Jonas Brothers - Paranoid

  • Published on: 29 March 2013

    Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Paranoid.

    #JonasBrothers #Paranoid #Remastered
  • Runtime : 3:48
  • Jonas Brothers Paranoid Hollywood Records Pop


  • Katlyn Skojec
    Katlyn Skojec   12 hours ago


  • Elephant Lover
    Elephant Lover   1 weeks ago

    GUYS!!!!!!It’s freakin September, Friday the 13, 2019 and I’m 🎵FrEaKiNg OuT🎵

  • Carter J
    Carter J   1 weeks ago

    This ain’t Black Sabbath

  • dharmallars
    dharmallars   1 weeks ago

    Wow I remember I identified with this song way before I started doing drugs

  • 8523wsxc
    8523wsxc   2 weeks ago

    Worst Black Sabbath cover ever.

  • Angie M
    Angie M   2 weeks ago

    2019 whose still jamming

  • Olivia Longo
    Olivia Longo   2 weeks ago

    When you're supposed to be working on an assignment but your having a JB marathon instead

  • Criss Minnie
    Criss Minnie   3 weeks ago

    Love you Jonas Brothers!!! Childhood was perfect and now even present. <3

  • Hannah Vance
    Hannah Vance   3 weeks ago

    one of my favorite music videos from the jonas brothers

  • CamBrozé
    CamBrozé   3 weeks ago

    This my favorite song by them!! I haven’t heard this in years tho lol

  • Gemma Watson
    Gemma Watson   1 months ago

    I have been a Jonas brothers fan since I was 13 now 23

  • Kari Atkinson
    Kari Atkinson   1 months ago

    Stop talking about Sophia okay Kari&JoeJonas are getting married 2023 January 1st this 23 days

  • Kari Atkinson
    Kari Atkinson   1 months ago

    I love Joe Jonas me and him having a baby soon I named her Stephanie

  • Kari Atkinson
    Kari Atkinson   1 months ago

    I’m not Kidding I’m not joking it’s not funny It’s real

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas   1 months ago

    Who remembers when Disney Channel would play their stars music videos. Cause I definitely remember Disney playing this late in the night when it dropped

  • Samile Santos
    Samile Santos   1 months ago

    Nick is on the same desert Selena filmed a year without rain hahahah

  • Ann Woods
    Ann Woods   1 months ago

    Poor Kevin Jonas. Having to run down the street multiple times just to get that shot in the end.

  • Ann Woods
    Ann Woods   1 months ago

    I was 12 when this came out. I'm now 18. Wtf???

  • Charlie Hax
    Charlie Hax   1 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought this would be a Black Sabbath cover?

  • stephluvvsyou
    stephluvvsyou   1 months ago

    This will always be my favorite Jonas song. Joe's voice is what dreams are made of.

  • Pedro Baggins
    Pedro Baggins   1 months ago

    Lyrics:Finished with my woman 'Cause she couldn't help me with my mind People think I'm insane Because I am frowning all the time All day long I think of things But nothing seems to satisfy Think I'll lose my mind If I don't find something to pacify Can you help me? Occupy my brain? Oh, yeah I need someone to show me The things in life that I can't find I can't see the things that make true happiness I must be blind Make a joke, and I will sigh And you will laugh, and I will cry Happiness I cannot feel And love to me is so unreal And so as you hear these words Telling you now of my state I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could But it's too late

  • Zee Bubblez
    Zee Bubblez   1 months ago

    I heard this live yesterday 10 year old me is shaking

  • Ryan 1024
    Ryan 1024   1 months ago

    Y'all remember that Disney karaoke for the Wii?