5 "Impossible" Things That Can Happen On Other Planets

  • Published on: 03 March 2017
  • A lot of things happen on Earth, but there are still some things that just don't ever happen here. But, that doesn't mean that what's impossible here is impossible everywhere else in the universe. Whether it's clouds that rain rocks or glass, wind that's 29 times faster than sound, having 2 shadows or even being able to fly in some places, this is a collection of some of the most ridiculous places that we know of so far in our strange universe.

    This video was done in a collaboration with Second Thought, and you can check out his video here!

    If you're curious about flying on Titan and the research into that, I've attached a paper written by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester dated October 22nd 2013 which goes into a lot more detail than I could afford. Here it is; https://physics.le.ac.uk/journals/index.php/pst/article/view/625/420

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  • Hermes Yen
    Hermes Yen   1 hours ago

    How to get to Titan.Step 1 : Let oil companies know about Titan's gas raining.Step 2 : Wait for them to figure out the HOW's.Step 3 : Hitchhike!!

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama   2 hours ago

    Fake:because earth ain’t on here

  • Jebron Lames
    Jebron Lames   2 hours ago

    If anything is possible, does that mean it is possible for something to be impossible?

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw   4 hours ago

    GJ1214-b is just subnauticas planet.

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw   4 hours ago

    The 2 shadows thing is possible here... just... stand in a room with 2 light sources.Thus, not I’m possible.

  • Vaterso
    Vaterso   7 hours ago

    Titan: Has OilUnited States: UNITED STATES, OPEN UP

  • Collin Hughes
    Collin Hughes   12 hours ago

    The first one is wrong a shadow is the absence of light because your body is blocking it so if there were 2 suns then there would be no shadows or a smaller shadow

  • Kezza
    Kezza   12 hours ago

    ooh Titan must be farty

  • Spiceyspoon :3
    Spiceyspoon :3   13 hours ago

    Fun fact: Methane is one of the gasses in a fart

  • SuperK Boy
    SuperK Boy   13 hours ago

    Narrator: 1433 degrees celciusAll Americans: and that is...

  • Butt Snatch
    Butt Snatch   13 hours ago

    You can expierence two shadows right now at night you dumb fuck figured this out when I was 6 you know how the fucking street lights there's other ways too

  • Xx HemiBlack xX
    Xx HemiBlack xX   14 hours ago

    What if our universe is just an atom inside of an even bigger universe😱

  • Cringe Queen Vlogs
    Cringe Queen Vlogs   15 hours ago

    If it is possible on another planet, therefore, it should not be considered impossible.

  • Prince ofDarkness
    Prince ofDarkness   17 hours ago

    Titan also sounds like a suicidal place to go.... one spark and boom. Rich tycoons would die of idiocy before getting all that gas and methan

  • Der Stock
    Der Stock   19 hours ago

    Even the shadows on keppler have friends :(

  • Nebula YT
    Nebula YT   19 hours ago

    lmao 6:22 that man is cringe

  • Fifty-2
    Fifty-2   22 hours ago

    Him: C.O.R.O.T-7bMe: CaRrOt SvEn BeE

  • Redz FREE TiME!
    Redz FREE TiME!   1 days ago

    50% of people: names of planets49.01%of people: Titan has oil so America...0.01 of person: this thing

  • NicTomahawk
    NicTomahawk   1 days ago

    Life must have been hard for Thanos if the water on titan was frozen into rock hard ice.

  • quixoticcats
    quixoticcats   1 days ago

    i love how scientists give them names like "HD189733-b" and then ours is literally translated to "dirt"

  • Mad Monki
    Mad Monki   1 days ago

    Alright I came here to ask this question. IF,....Oil and petrol comes from fossil fuel, how is it on Titan? What died there? Or are they full of crap telling us nonsense.

  • aaron yee
    aaron yee   1 days ago

    It is possible, If you believe-

  • BrownShit
    BrownShit   1 days ago

    Why can’t they name the planets something normal like planet Kepler or something?

  • Brian Melendez
    Brian Melendez   1 days ago

    Sounds like Titan should be introduced to democracy!

  • Chilliberation
    Chilliberation   1 days ago

    Damn these comments are pretty funny, but I'm gonna be the not funny one and say this all bs anyway.

  • Green Papajas
    Green Papajas   2 days ago

    Already have two shadows here on my two lamps bedroom

  • Thomas Frandsen
    Thomas Frandsen   2 days ago

    0:33 NO thats wrong we would not have 2 shades behind us like that it actually hurts my head just thinking about how you would ever think that we would have 2 shades like that when the suns are at that location the suns most be closer to each other if you want 2 shades the further away the suns are from each other the bigger the chance is for 0 shade if you got 1 sun in front of you and 1 behind you then you have 0 shade