New York is building a wall to hold back the ocean

  • Published on: 10 June 2019
  • Climate change is leading to increasingly violent storms. Can seawalls hold back floods?

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    Staten Island recently received funding for a nearly 5-mile-long seawall to protect its coast. But the plan raises a lot of questions. We’re living in a dangerously dynamic world: Hurricanes are getting worse, wildfires are rampant in California, extreme heat is melting roads in India, and sea levels continue to rise. Will a wall really be enough to protect our coastal cities?

    Alissa Walker from Curbed talked to us about how it’s too late to stop the changing climate, but not too late to change how we think about infrastructure.

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  • Vox
    Vox   3 months ago

    This piece was a collaboration with our sister-site, Curbed! Check out the original article here: for more information on how to build a resilient city check out Alissa Walker’s piece Kim

  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy   5 hours ago

    That's so racist building a wall too keep the ocean's out. I kinda like Billy Ocean..

  • Tony Chalmers
    Tony Chalmers   11 hours ago

    Show me where the sea level as changed. it's a lie and there is no Global warming or climate change. There as always been bad weather. Stop building right near the sea. Anyone with brains would tell you this is a very bad idea. And the more damage is the increase of population and more buildings. just move away from the coast.

  • rum and coke32
    rum and coke32   3 days ago

    Building a wall to keep the water is....waterist!

  • Tim J
    Tim J   3 days ago

    I thought walls didn't work 😆

  • snake pliskin2.0
    snake pliskin2.0   5 days ago

    Let the seas reclaim New York and California the US would be a better place

  • qwertyappleshock
    qwertyappleshock   5 days ago

    Hurricanes? Typhoons?FILIPINOS: Hold my San Miguel Beer.. 💪No question, the Filipino's resilience is legendary.. ❤️🇵🇭

  • Francisco Machado
    Francisco Machado   6 days ago

    I came from a island and believe me you don't need a wall you need to move those person's away because if the sea is coming there is nothing a human can build to prevent, yes you can delay but is going to be irrelevant, the planet is here sense thousands of years he have time.

  • Robin Brooke
    Robin Brooke   1 weeks ago

    The only way to make sure your sea defences will definitely work is to get Dutch people to build it

  • Yasin Hasan
    Yasin Hasan   1 weeks ago

    ocean making problems? just bomb the ocean: US style

  • Beau Biker
    Beau Biker   1 weeks ago

    Nature's way of getting rid of liberals.

  • CT & MTA Railfan
    CT & MTA Railfan   1 weeks ago

    0:21 Staten Island is not a small borough. It is one of the largest boroughs in terms of land. Manhattan is the smallest borough in NYC in terms of land, but it is the largest in terms of population density.

  • Sofía
    Sofía   1 weeks ago

    Everyone: how about we work together to try to solve climate change and avoid the end of the worldAmerica: Nah that’ll never work... walls on the other hand

  • Sofía
    Sofía   1 weeks ago

    America will do anything to avoid addressing climate change

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump   1 weeks ago

    I am going to build a great wall of New York's southern border, and I will make Bikini Bottom pay for it.

  • John Spinelli
    John Spinelli   2 weeks ago

    Why dont we just take New York and push it somewhere else?

  • Ankit Sonu
    Ankit Sonu   2 weeks ago

    New York's solution is Similar to Trump's 😂😂

  • livia
    livia   2 weeks ago

    fun fact: when the dutch controlled nyc and was new amsterdam, wall street was an actual wall

  • Tazmanian Devil
    Tazmanian Devil   2 weeks ago

    I worked in Staten Island on the aftermath of hurricane Sandy! I was with the army corps of engineers removing the debris! And my humble opinion is that it could be also considered to do like the way Japan used in there coastline when typhoons hit their land! I can't remember the proper mame of it but i called them cement starts! There are gigantic in size and weight tons! They could be put across the shore line to at least minimise the waves before they impact the shore! Is just a thought!

  • The King
    The King   2 weeks ago

    Building a wall to protect us citizens? Thats racist.

  • Jame Brooke
    Jame Brooke   2 weeks ago


  • Yogshaye Ramhota
    Yogshaye Ramhota   3 weeks ago

    Nothing can defy the force of nature so why build a wall

  • Climate Satyagraha : The Power of Truth

    This is really sad. For every city that can afford to build a wall, there are alteast 10 which can't.But the one which can afford to is the one which is mostly responsible for the sea level rise.Stop this before its too late.

  • Blatio1
    Blatio1   3 weeks ago

    Well NY'rs, per your logic, that makes you racist against the ocean.

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang   4 weeks ago

    And then one day it's gonna not work

  • Dante Hyndman
    Dante Hyndman   4 weeks ago

    “The democrats want open waterways and to let all illegal water inland”

    THEBIGMEOW   1 months ago

    Usa should stop oppressing others countries so God will not punish them with mere water 💦

  • larrabeejl
    larrabeejl   1 months ago

    Climate change 😂😂😂 complaining about houses flooding in a flood prone area where they dont belong then blaming climate change for humans stupidity.

  • Ricky911
    Ricky911   1 months ago

    A seawall?? Is this what's gonna happen to all coastal cities??Seriously, how about we actually start to care about climate change instead?