Engine Oil Myths Every Car Guy Needs to Know!

  • Published on: 03 January 2018
  • After years of oil confusion and misinformation, I went straight to the source to ask an oil chemist a few questions to shed some light on this technical and heavily marketed industry. Hope this helps! -L

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  • BASS
    BASS   2 days ago

    It's all about "T H I C C N E S S"

  • steve pitman
    steve pitman   3 days ago

    some owners manuals don't have the recommended oil in it or on the oil filler cap. mine doesn't and it's a 2012 ford focus. but mechanics and records at the auto parts stores do say 5w 30 synthetic oil

  • Devo
    Devo   1 weeks ago

    Im happy my father has oil wells and mineral rights it will be passed down to me and siblings to stay in the family. :-)

  • ION U
    ION U   2 weeks ago


  • Josue Pesque
    Josue Pesque   2 weeks ago

    Wait so older cars need a higher amount of zinc in the oil right ?

  • Sean Brooks
    Sean Brooks   2 weeks ago

    Man... All I have ever driven since 1974 is a 1st Generation Monte Carlo. These 350 engines are some of the most credible ones built, and I just use 10W-30W with Bestline Oil Treatment and drive the car easy all the time. While others speed past me because they're going to get another car in 2 or 3 years anyway. However, all the time, people ask to buy the car I drive, or give me looks as I drive by. While others tell me, I drive a "Real Car"....

  • white skull
    white skull   3 weeks ago

    Ravenol RUP 5w40 is the best oil i ever use...and usually 5w40 is the best oil you can buy , is good also if you have a sporty drive and also on winter ...this oil is in the middle and you can use it any time...just try that Ravenol and see, i use on my petrol car Audi S5 470 HP soft upgrade and air intake eventuri.and change oil every 10.000 km ..like this your engine will run forever and if you have a old wngine that consume oil you can use 10w60..this is for engines over 400.000 km that was not maintained properly

  • Mid evil
    Mid evil   1 months ago

    Bs change it earlier than they say. If its getting dark its done . Unless its a diesel.

  • Mid evil
    Mid evil   1 months ago

    Opposite 5 summer winter 50

  • DavidJLim
    DavidJLim   1 months ago

    So if I live in a hotter climate, and my owner's manual says to use 5w20 oil, will I be hurting my engine if I switch to a 10w30?

  • 719 Burning Up The Streets

    But know one ever talks about an engine build? And what weight and oil you should use such as a conventional oil? Or full synthetic? I have a 2013 ZL1 with a stage 3 cam and full bolt ons. The builder recommended Rotella 15w/40 in my engine! What are the benefits in this vs manufactures recommendations?

  • Bird Manic
    Bird Manic   1 months ago

    I didn't learn anything from this video. I thought, based on the title to your video, that you had something new to add.

  • Canroyal lubricants Usa

    I want you to try CanRoyal Lube USA inc. We been in the market for almost 5 years.Quality is the same you're paying for the name. Lab test reveal that CanRoyal is comparable if not the same standards as the leading motor oil. We offer the highest quality with the lowest price.email me canroyallube@@t

  • Keith Rigsby
    Keith Rigsby   1 months ago

    It's all foreign. I'll keep my American cars and use American oil. Thanks.

  • Bill Ilkovski
    Bill Ilkovski   2 months ago

    Haha, "as good as your manufacturer intended it to be".

  • 林亞倫
    林亞倫   2 months ago

    http://dle.com.tw/index.php DLE 5W-60 24H Nurburgring Racing Formula GT3

  • sean
    sean   2 months ago

    Truth of the matter is any group 4 oil will be excellent for most high-performance applications.

  • mark hunley
    mark hunley   2 months ago

    I work at autozone, and literally 60% of people don't have their owners manuel cuz it was pre-owned. So what then? Lol

  • Metatron Men
    Metatron Men   2 months ago

    Modern cars are more disposable in this days, so dont set your mind in keep your car is a family heirloom because dont going to happen, is not rocket science modern oils from top manufactures like Pennzoil, Mobile 1, Castrol, etc going to serve your engine very well the longer you change your oil and filter in time (or early change). Personally I dont want to change the oil @25k miles like Amsoil advertise and pay a way over priced oil, dont be lazy buy a decent oil and change it every 5k miles, you engine going to be tankful serving you for very long time.

