Calculate your pet's HP with my 100% legitimate formula | Unraveled

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate's cat, Zuko.

    Want to calculate your pet's HP? You can find the necessary tools here:

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  • Runtime : 15:18
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  • Polygon
    Polygon   5 months ago

    Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:

  • Tula Cot
    Tula Cot   1 days ago

    Why not just use standard animal classification? Why bother obsessing over chance of survival when hit-points are just the amount of damage a pet can take? I'm starting to think you aren't a real scientist...

  • Elijah Dage
    Elijah Dage   3 days ago

    4:00 just... Just drop theDrop the S.

  • Eduardo Cherry
    Eduardo Cherry   3 days ago

    If I were (hypothetically) a notorious human trafficker and kept humans as pets, would this system apply to them or would it need modification

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli   3 days ago

    My dog Marley is a level 126 rogue. And before you say that that seems highly unlikely, she's a tiny black dog who's favorite pastime is darting out of shadows, biting either your ankles or, if she can reach them, the undersides of your wrists, and then hiding away again.

  • Camulus777
    Camulus777   4 days ago

    I actually have 4 cats, 1 is a rouge, 1 is a ranger, 1 is a cleric, and one is a barbarian. That's a pretty balanced team with another barbarian beagle and a paladin german shepherd. I also have some chickens but they are all NPCs.

  • Preston Lucy
    Preston Lucy   5 days ago

    Pokemon calculates hp by how thicc a pokemon is

  • Preston Lucy
    Preston Lucy   5 days ago

    I'm gonna go fight all the plants in my house

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77   1 weeks ago

    Aight, what is something that does 1 HP worth of damage?

  • Lost Redditor 🏵
    Lost Redditor 🏵   1 weeks ago

    Yeah let me measure the number of vocalizations my lettuce makes in an hour brb

  • Titanium Absol
    Titanium Absol   1 weeks ago

    Anybody knows the song they used for the title? I really like it!

  • Charis A
    Charis A   1 weeks ago

    I watch this video at least once every two months. 😭 It’s so uplifting ~

  • Audacious
    Audacious   1 weeks ago

    "If your pet is magical, then what are you doing here?"butbut rangers, clerics, paladins, rogues, and barbarians all have the capacity to use magic

  • Elie L
    Elie L   1 weeks ago

    Imagine your brother calling you and his close friend of several years his “roommates”

  • N1kq
    N1kq   1 weeks ago

    Can we talk about biology because whales are not fishes. They are mammals.

  • Zachary Somogyi
    Zachary Somogyi   1 weeks ago

    Brian and the biologist have the exact same glasses in different colors

  • sweetpitts
    sweetpitts   2 weeks ago

    ahh you got it wrong he's a cleric

  • Artifice
    Artifice   2 weeks ago

    Seeing this title and then seeing him kick the air made me worried that this was going to be some animal abuseAlso, I thought HP was “health points” and not “hit points” until a few years ago

  • D L
    D L   2 weeks ago

    I'm gonna calculate my friends dogs hp

  • Yakisoba Dreams
    Yakisoba Dreams   2 weeks ago

    Please I'm begging, release the samba song playing in the title sequence. It reminds me of the 6th fairy tail OP by Plus called Fiesta. Come on polygon, release it.

  • Bob_the_Mop
    Bob_the_Mop   2 weeks ago

    They accidentally printed Yanmega as Magikarp

  • Blastotron
    Blastotron   2 weeks ago

    I just want to know if Polygon expended the Ghilli suit.

  • Gaby
    Gaby   2 weeks ago

    11:50 I haven't laughed this hard since I watched Tenacious D's Sasquatch scene after eating marijuana cookies

  • Notsure
    Notsure   2 weeks ago

    “I’m not dancing this season.”