• Published on: 05 October 2015
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    Yesterday, I asked you (YIAY) a question and today I’m reading your answers! Do you want to be featured in the next YIAY? Then comment with your answer below!

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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

  • Runtime : 2:1
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  • Real Talk
    Real Talk   3 days ago

    I just realized the has 4.69 million subs..

  • Chloe Courington
    Chloe Courington   5 days ago

    the forehead jokes make me DIE bc my foreheads bigger than yours :/

  • Alex my little Budgie

    I’m gonna get that Leviticus on my ankle. So cool. And then a cancer ribbon on my wrist- to show the journey I did.

  • 20powchow
    20powchow   1 weeks ago

    Tattoo “My forehead is not that big” on your forehead

  • XxAiraXx
    XxAiraXx   3 weeks ago

    A playboy geniusWho has iron in his heartDue to terrorists

  • Aaryan Chowdhury
    Aaryan Chowdhury   1 months ago

    This is the least popular video on Jack’s channel. In terms of statistics....

  • pia adapwar
    pia adapwar   1 months ago

    Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas' wife actually has that tattoo "daddy's lil girl"

  • Hellena Handbasket
    Hellena Handbasket   1 months ago

    Redrum is murderShining powers make no sense Put down the axe Jack

  • Wii Meme
    Wii Meme   1 months ago


  • Phaseout 4
    Phaseout 4   1 months ago

    This says you have no subscribers? What did you do?

  • Annica Moore
    Annica Moore   1 months ago

    My forehead is bigger than yours actually

    TIP VIDZ   1 months ago

    ItDepends OnWichTooth pasteWithActualCatsHavMetal shirtsOnVehiclesInEverySide

  • Hiwet Ghebrekidan
    Hiwet Ghebrekidan   2 months ago

    My name is just jackYou must have heard of me, k?I have a big arm

  • Miguel Nestor
    Miguel Nestor   2 months ago

    People: Makes fun of Jacksfilms foreheadJacksfilms: I can destroy you in 1759285937956294835294947284046294739405362047104824940153046193046302020474729101366203647202747472929284720174366301636348292554 different ways

  • Scrwlix
    Scrwlix   2 months ago

    Jack your eyebrows look like sharpies

  • gem universe
    gem universe   3 months ago


  • Husans
    Husans   3 months ago

    Matthew Pierpoint:Get a tatoo saying 2,000,000 subs on yourback because you can never rrach itJacksfilms:Say sike right now.