SNEAKiNG into my POOL to SWiM at MiDNiGHT! // did I get caught?!

  • Published on: 28 December 2019
  • I decided to try sneaking into our pool at midnight to swim, did I get caught? SUBSCRIBE HERE:

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  • Runtime : 17:35
  • klailea sneaking out I snuck out to go shopping I snuck out we got caught we caught them swimming at midnight did we get caught sneaking out we swam at midnight swimming without getting caught sneaking out to swim sneaking out to go swimming the Ohana adventure Klailea sneaking out


  • HellA NewSKIS
    HellA NewSKIS   1 hours ago

    Y did you havenโ€™t to beep out what you said

  • Melinda Carlin
    Melinda Carlin   2 hours ago

    Sneak out to Walmart and get a lot food and stuff

  • RoxyGamer20
    RoxyGamer20   8 hours ago

    didn't you say that you won't do this again??

  • Ara Gonzales
    Ara Gonzales   9 hours ago

    Your the best my mom would kill me if i was going to sneak out

  • Naomi Spencer
    Naomi Spencer   13 hours ago

    I hope you hade fun i wont to do that but i dont have a pool we dont have enough space

  • Megan Alanno
    Megan Alanno   14 hours ago

    But just stil frum what knew about of em wuz that shoulda just stil kept tryin n neva eva gave up on em n also been dun whateva n hoped stayed safe n been dun just fine w n it took 2 ve n just cuz n just etc also w .. but also shoulda just stil like went down on in em n stayed down dher stead full whole time , stayed otha one stead but who else on ere agreed n buh just etc also w 2 do k k g u y s ; ) ) . . . .

  • Tara Connors
    Tara Connors   16 hours ago

    I would be grounded for a whole week if I did that

  • Cat Ruka
    Cat Ruka   22 hours ago

    Sneaking into the maul in buying some more fashionable clothes

  • seth lyttle
    seth lyttle   1 days ago


  • Allie meyer
    Allie meyer   1 days ago

    I didnโ€™t toot I promise, that was just my shirt. LOL

  • ThLtH
    ThLtH   1 days ago

    Why is she talking so loud ? I canยดt believe no one heard her.

  • โ€ข Bubbly Lavender โ€ข

    People saying this is how many times : 60% people saying she did during the video 40% me only saying I thought reykle was her mom XD 0%

  • Chloe Hudson
    Chloe Hudson   1 days ago

    "I'm not going to be sneaking out like I normally do" uuummm u sneak out alot

  • Ethan Bond
    Ethan Bond   1 days ago

    It was so loud when you jump in the water

  • S.A _
    S.A _   1 days ago

    Who is scrolling through the comments as they watch I am ๐Ÿ™‚. And where is Rykelโฌ‡๏ธ

  • K25 Sports TV
    K25 Sports TV   1 days ago

    Water:make here get caught by a big splashKlailea:i think that was quite enough And here breath stinks through the camera