Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine

    Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and Charli D'Amelio stop by Flighthouse to play Suggestion Box. They prank call someone from the Hype House, play the "Climb Your Partner" Challenge and maybe give a cheek kiss or two.

    Comment your future suggestions below to be picked for the next Suggestion Box!

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  • Runtime : 2:32
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  • Melana Homer
    Melana Homer   1 hours ago

    Just the fact that Charli can hold Lil Huddy😢😮💕

  • Ruqayya Khalil
    Ruqayya Khalil   10 hours ago

    So like I they might be home schooled but like chase is a senior and Charlie is a Sophomore in HS 😂that’s like whole 2 years apart

  • Legendary Noob
    Legendary Noob   18 hours ago

    I didn’t really like Charlie and I watched one video and she’s pretty funny

  • Jasmin Mares
    Jasmin Mares   21 hours ago

    1:20 Awwww❤ I can tell he really likes that hug❤

  • Serena Valentine
    Serena Valentine   22 hours ago

    I honestly love Chase and Charli even if they are taking about being together I see they have a bright future and they would make amazing parents I don't get why people hate on them for being iconic and a great couple💗

  • Someone Who exist
    Someone Who exist   1 days ago

    Chase: slowly walking toward Charli Chase: do you- Charli: No do it again.

  • Hello5
    Hello5   1 days ago

    Chase seems so sweet

  • Rafiq Ramazani
    Rafiq Ramazani   1 days ago

    i love when addsion is talking with charli on the phone

  • birly lol
    birly lol   1 days ago

    First is kiss and now be my valentine XD OMG

  • Yeilany Aguilar
    Yeilany Aguilar   1 days ago

    Chase: walks in with roses with out saying a wordCharlie: go

  • Adelaide Eisha Savahna

    Chase said,"Eww",but when i saw the pic of charli and chase on charli's instagram i saw that they were kissing on the lips😂

  • Sunset Vibes
    Sunset Vibes   1 days ago

    I just love charli’s laugh for some reason ❤️🦋

  • thang huynh
    thang huynh   1 days ago

    I watch tik tok in YouTube and I see you guys were almost going to kiss and I say what they were almost kiss and I feel so weird but I have a photo of you in my iPad. I wish you could be my sister because I like you.

  • thang huynh
    thang huynh   2 days ago

    it's that your boyfriend that you like the most

  • Bianca Yesenia Gallardo

    Español: Nose porque fingen si ya se dieron un beso en la bocaEnglish: I don't know why they pretend if they already kissed their mouths🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Joe Dorben
    Joe Dorben   2 days ago

    Chase Hudson? More like 'bout to catch a case Hudson lmao

  • cherii
    cherii   2 days ago

    put some more..DON’T BE SHY PUT SOME MORE

  • Try Sok
    Try Sok   2 days ago

    Chase: there's like 20 people watching us 👀But almost 20 million of Charli fan is watching this 🤣

  • ItzzGingy
    ItzzGingy   2 days ago

    Huddy: Will you be my Valentine? Tik Tok: OK!

  • Pinkpanda
    Pinkpanda   2 days ago

    Chase there’s like twenty people watching this more like 2.3m😂