Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak

  • Published on: 27 March 2020
  • Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of US cases has not yet peaked and the country won't likely be able to return to normal life by April. #CNN #News
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  • Kennedy
    Kennedy   1 hours ago

    download all these videos. Gates, Fauci... all of them will answer for their crimes in the Hague

  • Big Lucky
    Big Lucky   6 hours ago

    Bill Gates is not a doctor 👨‍⚕️ but this country is about if u have money 💰 u can speak on stuff u really doesn’t know about ‼️

  • Vertias Anonymous
    Vertias Anonymous   11 hours ago

    I am suggesting public Hanging for Gates and everyone who is associated directly or indirectly to this scum Bill Gates

  • Dawn Sylvester
    Dawn Sylvester   23 hours ago

    We're back to work in factories people swimming in pools people rioting people pick it in and they're all together and I don't hear a rise of Coronavirus what's up

  • Romeo Urbano
    Romeo Urbano   23 hours ago

    Or else he wants to minus the peopleGodbless bill gates

  • Romeo Urbano
    Romeo Urbano   23 hours ago

    Business mentalityWhats next ?micro chip?Then what?Maybe he want to replace GOD he want to be God.

  • Wiko Lenny3
    Wiko Lenny3   1 days ago

    This eagly nerd play smart ass to makebbilive people he is sot of specialist he is noe even doctor he made patent for covid 19 and caccine in moderna 2017 continue make idiot pis of shit

  • Michele Moline
    Michele Moline   1 days ago

    And we are listening to a person who is not a doctor.. why? While he speaks about this with a smirk on his face & he has a stake in the vaccine. A vaccine that was here before the corona virus was.. BEFORE. He is not to be trusted

  • Luba Alviano
    Luba Alviano   1 days ago

    He is criminal, I am ICU RN and no one got sick from staff, but they ask us to test, why?To find caring virus to ask vaccine then. 80 % may have corono virus from vaccination before, but they not sick. This criminal person want depopulate earth for his femalie and friends rich people.

  • Andrea Maravi
    Andrea Maravi   1 days ago


  • The beauty
    The beauty   1 days ago

    Bill gates now like " I TOLD YOU SO " lmaooo

  • Raul Lozano
    Raul Lozano   1 days ago

    Malparidos corruptos hijos de la gran puta, se dejan comprar por unas migajas que les dan. Valorensen, no son muy diferentes a una prostituta.

  • MedG Absent
    MedG Absent   1 days ago

    this is freemasi.c servent for Ne.w worl.d check this scandal of bil. also check her other videos, it craaaazy.

  • Parth More
    Parth More   1 days ago

    He’s working on injections with microchips to monitor population

  • Morag Molony
    Morag Molony   2 days ago

    The white haired commentator isn’t to be taken seriously like Gates , Podesta of 🍕 pizza gate has a picture of him hanging on his wall along with pic of tortured children. The world know you all

  • Margo Thatcher
    Margo Thatcher   2 days ago

    Gates talks such crap he is on CNN what can one expect. This is dying out it will go as quickly as it came. China would know they dropped it onThe world but made sure most towns in China never got it this was their idea. They are terrorists.

  • gnawh
    gnawh   2 days ago

    Plandemic will end if everyone is controlled by his drugs and chips

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith   3 days ago

    What qualifies Bill Gates as a public health expert?

  • victoria smith
    victoria smith   3 days ago

    (@ min 8:21) there is some confusion. Perhaps the term The R number, is helpful to know...“The R number. The reproduction number is a way of rating a disease’s ability to spread. It’s the number of people that one infectedperson will pass the virus on to on average.” —Coronavirus: What is the R number and how it is calculated. By James Gallagher, health and science correspondent BBC world news app 18/5/20

  • IL Duce Fauci
    IL Duce Fauci   3 days ago

    Funny how Bill Gates wants forced mass vaccinations, but makes a computer program vulnerable to viruses.

  • SokemRokemRobot
    SokemRokemRobot   3 days ago

    So says the college dropout that has no PhDs in medicine. No thanks, B. Gates.

  • a P.r
    a P.r   4 days ago

    Bill Gates a favor de la eugenesia y es un iluminatis plan kalergi soros etc

  • Diana Cervantes
    Diana Cervantes   4 days ago

    Donald Trump said the free vaccines donated by the WHO were the biggest scam in history. It will be on covd19, it has not come on planes or boats from China, but on vaccines, and they are already in the body of the 65-year-old elders who were forced to be vaccinated, and would be in a maturing process, possibly not all vaccinated die because the contagion would come in a minimum percentage so that people do not suspect the biological weapon and genocide.BIOLOGICAL WEAPON ASSOCIATED WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONIn January and February 2018, in Peru, doctors and nurses forced the elderly aged 65 and older with threats not to be vaccinated, they would lose the right to receive the pension bonus 65. Ayatollah Khamenei denounced that the WHO would have allowed the vaccines infected with covid19, likewise Donald Trump withdrew financial support for the WHO while investigating the role the international organization plays in the current coronavirus crisis. Presidents have information through the intelligence of their countries, this political action by Trump cannot be simply crazy, and Bill Gates has become an ally of the WHO, a character who seeks to reduce the world's population. In our deduction, these heavy metals from the free vaccines in the victims' bodies are heated by wireless electricity from electromagnetic frequencies when 5G phones are activated, generating symptoms of suffocation, cough, fever, people suddenly fall with seizures that They are the same symptoms caused by severe cerebral hypoxia from 5G electromagnetism. So the coronavirus (covid19) is the sum of the vaccines (as a biological weapon) and 5G as an electromagnetic weapon.WHY DO THEY IMPOSE 5G ON US?5G will be for military use for espionage and legal and political persecutions, it will serve as an instrument to violate the privacy of anti-system political leaders, also every citizen will not enjoy their privacy because supermarkets will be constantly spying to know what they consume and this form will offer the need of each citizen.If 5G technology passes the permissible limits of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, it must suspend and sanction the Company. Furthermore, the Environment Prosecutor's Office must investigate electromagnetic wave contamination

  • Reamann MacBiatiagh
    Reamann MacBiatiagh   4 days ago

    We are not intrested in you, your money, your viruses, or your vaccines how you can show your face in public shows how obsessed you are. You and you Rockerfeller population reduction obcessed freinds should buy and island,, your Pedophille friend Epistein's should be up for sale soon as the dead don't need islands.

  • All Citi Investments

    We know u patented the virus bill gates someone needs to smack that smirk off ur FACE u should be locked up or DEAD for the shit u causing.

  • aibansharai lyngdoh
    aibansharai lyngdoh   4 days ago

    Bill gates has the antidote yet to be released.the death statistics go high. That makes me more livid.Just keep smiling when the number is going high. Sinister

  • Woxineau Crows
    Woxineau Crows   4 days ago

    Hey Bill would you take the meds if it hit your family oh nm your in a bunker laughing at the world playing WOW no doubt lol~

  • road runner
    road runner   5 days ago

    Shame on this evil idiot man name bill gates and shame on the media that believe and listen this corrupt evil person, i personally don't believe on this coronavirus, by fact this corrupt is going to monopoly the medice industry in all the world by selling his vaccine in most of the corrupts countries,including USA...he's heading to that point with the lie of coronavirus and he already working on the next virus so people wake up and face off this evil man by passing the real truth.

  • BILL F
    BILL F   5 days ago

    Why would anyone care what this unqualified person has to say about the coronavirus?