Jason Segel's "Dispatches from Elsewhere" Is Magic As An Act Of Defiance

  • Published on: 27 February 2020
  • Jason Segel created and stars in the new AMC show "Dispatches from Elsewhere," which follows the true story of a group of people in San Francisco who create fantastic works of public art intended to make people feel like kids again. #Colbert #JasonSegel #Comedy

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  • Runtime : 9:6
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  • Joanna Geng
    Joanna Geng   8 hours ago

    His accent has been changed a little bit

  • Amanda Lee Garza
    Amanda Lee Garza   5 days ago

    I would smash Jason from freaks and geeks and I will smash him now. I said what I said. Idc. He’s fine af. 💕

  • M Dadtka
    M Dadtka   1 weeks ago

    I thought the ending was the most creative ending I have ever seen in tv or movies

  • Luca L
    Luca L   1 weeks ago

    Watched it, what a waste of time... Not that the acting or production quality wasn't good but the main thing which is keeping you watching is the hope for a great finish a great story behind the mystery. But as I feared from the start you don't get it. In a way it is like inception BUT without any rules, so basically a crazy stupid mess...

  • elchasai
    elchasai   2 weeks ago

    Jason is one of the good ones, he has a gigantic heart.

  • Housewife Revolution
    Housewife Revolution   3 weeks ago

    I wish with all my heart that he'd finish his Dracula musical with the puppets!!

  • Bloodywasher
    Bloodywasher   3 weeks ago

    Hey I didn't know you did bad tv shows and were homosexual, congratulations!!! :D PRIDE

  • Kevin Shayne
    Kevin Shayne   3 weeks ago

    Awesome show and demonstration of a true modern artist.

  • ARottenMuffin
    ARottenMuffin   1 months ago

    Damn I wasn't feeling the first episode towards the end but I like him more now :/

  • Trinitics
    Trinitics   1 months ago

    Bringing joy to the world. Love it

  • Tyrek Earley
    Tyrek Earley   2 months ago

    For one hour...👨🏾‍🦰➡️👶🏾

  • Cristian Kin
    Cristian Kin   2 months ago

    What an awkward interview. You can clearly see the effort Colbert has to put in other the make the interview relatively interesting.

  • Jason Chambers
    Jason Chambers   2 months ago

    I thought he was Sea-gal not Sea Gull. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Tadeja Umek
    Tadeja Umek   2 months ago

    At first, I thought I saw Harvey from Suits and couldn't understand what was going on with the title! O_o

  • Danscape
    Danscape   2 months ago

    I love how he is fascinated by the smallest special ARG and now he's doing and ARG for us

  • invatafreestyle Street & Freestyle Football by AL

    It's about the Illuminati. and he dresses it Up so Wonderfully enlightening. Don't you see how after 9 years of being away from TV he appears with this fantasy brain washing lalaland story. and he is being promoted on the biggest shows ?? that's the masterminds of AMERICa they put forward a kind face to alure us IN !! CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Natalia Brand
    Natalia Brand   2 months ago

    Oh Jason, please come back to Philadelphia, let’s bump into each other over and over again...

  • TheTiger
    TheTiger   2 months ago

    Everywhere i see Segel i always see Marshall Eriksen. Always and everywhere. This character will stay with him forever

  • serious
    serious   2 months ago

    That show sounds nice😊

  • laura kali
    laura kali   2 months ago

    Freaks and Geeks...miss it so much....

  • Constant Gardener
    Constant Gardener   2 months ago

    If The Twilight Zone and Vanilla Sky had a baby , it would be Dispatches

  • C Silk
    C Silk   2 months ago

    Segel is such a creepy, drunk, un talented piece of trash. My little sister asked him for a selfie right after our father passed and he couldn’t of been more rude. I think he really is just an awful person. Maybe he’s had one ok movie in his shitty career. He’s really not funny at all on top of having a very small penis. Like move on from the Sarah Marshall movie bro

  • Michael Dominick
    Michael Dominick   2 months ago

    I was looking forward to this, and then the producers pushed the TS agenda on us in the first hour and made him the love interest. Done. Enjoy your bad ratings.

  • wolflarson71
    wolflarson71   2 months ago

    I ran into Jason at a restaurant in LA. I was with someone who called his name and he graciously stopped and said hello despite the interruption. Such a nice guy.

  • Redpill ofmatrix
    Redpill ofmatrix   2 months ago

    Worst TV show ever with sick in the head story !!!! worst casting agent !!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Deema
    Deema   2 months ago

    Truly surprised Colbert didn’t list “How I Met Your Mother” as one of Segels works in the beginning considering it was on THE SAME NETWORK AS HIM for 9 seasons!Maybe even CBS wants us to forget about the series finale lol