NFL Best Quarterback Runs of All Time

  • Published on: 16 September 2017
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  • Runtime : 14:9
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  • Carl Minsenen
    Carl Minsenen   15 hours ago

    Vick was so fast his teammates couldn’t block the defenders half these QBs run are well blocked Vick would have to Juke everyone 😂

  • Aaron Harding
    Aaron Harding   1 weeks ago

    Not a single Dak Prescott run smh at least they put Romos recovery run in there

  • Float3r Ψ
    Float3r Ψ   1 weeks ago

    Who Is Watching This Before Lamar Jackson

  • Sammy Blash
    Sammy Blash   1 weeks ago

    The Collin Kap & Michael Vick Show💯

  • Matt Long
    Matt Long   1 weeks ago

    2:15 what is the announcer on

  • Raja Mukesh
    Raja Mukesh   1 weeks ago

    Colin kapernick should be banned from the usa

  • Berto A
    Berto A   2 weeks ago

    lmao Russell looks so slow compared to these other qbs

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis   2 weeks ago

    Collin mapper nick is a peice if shit that would not stand to the American National anthem that’s what you call a disgrace to amercia

  • L H
    L H   3 weeks ago

    Just showcase Vick

  • LitLightX AJ
    LitLightX AJ   3 weeks ago

    So your tellin me, that they have all of these BUT NOT RUSSEL WILSON BREAKING A TACKLE WHILE RUNNING, so dumb

  • Gus Decker
    Gus Decker   3 weeks ago

    If this is the greatest runs of all time where’s Lamar

  • LongIslandP8ntball
    LongIslandP8ntball   3 weeks ago

    If colin kapernick wasnt such a asswhole with his social justice bull shit....he could have been a GOAT .....where did his social justice get him....nothing....but broke and unemployeed.

  • Frederick Speller
    Frederick Speller   1 months ago

    Lamar Jackson's 2019 season was better than this entire video.

  • Roger Plummer
    Roger Plummer   1 months ago

    Dick Stockton had absolutely NO idea what was going on! (2:22)

  • Iso Shooter
    Iso Shooter   1 months ago

    colin kapernick is one of the best rushing quarterbacks of all time 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  • Ari Itzkovits
    Ari Itzkovits   1 months ago

    This should be called "Collin Kapernick highlights"

  • Batuhan Erbil
    Batuhan Erbil   1 months ago

    When Cam takes off It’s not even possible to stop him without taking any great yardage dude is just 6 ft 5 245 lbs just imagine being a safety and seeing a mf DT sized fast ass guy coming at you

  • xXOOMYXx25
    xXOOMYXx25   1 months ago

    Vick was the best to ever do it.

  • Lunny 01
    Lunny 01   1 months ago

    29 on greenbay was just running ahead of him😂

    I SUPPORT TRUMP   1 months ago

    Colon Kaepernick had 375 career rushing attempts...were there any you missed? Any list of greatest runs by Quarterbacks not including Brett Favre or Fran Tarkenton is garbage. Additionally Bobby Douglass held the QB season rushing record (968) for almost 30 years and he gets one clip?

  • Glyn Gasson
    Glyn Gasson   1 months ago

    This just shows how much the NFL is missing Kaepernick

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson   1 months ago

    Michael Vick and Cam Newton are both fast paced dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL!!!

  • Do It
    Do It   1 months ago

    7:15 lol 83 realizing he totally missed the last guy

  • Billy Jenkins
    Billy Jenkins   1 months ago

    This video is obsolete now. If it were made today most of the clips would be Lamar Jackson.

  • Awesome Kotaro
    Awesome Kotaro   1 months ago

    Someone who only watches would be like: Why are the PG running? Travel!