I Put Him On An EMBARRASSING Billboard!

  • Published on: 30 July 2019
  • Ethan gets Grayson by putting a very bad photo of him on a billboard in Las Angeles for the whole city to see... this is Grayson typing rn and I'm still embarrassed...

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  • Runtime : 17:20
  • Dolan Twins


  • R HM
    R HM   22 hours ago

    Y does e look so like gray in this vidLike I know there identical twins but...

  • Dalia Bernal
    Dalia Bernal   1 days ago

    0:50 when Ethan said " YOU NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH ME"was honestly the cutest thing ever🥰

  • Kylah Banks
    Kylah Banks   2 days ago

    Ethan: You need to pay more attention to me. Me: You sound like your a married couple.

  • Oowie Plays!
    Oowie Plays!   1 weeks ago

    Use me as "This is how many times Ethan likes to go far on Grayson"

  • mady chevrier
    mady chevrier   1 weeks ago

    Ethan: No ones going to miss itGrayson: Misses itEthan: Are you stupid?

  • Liam Gadsby
    Liam Gadsby   2 weeks ago

    So you guys are identical twins so that just means you’re kind of both up on the Billboard you fucking losers

  • SnowyFeather AJ
    SnowyFeather AJ   2 weeks ago

    Ethan: He's In for a treat,A real Douchey treat Ethan Dolan 2019

  • Brooklyn Bryden
    Brooklyn Bryden   2 weeks ago

    Woah in certain shots you looks so much Gray. I’m always able to tell the difference between you so i was shook.

  • snowlyn varghese
    snowlyn varghese   3 weeks ago

    I feel like Ethan pranked himself cause they look alike and few people may not know em😂

  • London _YT
    London _YT   3 weeks ago

    If you want to do something but Grayson can't. Text me on insta.

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R   3 weeks ago

    5:54 my babies lil evil smile🥺😍

  • ShushOrIWillKissYou
    ShushOrIWillKissYou   3 weeks ago

    Gotta love how Ethan acts just like a jealous gf 😂 they are so cute as brothers. Does E even realize that if Grayson decides to take the jobs there’ll be even less time spent together? Basically pranking himself

  • счастье мир

    5:44 that's the first time I legit mistake Ethan for Grayson...like I actually thought it was Gray

  • Hope Bradtke
    Hope Bradtke   1 months ago

    its not bob the builder its Grayson the builder bahahahaha

  • Taylor McPherson
    Taylor McPherson   1 months ago

    i love how ethan is just roasting every construction worker

  • Yegane Nabi
    Yegane Nabi   1 months ago

    Im just shoooock that ethan wakes up at 7 thiiis much excited

  • Yiannis
    Yiannis   1 months ago

    Ethan having a tantrum because he misses Grayson. 😂💞

  • OhRlyNao
    OhRlyNao   1 months ago

    Man, when the twins get lonely, they really are overdramatic...

  • Aly the Awesome
    Aly the Awesome   1 months ago

    How many people are suprised Ethan woke up at 7:00a.m. ???👇

  • juliana tunai
    juliana tunai   1 months ago

    They both look exactly the same though and if someone were to not pay close attention to the billboard they probably would think that was either of them

  • Amara Isabel
    Amara Isabel   1 months ago

    13:07 Grayson's face (; he looks crushed lol

  • Lip Stick
    Lip Stick   1 months ago

    LOL! I love them! Ethan's being a jealous bro. 😁

  • SISTER Ronack
    SISTER Ronack   1 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that they look the same? So people who don't know them could think that it's Ethan

  • Elise Doman
    Elise Doman   1 months ago

    I’m sorry but gray wouldn’t even need to learn how to assemble Ikea furniture he would just build it himself

  • LolaStyles
    LolaStyles   1 months ago

    I never thought I'd see the day! Ethan waking up earlier than Grayson😳😂