WHAT THE GOLF? - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 23 August 2019
  • WHAT THE GOLF? is a silly physics-based golf parody where every golf course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others so absurd they will make you go: WHAT THE GOLF? Golf a house, a horse or car!

    WHAT THE GOLF? releases winter 2019 https://bit.ly/33O7CvJ

    #WHATTHEGOLF #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo

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  • Runtime : 37
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  • Llorens
    Llorens   1 months ago

    2020 and no signs of releasing

  • Mister thief
    Mister thief   1 months ago

    WHAT THE GOLF!!! It isn’t out yet and it’s almost 2020. If it needs more time it’d better be worth it

  • Randomgamer666
    Randomgamer666   1 months ago

    It’s the last day of the year and I’m a little sad it’s not out yet! I was looking forward to it

  • Carrot Fly
    Carrot Fly   1 months ago

    it's the end of the year, and still no sign of what the golf on the switch

  • Alex Noll
    Alex Noll   2 months ago

    Who is it!???? Soon is 2019 end

  • A.J. Dipoetra
    A.J. Dipoetra   2 months ago

    "Coming 2019" It's December 10th and I'm really excited! (If they don't meet their deadline I'm gonna be pissed.)

  • Mj Fame
    Mj Fame   2 months ago

    Nooooo I want s new Mario Golf title CAMELOT. 1,2,3 FOOOOOOOORE!

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato   3 months ago

    I already have this game. Just came back to listen to the awesome music.

  • Brian Vaira
    Brian Vaira   3 months ago

    Does this have a release date for switch yet?

  • Lolo Andreea
    Lolo Andreea   3 months ago

    Kamron: when you done waht you go make the game

  • dong ding
    dong ding   4 months ago

    Should I preorder this or Death stranding? Help!

  • nehkoo
    nehkoo   5 months ago

    This game reminds me of windowsill, a really old flash game. love it, def gonna get it

  • tdvr
    tdvr   5 months ago

    Trump will get that for sure :p

  • Spaceboi Scapahandre
    Spaceboi Scapahandre   6 months ago

    It's so nice to see games that Epic has turned into EGS exclusives coming to Nintendo. Screw you Tim Sweeney.

  • gamexpert1990
    gamexpert1990   6 months ago

    The game is called "What the golf?"The sport is named golf because all the other four-letter words were already taken.:-p

  • mrmcclear
    mrmcclear   6 months ago

    Unless Nintendo comes out with a new Mario Kart soon... I will be switching to the PS5 when it releases.

  • FuzzyPineapple
    FuzzyPineapple   6 months ago

    0:04, When I wake up on the first day of school after Summers over

  • ACTruitt
    ACTruitt   6 months ago

    Can we get a Mario golf game again Nintendo? Pls

  • Buster5ive
    Buster5ive   6 months ago

    Nintendo when are we going to get Mario Golf? Maybe you can add a Putt Putt Golf mode in it.

  • Euryalus
    Euryalus   6 months ago

    https://discord.gg/triband here's the discord server!

  • Bluega
    Bluega   6 months ago

    YeseseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesIt’s finally here!

  • Chuck
    Chuck   6 months ago

    Me when i see smash bros ultimate coming out in 10 years 0:32

  • MIG3341
    MIG3341   6 months ago

    0:07 so balls hate cats...THIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS