Strict Rules Celebrities Make Their Kids Follow

  • Published on: 29 November 2019
  • 10 Rules Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and Other Celebs Make Their Kids Follow.

    Growing up with famous parents has some definite benefits, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some strict rules these famous children have to follow. Jennifer Garner admits that she finds herself saying “no” a lot, and her children have even compared her to a dragon! Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are all about maintaining a sense of normalcy in their household, no matter how popular they get. Drew Barrymore had a difficult childhood herself so she’s determined to be tough but fair with her own daughters. . . unless they want to get into show business! Jennifer Lopez might spoil her twins but not when it comes to technology. Kylie Jenner has a makeup empire but she’s a lot more cautious when it comes to Stormi Webster using the stuff. Megan Fox is another mom who’s made it her mission to limit technology, and it’s getting tougher to do! Courtney Cox admits she can be a bit of a stage mom sometimes, and Cardi B has a firm stance on sleepovers for her daughter Kulture. Just because these children go to school in designer duds doesn’t mean they don’t have to stay in line.

    What do you think about the various regulations these celebrity kids have to follow? Do you think they’re way too exacting or are they appropriate boundaries? Make sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to The Talko for more new videos.

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  • Ms. Wilson
    Ms. Wilson   2 weeks ago

    I'm so sick of them letting boys wear dresses. It's making them confused.

  • Ms. Wilson
    Ms. Wilson   2 weeks ago

    It's humbling to ban Xmas presents. LOVE it

  • April Joy Joy
    April Joy Joy   2 weeks ago

    4:47 Three Sons? Arent they girls? Or are they boys

  • Sleepyhead _11
    Sleepyhead _11   3 weeks ago

    Meghan fox is such a good mom tho like I love how she lets her boys grow out their hair and even let one of them wear dresses!without even giving a crap about what other people think! Now that’s one amazing mom🥺❤️

  • Potato Gurl
    Potato Gurl   3 weeks ago

    8:47 bro that’s the show what would you do...

  • Helen Pierce-Lamoureux

    What are they doing with the ridiculous NAMES?!! Culture, Journey, self absorbed in need to be so...'special'!

  • Chloe Roberts
    Chloe Roberts   1 months ago

    I haven't gotten any Christmas presents in years.

  • Amina Ahmed
    Amina Ahmed   1 months ago

    I allowed sleep overs for my kids but only with people we knew it's fun to hear your kids have fun giggling laughing just having some good old fashion fun

  • Puja Kishore
    Puja Kishore   1 months ago

    No one is dreaming of that things at all, showing off your money can invite gunman

  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy Mifsud   1 months ago

    5:30 I’m also worried about that because kids in my school they had such a video when they were like 10 years old and I’m 12 and I still don’t have social media

  • Christine 16
    Christine 16   1 months ago

    At 5:35 both of Megan Fox's sons are dressed like girls, wearing dresses, etc. Hmmmm. Being transexual isn't really that common, so why does it seem to be so prevalent among celeb kids?!? At least 2 out of her 3 sons (if not all 3, idk) are regularly dressing like girls. What are the odds of that? I get not wanting to make ur kid feel bad for who they say they feel are, but it seems like celeb moms may be encouraging it beyond that... like maybe planting that seed in their head to begin with! The 1st time your son picks out a dress it is ok to ask why they want to wear a dress & to say something like, "that is a pretty dress son. Girls usually wear dresses though", etc. And after figuring out why he wants to wear the dress, letting him know that other kids might tease him, and otherwise prepare him for issues that may arise from him wearing frilly dresses & what not. It's our job as parents to guide & prepare our kids for life, and that includes being honest with them & not just automatically goin along with something that will likely impact their whole damn life. Screw being pc, your child's fragile mind & self esteem is much more important. She's so worried about how using a tablet or other tech in school may affect their brain development... apparently though, letting them dress like females is just no biggie & won't have any effect on their development. Admittedly, Idk what kinda convos were had before she started buying dresses for her sons, but I'd quickly bet $$$ that she gave no kinda resistance whatsoever... and probably even praised & encouraged it immediately. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if she even suggested it to begin with... maybe subtly, by just pointing out how cute the dresses are & saying how it's cool for boys to wear dresses if they want & stuff like that.

