Parkourse in the Rain! (Ep.9)

  • Published on: 13 September 2015
  • It's been a while since we filmed a parkourse due to some injuries, but we're back! This time.. in the rain!

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  • Runtime : 14:5
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  • itz_yaboi_roy
    itz_yaboi_roy   4 days ago

    8:27 look at it slowly it say sean for like a slit second

  • Alfox
    Alfox   1 weeks ago

    I swear parkourse for Greg is always getting hurt

  • felipe_the_turd
    felipe_the_turd   1 weeks ago

    8:27 put vid at .25 speed and it’ll say Sean’s out

  • Kirito Dragneel
    Kirito Dragneel   1 weeks ago

    I know this is weird but nobody gonna talk about Sean’s bulge 3:39

  • Alex Henkel
    Alex Henkel   2 weeks ago

    Can you answer my comments inother vidios plees

  • hockeygirl 822
    hockeygirl 822   2 weeks ago

    somebody commented on the last one a about how crazy it would be if Ryan got last and Derrick got first.... this episode really said bet

  • Rohan Paul
    Rohan Paul   3 weeks ago

    My favourite introAre you guys doing parlourNo it's parkourse

    ILLUSIO 9   1 months ago

    Who else saw it said Sean when Ryan was out

  • Basty Caballero
    Basty Caballero   1 months ago

    did someone notice 8:26,after ryan's out caption there's a sean's out caption??

  • A Well Thought out Name

    Why not do a small or big prize for the winner just something to drive u guys to do these pretty insane stunts

  • Ronnyboy
    Ronnyboy   1 months ago

    8:27 it’s says Ryan’s out then it says Sean’s our nobody noticed I bet :)

  • EsTa118
    EsTa118   1 months ago

    ...*sigh* I miss Sean...

  • El_Gonza_YT
    El_Gonza_YT   2 months ago

    Greg is always the one getting hurt the most in these videos lmao

  • Wookiee Squad
    Wookiee Squad   2 months ago

    We are not going outside today... first challenge is outside

  • Rey Cabaltica
    Rey Cabaltica   2 months ago

    Ryan in the beginning - "Make it exponentially hard by adding spikes to what they would usually do".Ryan doing one of Sean's moves with a spike - "I'll take the strike, I'm scared"Mann I cant be the only one who loves rewatching old episodes of parkourse. 😂

  • IamTabu - Nintendo Life

    Did anyone else realize that when it showed Ryan’s Out the text changed to Sean’s Out when it left the screen?

  • ADL
    ADL   2 months ago

    how is greg still alive/

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee   2 months ago

    13:29 the disappointment

  • Voltorinz
    Voltorinz   2 months ago

    is there like an athletic requirement to be a male rhpc member

  • qhxst
    qhxst   2 months ago

    8:27 for a spit second it says seans out

  • Archie Walker
    Archie Walker   3 months ago

    When in fast forward mode they sound like Anime Chicks

  • Archie Walker
    Archie Walker   3 months ago

    All 16 episodes and he still keeps the same ‘old intro not bothering to make one that covers the rules

  • Ryan Racer Wong
    Ryan Racer Wong   3 months ago

    YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for Derek

  • Edd Hanks
    Edd Hanks   3 months ago

    I’ve been re watching all these episodes cuz ya boy sad and you guys make me feel comfortable

  • JVN
    JVN   3 months ago

    10:22 that noise 😂😂

  • Instant Noodoh
    Instant Noodoh   3 months ago

    A frame after it says Ryan's out, it says Sean's out

  • The VGFs
    The VGFs   3 months ago

    Best part/funniest part8:46

  • Kristopher Fox
    Kristopher Fox   3 months ago

    Anyone eles ever notices how will never wears the right clothes for these things

  • The Muddy Kipper
    The Muddy Kipper   3 months ago

    Him dancing and celebrating while not realizing his shirt is in a puddle is hilarious