FUNNIEST ANSWERS EVER on Family Feud US & Australia!

  • Published on: 04 March 2019
  • Here's some of the Funniest Answers ever given on Family Feud US and Family Feud Australia! Whats your favourite Family Feud Show?
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  • Runtime : 22:48
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  • Michael McKinnon
    Michael McKinnon   4 days ago

    American and UK versions of Family Feud. Yes there really is a town in Ireland named Muff. If there was an Australian version, you might hear somebody say they were from Pussay(Australia) or Pussy(New Zealand).

  • tk20
    tk20   1 weeks ago

    Guest: "Loin, Pork Loin! L-I-O-N!"Steve: "Oh glad you spelled it."

  • duke'M Explorer
    duke'M Explorer   1 weeks ago

    You are now entering the Family Feud laughter zone, beware of bad spelling and strange answers that will put you laughing so hard that a gynecologist will be laughing with you the (W)hole time all in this Family Feud Zone

  • gawreluck
    gawreluck   4 weeks ago

    I uh....don’t get the last one....

  • Kpop is my life - Yaoi is my obsession

    Grant is a popular host here in Australia and he's hosted quite a few shows hence why he did this show and while he isn't as good as Steve (no one ever will be) he still held his own. He's funny in his own way and us Aussies like to recycle hosts too so XD

  • AnnoyingTiger888
    AnnoyingTiger888   1 months ago

    Oh my god I didn't know there was an Aussie version and I'm in love ♡♡

  • Allure Dunn
    Allure Dunn   2 months ago

    Hands down Steve is best family feud host since slice bread...that Aussie guy and his contestants are stiff boring lol

  • Jonno Sayer
    Jonno Sayer   2 months ago

    I’m Aussie and the family feud is good, but in America Steve makes it so much better!

  • Ben Hart
    Ben Hart   2 months ago

    I love the Aussie guy but no one beats steve harvey

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul   2 months ago

    I'm just gonna say this. The two best family feud hosts

  • Valerio Buenasuerte
    Valerio Buenasuerte   3 months ago

    The show proves that Australians are most wiser than the Americans, hahahaha!

  • Erin Pinkard
    Erin Pinkard   3 months ago

    What? Gynecologist can be a nasty job....

  • paul morrison
    paul morrison   3 months ago

    Ermm i think i have found Baldrick's long lost family line there with her motorbike answer lol

  • Prophetess Frye
    Prophetess Frye   3 months ago

    Pork L I O N and Pork Q pine best ever 😂😂😂😂 Steve's like I best every dollar I got that ain't up there 😂😂

  • M. O.G.
    M. O.G.   3 months ago

    that leigh guy is as daft as a brush

  • John Falcon
    John Falcon   3 months ago

    pork-cupine. Thinking out of the box? :)

  • Linda McPherson
    Linda McPherson   4 months ago

    Jesus I'm almost ashamed to say I'm Aussie.. They were so dumb lol

  • superbrownbrown
    superbrownbrown   4 months ago

    I would've loved to see Steve Harvey's reaction to the "Muff" and "Hollybush" story.

  • superbrownbrown
    superbrownbrown   4 months ago

    "Name something that's passed around.""A boyfriend."A boyfriend?!? I need to get to Australia immediately and start hanging out with Laura and her friends. 👍

  • Kiki A
    Kiki A   4 months ago

    I love the Australian guy as well tho 😂❤️ Steve however will always be the king of family feud

  • Super Blaze99
    Super Blaze99   5 months ago


  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo   5 months ago

    I LOVE Steve Harvey but that guy’s reaction at 7:05 was priceless!

  • ForumcoldiArchon
    ForumcoldiArchon   6 months ago

    omg the australian one is so much better probably due to the Accent thoughSteve obviously is funnier yet the other got something special aswell

    EPICWILTIME   6 months ago

    Australian Family Feud host should be Chris Hemsworth.