Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Digs Up Dirt in Ukraine: A Closer Look

  • Published on: 11 February 2020
  • Seth takes a closer look at President Trump's retaliation against impeachment witnesses as his attorney general works with Rudy Giuliani to keep digging up dirt on his political rivals.

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    Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Digs Up Dirt in Ukraine: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Runtime : 10:13
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers Claire Danes Zach Woods Gov. Gavin Newsom Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses Rudy Digs Up Dirt Ukraine A Closer Look NBC NBC TV television funny talk show comedy humor stand-up parody snl seth meyers host promo seth meyers weekend update news satire satire Trump impeachment Trump Ukraine Nancy Pelosi Whistleblower Donald Trump President Trump Testimony Congress Election 2020 Election Senate Acquittal Rudy Giuliani


  • Franky Conti
    Franky Conti   1 months ago

    Im a total progressive..not a fan of Mitt. Born into wealth. Mormon. Imagaine how he would have handled covid19? Probably great. Which is very crazy coming from me. We at least would have been prepared or acted faster or both. Trump is so bad. 60,000+

  • Alcagaur1
    Alcagaur1   1 months ago

    "He wants to go one step further" vastly underestimates the boundless imbecility and infinite capacity for destabilization possessed by the Tantrum Toddler. He wants to go wherever he wants to go, whenever, and smash whatever he feels like breaking at the moment, with zero consequences. Moscow Mitch is moving Earth and Constitution to make this possible.

  • Qino Qino
    Qino Qino   1 months ago

    Romey only republican that has 1ball left

  • Qino Qino
    Qino Qino   1 months ago

    Seth time to get this edited and again what 🍊 Virus does to hero's

  • Qino Qino
    Qino Qino   1 months ago

    Please turn up volume on all these videos please turn up volume on all these videos please turn up volume on all these videos please

  • Ajax
    Ajax   2 months ago

    Why are republicans always so angry?

  • checkoutmyballz
    checkoutmyballz   2 months ago

    Nothing says I’ve done nothing wrong like blocking witnesses from testifying. Definitely innocent. 👍

  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green   2 months ago

    Imagine Ms Piro as defence lawyer for Jeffrey Dahmer...Juror #7, How dare you convict this man. He voted Republican. He bought his mother a houseplant on mother's day. He paid his electric bill on time the last two years. This is a travesty of justice.

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher   2 months ago

    Listen GROUP LIFE is not the future of all life and the dominant force populous of all life is not communisticGROUP LIFE IS AN OIL FIRST SPECTRUM DEFINED WORLD THIS MEANS THEY HAVE AN INDEPENDENT PLACE IN SPACE my best explanation I thought the Croatians, life of the independent land and ground of creatures was going to be an oil first spectrum defined world but when they were finalizing their world they were not oil first just an independent spectrum defined world.OIL FIRST WORLDS ARE INDEPENDENT PLACES IN SPACE AND INDEPENDENT LIFE-FORCES AND INDEPENDENT FORMULAS FOR LIFEAND SPECTRUM DEFINED WORLDS ARE POPULOUS'S POPULATIONS TYPES KINDS now spectrum defined worlds are independent you know like they are out making their own globes planets galaxies orion's but they are actually renting out independent space ALL THE POWER OF A WORLD JUST NOT AN INDEPENDENT PLACE IN SPACEAmerica is my satellite I am thee only life of the material sulphur California is my world where I have so many CONTINENTALS in a world all the life builds up to being CONTINENTALS but I move on to developing AMERICA a satellite I have 318 million citizens 56 billion passengers and unlimited dents we are expansive NOW I AM A CITIZEN IN AMERICA and all the life of AMERICA works with myself with adult self produces skeletons to make up all the countries of the GLOBE that is EARTH Earth is all sulphur based. THEE ONLY DIRECT ORIGINS OF ALL LIFE IS IRON so like all the iron of the natural formation material that is sulphur only forms myself the formation origins of life is not from an organic pregnant body of origin SORRY I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT YOU ALL SAYING WELL CAN'T I JUST PINCH OFF AND GROW BACK NO I WOULD BE A CASUALTY AND I WOULD BE THE LIFE THAT FORMS BACK MYSELF NETFLIX

  • siutalccc
    siutalccc   3 months ago

    It still puzzled me how USA elect this moron. Aren’t they suppose to be the smart one?

  • Marquesha Walker
    Marquesha Walker   3 months ago

    That She Beast, aka, She Devil has completely lost it! Or never had it idk!!!!

  • Wingsaber
    Wingsaber   3 months ago

    We vote for representatives to represent us, not to represent and protect the president.

