Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime

  • Published on: 12 August 2018
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    Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?

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    Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime
  • Runtime : 9:13
  • wormhole wormholes traversable wormhole manmade wormhole exotic matter einstein rosen bridge general relativity relativity einstein gravity supermassive blackhole milky way anitmatter matter negative mass neutron star particle antiparticle vaccum string theory quantum fluctuations cosmic strings big bang spacetime event horizon singularity time white hole space universe planet star solar system animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell black hole speed of light


  • daan akker
    daan akker   13 minuts ago

    For the heck of it, I did some maths at 1:38 , The distance covered by the photon from one side of the wormhole to the other was 1049273.603 kilometres (measured inaccurately with a stopwatch, the time it took for the photon to travel from one side of the wormhole to the other was approximately 3,5 seconds). That also means that the photon had an approximate wavelength of 47694.2546818 kilometres (in total, I counted 22 oscillations of the photon). This means that one phase of the photon is enough to go around the Earth's equator 1.19012488289 times. This also makes the phase more than 400 times longer than the longest radiowaves. Not really usefull information, but fun nonetheless.

  • Lucas Gatrell
    Lucas Gatrell   5 hours ago

    if you go through a black hole and come out of a white one how are you going to get back... the force of the white one is propelling you back

  • Adenosine TP
    Adenosine TP   5 hours ago

    So, u mean, a pea sized exotic matter can push away planets from their positions

  • William Peragine
    William Peragine   8 hours ago

    I have a question. So like paper, something 2d in a 3d space, could we fold our 3 dimensional space in a 4d space and make ends touch without it changing our perspective in 3d.

  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan   9 hours ago

    “With exotic matter, we can weave the universe the way we see fit.”Great, sign me up.

  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan   9 hours ago

    2:08 I swear I saw Chinese.

  • John Walker
    John Walker   9 hours ago

    I am so glad wormholes only exist in nutcase cartoons.

  • FioscoTM
    FioscoTM   19 hours ago

    Wow this video was posted on my bday

  • MemeyZCool2007
    MemeyZCool2007   20 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt : einstein-rosen bridgeMe : Banner is that you?

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos   22 hours ago

    3:04 other thing that could be is that if the “”mirror world”” refering to that parallel universe the time is going back and that will collide in the black hole with our time that is going normally in the center of the black hole the time will stop and if we could cross the black hole the time of the parallel universe will make us going back to the center were the time stops That is my teory

  • ser wigglebuttom
    ser wigglebuttom   23 hours ago

    Am i the onlyone that noticed the restaurant at the edge of the universe?

  • Inspecteur_K
    Inspecteur_K   1 days ago

    7:37 Rick and Morty citadel of rick reference

  • Marius
    Marius   1 days ago

    7:32 got you Stargate fans

  • mandy mudfart
    mandy mudfart   1 days ago

    I need to find out if that last puzzle piece had fallen into one, otherwise, i don't think I'll ever find it.

  • Flippz
    Flippz   1 days ago

    Can we all just agree this soundtrack is amazing

  • Leon Metz
    Leon Metz   1 days ago

    The cannels name is Kurzgesagt (means "said in short" in german) but the Moderator cant even speak this name out properly

  • Gabe kenyon
    Gabe kenyon   1 days ago

    We dont know whats outside our earth its all a lie

  • Gus Rodrigues
    Gus Rodrigues   1 days ago

    all kurzgesagt videos look amazing but the visuals in this one: MY GOD THEY LOOK GOOD

  • Peer ulijn K
    Peer ulijn K   2 days ago

    i would volunteer to jump in a black hole just to see what happends

    MARCO DI NATALE   2 days ago

    Am I the only who thinks that a microwave oven is the only functioning time machine ?

  • Araythios
    Araythios   2 days ago

    7:30 boobies from space dandy

  • askrs
    askrs   2 days ago

    i think i saw an womhol once wen i looked thru my tellyscop cos i looked an saw a black swirl but i could see meinself lookin back at me i report it but noome called me back

  • Caleb Byars
    Caleb Byars   2 days ago

    On a list of bad ideas: 1. Making a wormhole

  • HerrWillie
    HerrWillie   2 days ago

    But if you die entering a black hole and time is reversed, shouldn't u come back out of the white hole alive again?

  • mr. mustermann
    mr. mustermann   3 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: talks about wormholesMe: just gets exciting about the citadell of ricks from rick and morty at 7:37

  • adel rayen
    adel rayen   3 days ago

    7:31 is that boobies from space dandy!

  • Nero90
    Nero90   3 days ago

    Everyone knows you can create a wormhole with a stargate!

  • Noahhh
    Noahhh   3 days ago

    If I saw one I would just go in so ya bye

  • Brad Stevenson
    Brad Stevenson   3 days ago

    What if the universe is really a massive particle and a universe of an antiparticle, if 0 can become 1+-1 why not 10000000000+-10000000000