• Published on: 11 December 2018
  • We babysat Elle from the ACE Family and found out which one of us she thought was the better babysitter...

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  • Runtime : 20:24
  • Dolan Twins Ace Family Elle Ethan Grayson Babysitting Dolan Twins Who's the better babysitter


  • Txna S.I
    Txna S.I   1 days ago

    Elle:Ethan and Grayson: ........yEaH

  • SlytherinLife
    SlytherinLife   1 days ago

    wtf i want the dolan twins to baby sit me too

  • SlytherinLife
    SlytherinLife   1 days ago

    no one:literally no one:the comment section:gRayson iS gOnnA bE sUch a gOOd dAd

  • Jazmyn Harris
    Jazmyn Harris   3 days ago

    This video was a cuteness overload! Both of them with kids melts my heart, Ethan would be such a fun dad <3

  • WaRy Or
    WaRy Or   3 days ago

    17:49 I thought that she was a dog 🐶 😂

    IVA ANTONIJEVIC   4 days ago

    This video should be "Grayson being daddy matirial for 15 minutes straight" lol

  • Armani Johnson
    Armani Johnson   6 days ago

    I love how when they don’t understand her they say yeah that be cracking me up

  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer   6 days ago

    Elle is just too darn cute! I think Ethan and Grayson both would make good dads just their styles would differ a bit. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • iielsxvia a
    iielsxvia a   1 weeks ago

    Omg do another vid and hire the nanny’s agian and do a prank!!

  • Aiech gio
    Aiech gio   1 weeks ago

    Elle: puts cookie in her mouth Grayson: starts to panic CHEW

  • Phoebe Lou
    Phoebe Lou   1 weeks ago

    Grayson would make the most amazing dad and Ethan is the coolest uncle 😎

  • Kimberley Goodall
    Kimberley Goodall   1 weeks ago

    I love how Gray turns up with a Gucci bag of toys, arts and crafts and cookie ingredients. He is completely prepared. It is freaking adorable!

  • Kimberley Goodall
    Kimberley Goodall   1 weeks ago

    OMG he is so cute with her... I didn't even need to say a name, ya'll know the score

  • Lakisha Moore
    Lakisha Moore   1 weeks ago

    This was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 🥰😍

  • Raccoon God
    Raccoon God   1 weeks ago


  • louisa escoton
    louisa escoton   1 weeks ago

    Ethan exudes uncle who brings his nieces and nephews to McDonald’s at 11pm on a school night just because energy

  • Maryam Bts
    Maryam Bts   1 weeks ago

    Seeing them with kids is the cutest thing ever!!!

  • lara x3
    lara x3   1 weeks ago

    17:39 i want that hug :3

  • Vivian Segura
    Vivian Segura   1 weeks ago

    When Grayson said 15:15 "You want to see it though" I thought he said "You want a Sillita (chair in spanish)" 🤣🤣 Love the video!😍👌

  • Kelly N
    Kelly N   2 weeks ago

    Grayson would be the best DadEthan would be the best Brother

  • Belle
    Belle   2 weeks ago

    I think i am in love with Grayson.

  • Karen Kinder
    Karen Kinder   2 weeks ago

    Hoping they’re doing vids in 10 years so we can actually see what they’re like as dads

  • Nilima S
    Nilima S   2 weeks ago

    Other people: cookieElle: chi chi

  • Chhuanawmi
    Chhuanawmi   2 weeks ago

    18:24 Grayson: honestly this is like the most fun video we’ve ever filmedEthan: Are you s..ure!!?Grayson clearly loves kids

  • Brina Williams
    Brina Williams   2 weeks ago

    Watching Ethan put the cookies in the oven was so visually pleasing and for no reason