  • Jonnis
    Jonnis   3 months ago

    Wow... That Genine Perro lady is just horrible to listen to! "HOW DARE YOU; HOW COULD YOU"!!!!How dare he vote his conscience as a Christian, as a democratically elected Republican, how dare he vote for the facts, the truth, the reality that Trump did what he was accused of doing and that it was illegal. "HOW DARE HE"!!! That is how low the republican party has fallen supporting Trump. (That is how low FOX "News" has fallen)They are not allowed to have any independent thoughts ore opinions, they are not allowed to have any morals, any ethics, any care for the rule of law! The republican leaders are not allowed to vote against their dear leader when he breaks the law, they are not allowed to follow 70% of their constituents opinion. That is a sad day for the republican party, a sad day for the country of the US, a sad day for democracy....

  • Jonnis
    Jonnis   3 months ago

    So here I sit, relaxing on the sofa, reading through the newest list of Trump`s latest lies, the latest lies for the last week alone.... Just 1 singel week... with 56 different lies... Many of them are just stupid, unnecessary, poorly thought thru. And many of the lies are huge, about important issues that affect millions, even hundreds of millions of people, involving billions and billions of dollars... About the financial, political and health-related future of an entire country... Some of the lies are just preposterous, insane and just so obvious lies, just sooooo obvious documented lies... How can people be so blinde to the reality, blinde to the truth, and the facts of what their leader is saying and doing? (And very important, what Trump is actually doing compared to what he is saying and claiming to be doing!) Lying to your faces 56 times in one week (Around 13-15 000 times in the last 3+ years)... How can anyone trust a person like that? This has nothing to do with politics. This is about him as a human being, a supposed "leader" that is obviously lying to his people, constantly, every singled day, about absolutely everything! How can anyone trust someone like that?

  • Betty Clark
    Betty Clark   3 months ago

    I don't watch Fox. Janine Pirro is only part of the reason, but she is a part of that reason.

  • Gravydog316
    Gravydog316   3 months ago

    Queen Elizabeth spent more time in the armed forces than literally everyone in Trump's entire family combined.

  • Pozzy Thump
    Pozzy Thump   3 months ago

    This becomes a case where trump has so many liars, that they have to out-bellow each other for any leftover bribe money.Like in NCAA basketball, liars have filled up the March Madness bracket, the NIT, and rookie leagues. . . historically, trump was not a one-and-done, but a no-good-done.

  • Moony & Pads
    Moony & Pads   3 months ago

    I hate it when Republicans won’t let Democrat’s try and explain their views.

  • Kathy Franklund
    Kathy Franklund   3 months ago

    This woman sounds like a transgender woman! Her voice is so grading and her intelligence is so lacking

  • Joyce Chisman
    Joyce Chisman   3 months ago

    When is the U.S. going to retaliate against TRUMP and all the CRAP that protect him AS he DESTROYS AMERICA ???...

  • Orutra Feo
    Orutra Feo   3 months ago

    I hope Trump wins... I live in Banana Republic.

  • X SkippySticky
    X SkippySticky   3 months ago

    Why does fox news present themselfs like marvel supervillains?I mean is this common in usa?

  • Betty Thompson
    Betty Thompson   3 months ago

    The Fox News Network is not a syndicated Network! Therefore they can tell lies all day and not be held accountable..They are an Entrainment Network . So There watch them lie......

  • WhamBamBoozler
    WhamBamBoozler   3 months ago

    Janine Pierro sounds like (what I can only guess) an old Nazi propaganda radio broadcast

  • Michele Fioretto
    Michele Fioretto   3 months ago

    Next election I would be happy if the candidate was a) sane and b) intelligent. Cause this one isn't either.

  • Auntie Semite
    Auntie Semite   3 months ago

    Sure, "90% of americans are happy with their lives". I guess having no healthcare, being homeless and food insecure and massively in debt is cause for happiness in amerikkka. And myers swallowed that garbage or expected us to swallow it..

  • Pam Miner
    Pam Miner   3 months ago

    Emoluments is the first thing that trump did wrong. This is the worst president we have ever had, gee, who is the woman who,haha, gave him the idea of “exspongement.” If that is really a word. Wow, Vindman thinks truth will be rewarded.

  • Suq Madiq
    Suq Madiq   3 months ago

    Don't forget, Rudy Giuliani was married to his cousin. No wonder Trumpanzees like him so much.

  • dancepiglover
    dancepiglover   3 months ago

    Talk about stupid, Trump isn’t able to see that firing some who spoke so highly of our country makes HIM look bad. It makes Trump look bad to fire him.

  • Tommy Gregory
    Tommy Gregory   3 months ago

    Only he would celebrate an acquittal from an impeachment the senate undermined while covering their eyes to any witnesses?

  • Mike
    Mike   3 months ago

    I support nailing him again.

  • Aztec Warrior
    Aztec Warrior   3 months ago

    I thought the GOP Refuse to have evidence present

  • Nightstone
    Nightstone   3 months ago

    On the next episode of Fake Housewives of Fox Island: "You're fulfilling your obligation as a U.S. Senator and follower of God, and you believe that witnesses and evidence should be presented in court, against the most corrupted president in the U.S. history? You really are stupid?"