• Published on: 11 December 2018
  • We babysat Elle from the ACE Family and found out which one of us she thought was the better babysitter...

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  • Runtime : 20:24
  • Dolan Twins Ace Family Elle Ethan Grayson Babysitting Dolan Twins Who's the better babysitter


  • Rachel Elthea
    Rachel Elthea   10 hours ago

    “No you didn’t”“No he didn’t”“No you didn’t”“No he didn’t”“You did..”“I know I did.”THIS PART WAS SO CUTE😫❤️

  • jon roman
    jon roman   11 hours ago

    This is the first vid I’ve seen gray without brown or highlights in his hair

  • Peachy _ Jimin
    Peachy _ Jimin   4 days ago

    No way I’m watching this on December 11 2019 and it was posted on December 11 2018! 💕

  • Nelody k
    Nelody k   4 days ago

    As soon as he rolled the cookie doe into gigantic balls I knew it was gonna go downhill from there...

  • _zoeee
    _zoeee   1 weeks ago

    5:23 when grayson's heart melted, my heart melted😢

  • Metallic Lover
    Metallic Lover   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else think that Ellie is ADICTED to slime

  • Marlena Little
    Marlena Little   1 weeks ago

    When I saw this I thought of Sam and cat, when they competed to see who was the better babysitter

  • Sammywammydoda13
    Sammywammydoda13   2 weeks ago

    I’m a babysitter so I just play hide and seek and watch movies with the kids and I always bring presents, I get $20 an hour

  • marthagmorales77
    marthagmorales77   2 weeks ago

    In this video it is more like Grayson babysitting Ethan and Elle

  • Tahsin Shakur
    Tahsin Shakur   2 weeks ago

    I wish I was Elle Then I could be able to time spend with them Why me ??????😭😭😭

  • Bryana U.
    Bryana U.   2 weeks ago

    The fact that Grayson is so good with children makes me smile :’)

  • Mercedes Hernandez
    Mercedes Hernandez   2 weeks ago

    When you don’t know your babysitters are the hottest dudes ever

  • Swasthya Samadhi
    Swasthya Samadhi   2 weeks ago

    No need to compete sweet dads😂😂😂😂😂 you both will be unique great parents.

  • Margie Ortiz
    Margie Ortiz   2 weeks ago

    Look what I made! Do you know what it is? MAMA 😂😂so funny and cute!!

  • Margie Ortiz
    Margie Ortiz   2 weeks ago

    Woh dosent that feel cool? Yeahhhhhhhhh....she is the cutest thing ever

  • Gia 456
    Gia 456   2 weeks ago

    when Elle grows up and watches the videos with the Dolan twins in it she is going to be like, Elle: DAMNNNNNN I HAD SOME HOT BABYSITTERS

  • Bella 6337
    Bella 6337   3 weeks ago

    15:51 Gray had to tell Elle to chew... Otherwise... 🙀