My First Encounter with Jacksfilms

  • Published on: 18 July 2016
  • Here's a story about how I met Jacksfilms in an elevator while my hand was bleeding. Sorry I didn't shake your hand Jack I hope you understand. Okay this is the last video where I talk about vidcon (until next year)


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  • Runtime : 5:44
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  • Beep Boop Gacha
    Beep Boop Gacha   2 hours ago

    Singapore is the rarest place to find YouTube stars except for some local youtubers

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas   3 hours ago

    He could have just shake his other non-bloody hand to Jack films ya know

  • Hoopa King
    Hoopa King   11 hours ago

    You owe jack everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.everything.

  • REEE kid
    REEE kid   17 hours ago

    Yes i have been in a elevator in a hotell with tons of youtubers and next to me was jack films and i was bleeding and did not Shake his hand and walked out (not really)

  • I'mInABadMood
    I'mInABadMood   22 hours ago

    If I would have met my favourite YTuber and Idol I would have been in a elevator with you, but I live in Germany so that probably is not going to happen.

  • •Poley •
    •Poley •   1 days ago

    A Mind BLOWING FACT: comments are natural funny And NEVER GET DISLIKES!!! :0

  • Me am Beto
    Me am Beto   1 days ago

    Could’ve just sucked the blood from your hand

  • Buds Diaz
    Buds Diaz   1 days ago

    o ya alex clark also wanst to chaleng you to a chesboxing

  • Buds Diaz
    Buds Diaz   1 days ago

    how about like prestone slogoman gwuava juice unspeakable you know

  • k
    k   1 days ago

    Now he has 10M more subs than jack. Sub to jacksfilms. DO IIIT

  • Clinton Richards
    Clinton Richards   1 days ago

    My friend did exactly what you did with the slap bracelet, James!!

  • Danielle S
    Danielle S   1 days ago

    No... I have never met a youtuber

  • Boen Hang
    Boen Hang   1 days ago

    Hello people with “Newest first” filtered on their YouTube feed! pls say hi to me I need to know

  • Chad Pack
    Chad Pack   1 days ago

    Why just why is this weird ok I'm sorry

  • Erica Serrah
    Erica Serrah   1 days ago

    I'm here just cause thats a Twenty One Pilots shirt

  • Oreo Kat
    Oreo Kat   1 days ago


  • adumb guy
    adumb guy   1 days ago

    the band is actually just a ruler

  • DAJ
    DAJ   2 days ago

    Hiiiiiiii Robert

  • Famous Tony
    Famous Tony   2 days ago

    Why does the wrist band look like a dilo-

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo   2 days ago

    It's hilarious that you now have almost 10 million more subs

  • Megan Hall
    Megan Hall   2 days ago

    Wait I just said that I just remembered that umm is did make it to vid con like 3 years ago.......WOOPS

  • Megan Hall
    Megan Hall   2 days ago

    Lol the slap band this thing that James cut his hand with I actually had one and it RIPED like ummmmm a year later on wait 5 years later xDBtw I’m really sad that I couldn’t make it to vid con :( Love your vids keep it up!

  • Fiona Jackson
    Fiona Jackson   2 days ago

    Leave your answers in the comments below I'll pick my favourites in the next episode of yiay