• Published on: 11 May 2019
  • Baby Halston gets her first vaccinations at the doctor! Scary for parents but we know its important!


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  • Runtime : 15:20
  • kyler and mad taytum and oakley halston fisher family fishfam kyler madison new baby doctors appointment daily funny clean content baby at the doctor baby gets vaccinations first shot babys first doctor visit cole and sav the labrant fam


  • 88mroux
    88mroux   6 days ago

    I can see that @8:30 you didn't show her crying after her second shot because it must have hurt so much the sound of her cries must have been so saddening you didn't want to show it.

  • Ava Eaton
    Ava Eaton   1 weeks ago

    She is so cute what is her name I want to know I don't know👀✅😍

  • Kim Carter
    Kim Carter   1 weeks ago

    When hailstones grows up she will look like Her mom

  • Denise Soto
    Denise Soto   1 weeks ago

    She's good👶🎉👍👍 at the 🏥

  • yackelin arreguin
    yackelin arreguin   1 weeks ago

    i love your famili 🏪❤😊😍🏩😙😗😚😘😻😽💏💑💐🌸🌷🌈🦄🎠💒🎡♥🕊 4=ever

  • Eli Campos
    Eli Campos   3 weeks ago

    I think she is scared because she’s getting socks because that are not good they hurt really bad so I did that for me my name is Chloe CHLOE is she the little girl in the picture with the dog the smiley face for her bandage yesterday because in my picture it has a little smiley face

  • Heidi Langowski
    Heidi Langowski   3 weeks ago

    Baby Halston is so adorable. I love your channel and I love you guys so much! You guys are so amazing.

  • Nriman Afife
    Nriman Afife   3 weeks ago


  • Arshed Hussain
    Arshed Hussain   3 weeks ago

    Tatum and Oakley are going to look like Madison because Madison is gourges sorry if i spelt your name wrlng Mad

  • Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog

    Poor baby girl I use to remember I was scared of needles and still this day I don’t like needles they scared me a lot haslton will be a beautiful older girl