  • maruf Ali
    maruf Ali   3 months ago

    the engine oil yes but why do people forget the main component the oil filter???

  • Monel Funkawitz
    Monel Funkawitz   3 months ago

    The guy in the lab sounds like Mandark from Dexter's Lab

  • Bataan
    Bataan   3 months ago

    If a drop of synthetic in conventional makes it a semi blend than putting just the tip in my girlfriend makes her semi virgen right?

  • Landy Ortiz
    Landy Ortiz   3 months ago

    What is the best oil for my 996 1999 .can you please tell me..

  • Mister Berzins
    Mister Berzins   3 months ago

    My 1969 VW aircooled had 3 quarts and no filter.

  • Jeff Morency
    Jeff Morency   3 months ago

    What is important is the API spec. (SN or SL, etc) and viscosity (10W-30, etc.)not the brand. Of course, 100% synthetic will protect an engine MUCH better because it has a higher shear strength and won't break down with higher temperature and over time.

  • Ward M
    Ward M   4 months ago

    I LOVE OIL - it helps me travel down an already paved road that my grandfathers built and paid for at 80 miles per hours. Without oil we'd all be walking. The oil industry need to re brand oil to call it lubricant. That's all it is, does anyone HATE on Vaseline, no because its a lubricant for your azzz... If you think oil is evil - then ask the earth why it produces it.

  • Steven Sevek
    Steven Sevek   4 months ago

    If your in a warm climate you should use a higher viscosity oil...?.?.? Get out of here. No matter how hot the climate is, it is always hotter inside the engine at operating temperature. (Sounds like malarkey.)

  • mathew merkl
    mathew merkl   4 months ago

    Air cooling is the main cooling method they use oil to help Oil cooled engines are different all together they are more similar to liquid cooled just using oil not antifreeze

  • Divine Bebop
    Divine Bebop   4 months ago

    2:30 …. my oh my does the guy on the right look dumbfounded.

  • victor girouard
    victor girouard   4 months ago

    Not true not every manufacturer recommends in the owners the best oil you could be using in the engine.ford recommended syn blend for a turbo gdi motor that's nuts full synthetic only in a engine like that.

  • BeeOX3
    BeeOX3   4 months ago

    Why has it got two six lead dizzy's when its a 6 cylinder or are there twin spark ?

  • S Erisea
    S Erisea   4 months ago

    In the section about additives (approx 13:50), was the interviewer asking if 3rd party additives can be used along with the vehicle's engine oil? (For example, Slick 50). The laboratory technician's answer seemed to imply "Yes, additives are used in the making of engine oil." Did anyone else get that explanation? I'm under the impression that adding anything extra to oil was a waste since laboratories already incorporate additives to their engine oil recipe. Replies appreciated. Thanks!

  • Erkut Acar
    Erkut Acar   4 months ago

    so what if u drive from a cold climate to a warm climate? do u need to change the oil half way? :)

  • pa h
    pa h   5 months ago

    you should have ask him what the difference is between Full Synthetic and 100% Synthetic

  • mark warnberg
    mark warnberg   5 months ago

    Conclussion!!! follow the oners manual spcification!

  • Dave P
    Dave P   5 months ago

    Let me add my 2 cents from actual experience with Supertech. I had a 2004 Chevy 3500 Duramax that I hauled campers with. I drove in every type of environment from high heat in desert to blizzards in Wyoming, drove in mountains to flats, straight roads to curvy roads. So to save money I decided to use Supertech oil. I didn't think much of it but I noticed my truck using oil and thought it was normal considering how much towing I was doing. Some guys I work with were talking one day about motor oils and how pretty much every single one of them used Rotella. So I decided the next time I got my oil change I would give it a try. To my surprise my truck not only stopped using oil, but my fuel mileage went up also and all I did was switch from Supertech to Rotella. So yes I would have to say there is a difference between quality oil and Supertech.