Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime

  • Published on: 12 August 2018
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    Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?

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    Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime
  • Runtime : 9:13
  • wormhole wormholes traversable wormhole manmade wormhole exotic matter einstein rosen bridge general relativity relativity einstein gravity supermassive blackhole milky way anitmatter matter negative mass neutron star particle antiparticle vaccum string theory quantum fluctuations cosmic strings big bang spacetime event horizon singularity time white hole space universe planet star solar system animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell black hole speed of light


  • Faraz Lahmi
    Faraz Lahmi   6 hours ago

    At least they're doing something useful with their lives ;unlike all of you who spend their lives on Twitter,Facebook and etc.Instead of making fun of them , you should try to complement them on their work and time or even their way of thinking on this theory .All the thinking you do in you life ends up in kissing the person in your opposite gender whom you like.

  • No Main
    No Main   6 hours ago

    maybe the supermassive black hole in the middle of the milky way is a connection to other galaxies

  • V-cast716
    V-cast716   12 hours ago

    This is stupid all you need to do is link up some nether portals and I thought scientists where supposed to be smart smh

  • Kai Gatting
    Kai Gatting   1 days ago

    Lol just use Tricobalt torpedo to create wormholes.

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley   1 days ago

    7:41 the actual truth: wormholes are not possible because they would cause fundamental violations of laws of the universe.8:03 lol, and the inevitable shoutout to the people who WANT TO BELIEVE!

  • Scaitan
    Scaitan   2 days ago

    The birds have figured it out already, back in the 80s. They are storing all my lost socks and unfinished pens there.

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell   2 days ago

    i created a wormhole, saw uranus, quickly closed it and all trace of its existence... some things are best left unseen.

  • *ArcanHage*
    *ArcanHage*   2 days ago

    maybe negative mass is impossible in our universe.

  • Ricky
    Ricky   2 days ago

    How to find the Exotic matter: just look at the people at your local anime convention.

  • Hans Castro
    Hans Castro   2 days ago

    I think a blackhole is simply a single atom with tremendous mass. Being pulled towards it will simply make you an addition to its atomic mass.

  • anne perret
    anne perret   2 days ago

    Hello, can you please make a video to explain what the Bootes Void is? 🙏🏻

  • cane
    cane   3 days ago

    is this some stranger things upsidedown portal thing

  • Rosanna Scopacasa
    Rosanna Scopacasa   3 days ago

    Does anyone else just wish we could make wormholes like google drawing or mine craft?

  • Ryan Ben
    Ryan Ben   3 days ago

    isn’t there a channel that has a similar animation style to this

  • Theron Preston Washington

    Things are not impossible but there is to much weight in the universe weighing in not weight on earth but the particles in space weigh outward, pushes outward to give dark matter populsion. So you would need an explosion like a full energized star inorder to make a worm hole.

  • Jarimin Daimary
    Jarimin Daimary   3 days ago

    Respected Sir can u review my book on relativity which I think is the easiest ever book on relativity... I used almost no mathematics to explain relativity and kept the book pretty interesting in my opinion. Just type Jarimin Daimary on kindle store or Amazon and it should appear.. Title : relativity for dummies by Jarimin Daimary

  • Combo
    Combo   3 days ago

    Ahhhh So that's where my guitar picks go

  • Ever Wondered Productions

    Imagine being the person who has to jump inside the first man-made Wormhole and having no idea where in space you will thrown.

  • Omid R.G
    Omid R.G   4 days ago

    So that's how portal gun is made... Though I understood pretty much nothing

  • sarah von guenthersdorf

    If we want to understand (for us) ‘strange things’ like wormholes we have to forget or leave behind every information that involves time and nearly everything we know about the universe.If white holes are the exact opposite of our universe we need to think like our universe IS a white hole Time runs backwards, we don’t live but live at the same time, we are everyone but no one at the same time. Maybe we should start new.

  • Michaela Proskova
    Michaela Proskova   4 days ago

    I think in can be easier to understand when you imagine a 2D space curved to 3D ball with a hole in middle

  • Michaela Proskova
    Michaela Proskova   4 days ago

    So we need throw exotic matter in a black hole and then destroy it? (the black hole, not exotic matter)

  • Eilanuy
    Eilanuy   4 days ago

    you should do a video on exotic matter

  • NarwhalJoJo
    NarwhalJoJo   4 days ago

    So does this mean that wormholes are tunnels through the 4th dimension?

  • Leonard Grabsky
    Leonard Grabsky   4 days ago

    Black holes and wormholes, as contemporary scientists understand them, do not exist, but these terms are used to refer to real phenomenon that have no relation to theoretical black holes and wormholes. Black holes, for example, are simply magnetized spheres of iron and nickel spinning on their magnetic axis. Wormholes are flux tubes that emanate from sunspots and thread through the universe carrying energy along them. Interstellar space travel will be possible by surfing through these flux tubes at faster than light speed to reach the stars from which they emanate. It is possible that black project world has already achieved this.

  • Jarimin Daimary
    Jarimin Daimary   5 days ago

    SEARCH THIS IN KINDLE STORE " The theory of relativity for dummies "Its a fun and simple book which anyone can understand..