

    did ethan forget that he has graysons face😭😭

  • Alex Code
    Alex Code   2 days ago

    ethan made me love pranks. wow. XD

  • Tsundere_cookie
    Tsundere_cookie   3 days ago

    Who else is watching all there prank wars while your in quarantine

  • Jasone Zelaya
    Jasone Zelaya   5 days ago

    Did Ethan forget that he is a twin and people think it’s him

  • Anoohya Allenky
    Anoohya Allenky   5 days ago

    Grayson: pauses his workout for Ethan's flat tireEthan: Everyone's gonna see it!Grayson: WhAt DiD yOu Do EtHaN!!!Ethan: are you stupid?Grayson: noMe: uncontrollably laughing 😂

    SAMEER SEHDEV   5 days ago

    Half of the pranks ethan does is because ethan wants to be closer with Grayson because Grayson is doing something that is pulling them apart

  • Annie Tuohy
    Annie Tuohy   1 weeks ago

    Remember when Ethan had hair?Ps. This is not a hate comment I think he shaved it for an amazing reason. I miss Tuesday’s so bad.. I remember I would come home after school and the first thing I would think is “THE DOLAN TWINS POSTED” and I’m not kidding when I say this. I understand why they stopped posting every Tuesday it’s just so upsetting...

  • Addison Hudson
    Addison Hudson   1 weeks ago

    well they look like same so if you don't read his email under the picture, it could be ethan as well...

  • Tamera Kahler
    Tamera Kahler   1 weeks ago

    Bruh how do u spell Los Angeles wrong if u live there AHG I LOVE YOU

  • Grace BORRETT
    Grace BORRETT   1 weeks ago

    i only just watched their documentry about their dad, and to see them with a happy face, just breaks my hear knowing that you are not ok on the inside

  • Gab B
    Gab B   1 weeks ago

    Pretend I said something funny😂

  • Hello Its Ela
    Hello Its Ela   1 weeks ago

    For real , can everyone in the comments stop being HORRIBLE to one an other , where the best fandom EVA and everyone's just arguing over stupid things , please stop, I still love you tho:) x

  • Kauoaeo Builds
    Kauoaeo Builds   1 weeks ago

    Omg what a great birthday present! this was posted on my b-day 🌊🌊🌸🌸🌸🔆🔆🔆🌻🌻⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Velvamp
    Velvamp   1 weeks ago

    Your such a bad person

  • kendall cookie
    kendall cookie   1 weeks ago

    instead of doing something like "vlogmas" for the month of christmas do 28 days of douche instead

  • Madison Goldstein
    Madison Goldstein   1 weeks ago

    everyone: Ethan: He's just building all the time like he's just building...all the time.

  • Jen Dixon
    Jen Dixon   1 weeks ago

    I asked my dog if Grayson was a DOUCH BAG and my dog shook his head yes

  • hazzy wig
    hazzy wig   1 weeks ago

    Your prank kinda backfired because you look like grayson your twins people might think its you too

  • Paul Cleary
    Paul Cleary   2 weeks ago

    this is still legit one f my favorite videos you guys have filmed. the shocked look on Gray's face when he sees the billboard is PRICELESS!!!

  • A Lyrics
    A Lyrics   2 weeks ago

    Ethan does pranks because he craves brotherly attentiongrayson is out for death

  • Chelsea Laptiste
    Chelsea Laptiste   2 weeks ago

    Btw we could literally email Grayson because Ethan put it on the screen...😂

  • emilia
    emilia   2 weeks ago

    That’s awesome prank Ethan!!

  • T Miller
    T Miller   2 weeks ago

    grayson looks like an ethan and ethan looks like a grayson

  • Jazzy 505
    Jazzy 505   3 weeks ago

    I gotta say Ethan's pranks are next level

  • yaboipandaa
    yaboipandaa   3 weeks ago

    what happened to Eathens fingers at 9:05

  • KaylaSue33
    KaylaSue33   4 weeks ago

    This video gives me so much life!😭😭

  • Tyanne Dressekie
    Tyanne Dressekie   1 months ago

    Ethan u guys look the same so whilst u was waiting for Grayson everyone probably thought it was u 😂😂but I love you guys like omg I wanna meet u ffs and u guys look good❤️❤️❤️

  • The Red Tree
    The Red Tree   1 months ago

    You know what be funny...If Grayson was planning a prank on Ethan when Ethan was planning this prank on Grayson 😂