What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

  • Published on: 22 July 2018
  • Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!

    This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.

    Sources and further reading

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  • Runtime : 6:3
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  • Sirius.Sound
    Sirius.Sound   8 minuts ago

    Humans destroy shit for no reason and we don’t deserve to live on this beautiful place

  • Oriond34 Mega
    Oriond34 Mega   5 hours ago

    You can pay these dudes to kill your bird that’s pretty epic if I say so myself

  • Spot ly
    Spot ly   8 hours ago

    What If The Marianas Trench Detonated a Nuclear Bomb to HUMANS? ( Science Not Fantasy) I THINK THIS IS THE BETTER TITLE!

  • Castiel Martin
    Castiel Martin   9 hours ago

    When he says bad time sans: do you wanna have a bad time?

  • patyczak mania pl
    patyczak mania pl   11 hours ago

    THE explosion would make big temperatures so the water would evaporate very fast

  • Daniel Ramírez
    Daniel Ramírez   22 hours ago

    What if we put a bomb in the mantel, will it still be the same? I mean there's a lot of heat there, and what if the steam, vapor, etc. I'd stoped for example by a huge corche what will happen then, I mean its impossible for earth to brake the law of conservation of mass but what will happen?

  • Just Trash
    Just Trash   22 hours ago

    Why do we have bombs that devastating??? Am I dumb lol I can't wrap my head around it.

  • Soviet YunYun
    Soviet YunYun   22 hours ago

    Why would there be Sharknado and Godzilla?XD I mean I'm like Upset about that, I'm just happy because you added themXD

  • Ockly Rajab
    Ockly Rajab   1 days ago

    Congratulations you just created Godzilla

  • 200 subs tiger tank
    200 subs tiger tank   1 days ago

    The real question is why would anyone detonate a nuke in the deepest hole on the planet did someone in the office loose a bet?

  • janu ares
    janu ares   1 days ago

    Y que pasaría si detonasemos otra bomba en China?? Se acabaron las pandemias

  • Eclipse Space
    Eclipse Space   1 days ago

    What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)???Well the answer is godzilla will come to eat the nuke

  • James England
    James England   1 days ago

    Check out the magnitude of nuclear bombs versus earthquakes or hurricanes. No comparison. Nukes are puny by comparison

  • Nic Bellew
    Nic Bellew   1 days ago

    I wonder if this is a response to the video RIDDLE made a couple years ago. They always over exaggerate their videos.

  • Luis Zuniga
    Luis Zuniga   1 days ago

    You guys come up with the most stupid and irrelevant ideas.

  • Legendary Majd
    Legendary Majd   2 days ago

    3:27 at the top oh hey it’s the lich from adventure time

  • Subodh D.
    Subodh D.   2 days ago

    What if the alien ship in Independence day 2 did land on earth? Since it adds mass to earth will it change earth gravitational force n orbit.

  • Mystic-007
    Mystic-007   2 days ago

    Can you guys make an episode about how deepSea Fish survive in the Mariana Trench?

  • Lucas Perez
    Lucas Perez   2 days ago

    Actually a bomb affects sea life killing species plus contaminates the planet plus other side effects. A bomb is not harmless. 👍

  • Ruben Mamblona
    Ruben Mamblona   2 days ago

    Another super stupid idea made in USA ! Maybe they didn't destroy the planet enought ? WTF

  • Sir Human
    Sir Human   2 days ago

    How about every nuclear warhead detonated in the Mariana Trench?

  • ItsEltonYT
    ItsEltonYT   2 days ago

    People In New England:why you gotta scare us like that?:

  • Christos Nikolis
    Christos Nikolis   3 days ago

    @Kurgesagt - In a nutshell "Pretty much nothing"? All other forces of nature, as you mention in 5:01, do NOT have the power to change the DNA of affected organisms in such a massive way, and cause Teratogeneseis. A LOT of animal life would suffer, the rare Marianna's Trench Ecosystem would be more than surely affected. This is a very VERY well made video guys, and hats off - but I think you need to reconsider your "Pretty Much Nothing" words.PS: Cancer caused by human-made disasters is hard to trace and quantify, because it might slowly happen over the years. The human-made causes seem like "Pretty Much Nothing" nothing too - until they are. I don't know. One year from now, it's highly possible that all your viewers remember just that "Pretty Much Nothing" punchline from this video. You could have said: "Highly damaging to the area, but very little damage to Earth as a whole - if it's ONE test". Just honest feedback - Overall you are not "Pretty Much Wrong" <--- if you see what I mean.What stayed within the minds of the readers, with my last sentence? That you are "Pretty Much Wrong", although did I really say that? (;

  • Ben Peirce
    Ben Peirce   3 days ago

    What you failed to mention was the deep ocean river streams. Even a small Nuclear Bomb could so disrupt the currents like the Gulf stream. We could be thrown into a ice age in a days time. Massive storms like the world has never seen.

  • Ben Selander
    Ben Selander   3 days ago

    I'm glad to know that the world is safe from Dr Evil's next evil plan

  • Mateus Meurer
    Mateus Meurer   3 days ago

    "The strongest forces humanity can unleash are laughtable compared to the forces of nature"So I have to stop using plastic straws and change it to that horrible paper monstruosity beacause of the climate catastrophe, interesting...

  • Callum Edwards
    Callum Edwards   3 days ago

    Human: (nukes trench)People by the coast: i thoght i heard somethingHuman: thats odd

  • Moon Evergreen
    Moon Evergreen   3 days ago

    Hope no human ever gets down there or that would be it with the preserved wildlife

  • Mr yeet
    Mr yeet   4 days ago

    My friend says that if you detonate the Tsar Bomba at the core of the earth, assuming the bomb itself was indestructible until it blew up, the earth would split in half. Can you tell him NO, because I can't seem to convince him