  • Christine 16
    Christine 16   1 months ago

    Damn, JLo is sooo gorgeous. @ 1.01 she literally looks less than half her age! She could pass for being in her early 20s easily... meanwhile she's like 50. Insane. I wish i had millions like her so I could be lookin half my age. As long as they use their money on good skin creams & treatments they can basically make time stand still appearance wise. It's only when they start getting surgeries & spending on things like those cheek procedures that give them the chipmunk face that they mess up & start looking strange & older. Kylie Jenner already had chipmunk face barely outta her teens. She's gotten so much surgery she literally looks like a whole different person. It blows my mind that people buy her cosmetics to try to look like her, since A- she looks like shit really & B- the only way to look like her is to get plastic surgery... and a LOT of it!!! No amount of Kylie's "lip kits" are gonna give you "her" lips. Only fillers and/or surgery will. Damn... I ranted & rambled to a whole other topic. Whoops lol That's my que to shut up! 😀 rant over now

  • Christine 16
    Christine 16   1 months ago

    @ .07 seconds into the vid... Why is her kid dressed like a pimp?!?!

  • Ashley Markham
    Ashley Markham   1 months ago

    no sleepovers im alowd to have sleepovers but noone ever invits my

  • Toxic Spleen
    Toxic Spleen   2 months ago

    I thought Eva Mendes was Sophia Vagara.

  • Mercy
    Mercy   2 months ago

    okay but you cant beat the ARAB MOMS RULES LOL

  • ashna kohli
    ashna kohli   2 months ago

    Indian parents : THIS IS CALLED BEING STRICT😂. I’m going to be 18 and I’m still not allowed for sleepovers !!☹️

  • Ice Sparrow
    Ice Sparrow   2 months ago

    She may not lack in the fun department but she sure will in the social department which is more important

  • Mr Taverrs
    Mr Taverrs   2 months ago

    Wow, I thought those were GIRLS when they showed Megan Fox's kids...

  • nargis ahmad shah
    nargis ahmad shah   2 months ago


  • Stephanie Rodriguez
    Stephanie Rodriguez   2 months ago

    Yooo I COMPLETELY IDENTIFY with Mila !!! I say the saaaaame EXACT THING !!! I have never taken my son to see santa firstly, because he was created by Coca-Cola. Secondly, because it's hard to wrap my head around sitting my son in a random old man's lap. Just saying.

  • funa sims
    funa sims   2 months ago

    Megan says her boy is a budding fashion designer, should we tell her?

  • Some Oneexd
    Some Oneexd   2 months ago

    These aren't even strict rules 🤦‍♀️

  • gladys butler
    gladys butler   2 months ago

    the technology thing, we are growing up in a society that is surrounded by technology and it is only getting more advance. so i think the technology rule is pretty ignorant

  • •地元の悪魔•
    •地元の悪魔•   2 months ago


  • Hanako Akamoto
    Hanako Akamoto   2 months ago

    Well, microwaves could be dangerous for children, but only if they remove stafety, turn it on with open door and stick head inside....

  • Hannah Rhodes
    Hannah Rhodes   2 months ago

    My parents never had to implement the no sleepover rule. Nobody ever asked me to sleepover 🤣

  • Vanessa Rickford
    Vanessa Rickford   2 months ago

    1. That's great tho 💪strong woman. 2. She looks pretty tho. 3. What?! Oh damn. 4. Well okay... it's a bit extreme tho. Yassss Kelso and i forgot her characters name5. Wow...6. I can't live with her noooo! But she is better and vigilant7. Oh yeah teens tho.8. Oh okay that's great tho. The Industry is so evil. 9. That is so my mom 🤧🤧🤧10. 😅😅😅 so me as a kid

  • Sydnee V
    Sydnee V   2 months ago

    When are the kardashians finally going to diss off the talko