YouTube's Celebrity Invasion

  • Published on: 23 February 2019
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    Episode Breakdown!
    - YouTube Origins (01:09)
    - Late Night Channels (03:15)
    - Will Smith & The Rock (05:08)
    - YouTube Rewind (06:03)
    - Jablinski Games (08:21)

    YouTube is being invaded! That's right. First it was Viners and now the platform is being celebrities!
    Between Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, and most recently, Jack Black, the number of big time Hollywood stars coming over to YouTube is only increasing. And in today's video, we're gonna take a look at where this invasion came from!
    So what's Jable-in' Jables!? IT'S A BRIEF HISTORY!

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  • Runtime : 11:54
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  • FootofaFerret
    FootofaFerret   1 years ago

    WHAT'S JABLE-IN' JABLES? Hope you like the new video! Here's a breakdown of everything we talk about:YouTube Origins (01:09) Late Night Channels (03:15) Will Smith & The Rock (05:08) YouTube Rewind (06:03) Jablinski Games (08:21)

  • Nintender Tapes
    Nintender Tapes   5 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon has the most punchable face in human history

  • absurdpizza 7818
    absurdpizza 7818   5 days ago

    I like that celebrities is on youtube, youtubers don't own the platform.

  • John homes
    John homes   2 weeks ago

    I didn't watch him on TV I'm not going to watch him on YouTube I find the fake laughter in the background is not appealing they can say the most stupidest thing and you'll get a lot of laughs they can say it intelligent thing they'll get a laugh because they're not real

  • John homes
    John homes   2 weeks ago

    Welcome to the Communist Party they do the same thing in China only if they don't like what you're saying you disappear

  • Tell Me Something
    Tell Me Something   1 months ago

    Does anyone watch Seth Meyers? Yes. His monologues are far better than the two. Conan O'Brien is his only competition in that regard.

  • Caitlyn King
    Caitlyn King   1 months ago


  • Tariq Whiting
    Tariq Whiting   1 months ago

    Hey u guys still cooking and eating children or ur just fucking them now

  • Mr Cupender
    Mr Cupender   3 months ago

    What made YouTube great this year - corporate money

  • Noah Bethapudi
    Noah Bethapudi   3 months ago

    I hate no idea Rainn Wilson was behind Soul Pancake

  • lul lmao
    lul lmao   3 months ago

    I never understood the hate towards Justin Bieber. He makes crappy music, he didnt rape a kid

  • Super Saiyan Dope Bitch

    2017: Vine invasion 2018: Demonization invasion 2019: Celebrity invasion2020: COPPA invasion

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real   4 months ago

    Bruh! YouTube is not a competition. If you feel that celebrities are invading, work on your feelings. YouTube is for everyone

  • Boreworm Boreworm
    Boreworm Boreworm   4 months ago


  • Teya Lynn
    Teya Lynn   5 months ago

    Yeah but we love John Oliver lol

  • Deandra
    Deandra   5 months ago

    They are SOOOO money hungry damn, yt community can’t do nothing without every celebrity just wanting money on here

  • Promise You
    Promise You   5 months ago

    There is a level of fakeness to very youtube celebrity channel I feel terrible because we escape cable tv to be relatable creators and now celebs are slowly taking over it like I see you enough why are you here

  • Uvi91
    Uvi91   5 months ago

    Copy and Paste if you wish.I only check out celebrities talking about their real life and having fun with fans. Fake people boring me to death like they do on Television and Streaming, I click the "I"m Not Interested Option." This is not the E! Channel.

  • Rosemary Harlan
    Rosemary Harlan   6 months ago

    I like Jack black and Will Smith 🤷🏽‍♀️ I also throw coryxkenshin and Welyn in there, the platform is so huge and growing, isn't that the same sort of judgement if you say you like the big YouTubersthen people start to brag about how they only watch unestablished YouTubers who have relatively small followings? People need to chill

  • veg4life
    veg4life   7 months ago

    No point me saying celebrities stay off youtube , but honestly because celebrities are already rich & famous , all celebrities should be automatically demonetized no questions asked simple , let the common person the small youtuber the poor person earn just a tiny bit , these celebrities are so greedy with so much wealth it's still not enough , they gotta steal views & money from small youtubers , gets me so angry , some celebrities are so rich if they lost $10 million in one single night , it still won't reduce 1% fromm their savings & most greedy celebrities blow millions on junk but never give charity , that hurts me most , when they dont help the homeless or people struggling with poverty or no food etc , im broke but it's fine don't give me a single penny but atleast help those in need people dying in winter from pneumonia starvation etc help them

  • FerretsForever94
    FerretsForever94   7 months ago

    Jack Black understood the purpose of youtube as a fun platform. Telling dumb stories, playing games, making jokes, etc. AKA dumb relatable content. A platform for fun, not for money. I think for some youtubers and the fact they do it as a career now, hinders them a bit in this process because it becomes about making the profit, which don't get me wrong, is entirely valid. They're still choosing to do something they love and bring happiness to others on a relatively small scale, but they can feel larger than life sometimes because of it.

  • Supreme Tez VLOGS
    Supreme Tez VLOGS   7 months ago

    So discouraging to see a celebrity make a youtube page and get 1million subs in a week.. and I been tryna get 10k subs for a year and a half😢☹️ celebrities and their failing careers are turning to youtube for income... which makes youtube show favoritism and push celebrities and network videos to suggested... meanwhile I be happy to get 2 subscribers a month.. ikr .. sad af.. not their fault but it does discourage creators when you see celebrities grow so fast and we gotta do all type of crazy videos to grow fast

  • Disney Vision
    Disney Vision   8 months ago

    What’s with the Dear Evan Hansen reference?

  • Ginger Sky
    Ginger Sky   8 months ago

    If jablinkski is not on YouTube rewind I give up 😡😡😡

  • Retro
    Retro   9 months ago

    They have tv and movies, why tf do they have to invade our platforms

  • GuywithHeadphone
    GuywithHeadphone   9 months ago

    dammm its true tho.. Big companies coming in is cool!! but at the same time its kinda scary..

  • Mr. MoTee
    Mr. MoTee   9 months ago

    Jack black is the new competition of ninja and pewdipie. It was never t-series

  • fyukfy
    fyukfy   9 months ago

    I hate this gate keeping. Talk shows are on trending because a lot of people watch them. Just because they didn't start out in their basement with a shitty mic doesn't mean they don't "deserve" to be on YouTube. Just don't watch them, why do you care so much?

  • Half eaten bar of soap
    Half eaten bar of soap   10 months ago

    Yeah this shit is kinda spammed for new people that joined youtube like right off the bat to

  • Black Heart
    Black Heart   10 months ago

    Jack black is too corny and white for me. Still waiting for flavor flav to make a channel thats real content.

  • Warisony
    Warisony   10 months ago

    now jack black and pewds collab

  • Midstar
    Midstar   10 months ago

    Yo I want danny devito yt channel