SHOCKING ANSWERS On Family Feud That Will Make You Laugh! Bonus Round

  • Published on: 21 January 2019
  • Shocking answers on Family Feud that will make you laugh!
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  • Runtime : 17:12
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  • Michael Deepona
    Michael Deepona   1 weeks ago

    Steve Harvey: * Says normal Question*Contestants: penis

  • Aj Lee
    Aj Lee   1 weeks ago

    Wtf how is penis hurt?

  • Simon Brea
    Simon Brea   2 weeks ago

    Contestant: p-wordSteve Harvey: 👁 👄 👁

  • Kai Diha
    Kai Diha   2 weeks ago

    The last family got such easy questions yet idk how they come up with such bad answers

  • yaoilover1488
    yaoilover1488   2 weeks ago

    Para-educator is a good answer though, that’s what they call those helpers that go around with kids that have IEPs our need help in class.

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang   4 weeks ago

    seems the "P" word is the answer to many questions, and also the most popular answer.

  • Dishonest —
    Dishonest —   1 months ago

    Steve: “Name something on a football field”. A random dumb ass: a goalie

  • Edwina Jones
    Edwina Jones   1 months ago

    If your stomach is that big you can't see it anyway 😂😂😂

  • TheTinyT
    TheTinyT   1 months ago

    "Tip of the... penis?"*the other girls *" YOU GO GIRL!!! "

  • Tab B
    Tab B   1 months ago Harvey niece keeping it real

  • CHR0n1K4L
    CHR0n1K4L   1 months ago

    Just sayin i would marry stephanie immediately. She's a doctor with a sense of humor HOLY FUCK

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD   1 months ago

    How do you forget KFC? 😆😂🤣

  • Samara Smith
    Samara Smith   1 months ago

    Steve HarveyIs the best host Of family feud of all time

  • Rod C
    Rod C   1 months ago

    They wildin

  • Lisa Roberson
    Lisa Roberson   1 months ago

    Question: Name something they are doing?Answer: Flirting with each other 🤔😂😂

  • T Ruly
    T Ruly   1 months ago

    everything is ”Good answer” ”good answer” 👏

  • David Zachary
    David Zachary   1 months ago

    Apparently the answer of the day is...PENIS

  • Andri Chia
    Andri Chia   1 months ago

    name something on your body can got pulledhow can markus and victor answer "hair" when they dont have one ?

  • Connor Walsh
    Connor Walsh   1 months ago

    some say they were really dicking around

  • Janet's BFF
    Janet's BFF   1 months ago

    Don’t know why this appeared on my timeline...but I’m so glad it did!!! 😭🤣😂 Happy 2020 everybody! 🍆🍆🍆

  • India Love
    India Love   1 months ago

    A wife might tell her husband " I wish your (what) was like Steve Harvey"Me: Please don't say itWhite Lady: TeethMe: Thank GoodnessBlack Lady: PenisMe: Nooo 😱😱Ding Me: 💀💀💀💀

  • jake barnier
    jake barnier   1 months ago

    This show cracks me up..... And I'm white!!!

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong   1 months ago

    what people pull on their penis all the time lol. Theyre just ashamed of saying it lol

  • Michael Foreman
    Michael Foreman   1 months ago

    Pregnant woman in yellow dress: I told you, Steve...I told you.

  • Kkk WKK
    Kkk WKK   1 months ago

    Steve Harvey always interviews the black families one by one. There are so many episodes where he just goes to the white family for answers only. White people are just decoration in family feud. Ironic most white families are winning the show and we never get to know who they are and what they do.

  • Radi Kowalski
    Radi Kowalski   1 months ago

    What the heck is a “para-educator?” I have never ever heard anything like that