Engine Oil Myths Every Car Guy Needs to Know!

  • Published on: 03 January 2018
  • After years of oil confusion and misinformation, I went straight to the source to ask an oil chemist a few questions to shed some light on this technical and heavily marketed industry. Hope this helps! -L

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  • burrito rustler
    burrito rustler   5 days ago

    This "scientist" is a moron, the operating temperature is the same in California or Minnesota, your THERMOSTAT takes care of that - geez, people USE YOUR BRAIN! - PS the W stands for weight, not winter.

  • burrito rustler
    burrito rustler   5 days ago

    SERIOUSLY?? - this factory looks like it is from 1960! - just get a SERIOUS full synthetic like Pennzoil Ultra, with the second weight number matching the manufacturer's spec - so if the original spec was 10W-30 as in a vintage car, then just use 5W-30 or 0W-30.

  • gregcy89
    gregcy89   6 days ago

    What a great vid omg 🤩I wonder if there are people who dont change their oil in time though 🤔😒

  • Dashcam Oz
    Dashcam Oz   1 weeks ago

    Why is it in most of these videos that the oil they are changing is black as charcoal, way to late when it comes to changing the oil

  • Robertw
    Robertw   1 weeks ago

    very interesting thanks larry

  • Preston Thugman
    Preston Thugman   1 weeks ago

    Sigh. Point point that's not the point. Point. Ugh🙄 😑

  • Juanque Pablo
    Juanque Pablo   1 weeks ago

    So one question that wasn’t answered in this from what I can tell. Say you buy a car and use the recommended oil. The same thing everyone across the country reads in their manuals. Are you able to use that same engine oil for example in Texas heat and also another owner who may be in New York winter.? Do we need to adjust our factory oil ratings from the manufacturer to adapt to our weather conditions?

  • lisar3006
    lisar3006   1 weeks ago

    I have Harley Davidson oil that is from about 1992 I bought when a bike shop folded. It is sealed in the original boxes it still good to use in my old bike. I hope so i have a bunch still.

  • bbjagaa
    bbjagaa   2 weeks ago

    Can I add 1/2 quart of 10W-40 on running 0w-20 oil?

  • Benjamin Luka
    Benjamin Luka   2 weeks ago

    i usually change my oil at around 3,000 miles, since i don't really put alot of miles on my car, maybe less then 10,000 miles a year.

  • Bob Greene
    Bob Greene   3 weeks ago

    If this video has even a single value for most drivers, it is never to wander outside the OEM oil specification. Auto supply stores sometimes suggest lower viscosity numbers for engine operating temperatures during summer, with the intuitive explanation that a "thicker" oil protects better in warmer weather. This video flatly contradicts that presumption-- stay with the OEM oil specification.

  • Danie James
    Danie James   4 weeks ago

    Dont follow Fords intervals for newer models. Example. 2014 3.7 mustang the intervals are every 10k. Are you kindding me. No matter what car you have. Use common sense. Change it at 3k and better safe then lazy sorry.

  • GTR bro_35
    GTR bro_35   4 weeks ago

    My oil drain plug is stripped inside the oil pan and when i try to take it out it just spins easily and wont come out, wont go back in tight just spins freely.

  • Gerry Long
    Gerry Long   4 weeks ago

    great vid. now i understand what oil to use, dont have to listen to the bull shit the sales man try to sell me his brand of oil....

  • Magician12345
    Magician12345   1 months ago

    would it damage my car to put synthetic in when it's recomended that my chevrolet impala 07 to have conventional?

  • jim gee
    jim gee   1 months ago

    thank you for answering all my questions with this video

  • Edward Foehring
    Edward Foehring   1 months ago

    I put an additive in which was kinda thick and my variable cam timing system would not work right.

  • STR 8
    STR 8   1 months ago

    My G class and 190D run on 15w-30 and i never had problems

  • Jon Baz
    Jon Baz   1 months ago

    Way better show then TV that's for sure

  • Dylan Hunt
    Dylan Hunt   1 months ago

    Thank you for the thickness I was getting lost

  • Dienel Manipol
    Dienel Manipol   1 months ago

    If you filter your used engine oil at least 80% back from its original state, would it have a bad effect on your engine?

  • CitroenRasp dideveed
    CitroenRasp dideveed   1 months ago

    What I don’t understand. Take 20W/50 oil as an example. As the video states, the numbers stand for Thickness, so 20 has less thickness and 50 more thickness. So de 20 is thinner that the 50 part. But every video of oil that is placed in a refrigerator is very thick and as everyone knows, engine oil that is  hot is very thin. That is the opposite what the numbers say. The oil should be thinner in a refrigerator that hot, because that is what the numbers 20W/50 say. So what is wrong here?

  • Just1Spark
    Just1Spark   1 months ago

    Oil made from gases beat any conventional oil hands down.

  • SJ GUY
    SJ GUY   1 months ago

    Did you ask the chemist if you should change a recommended viscosity in the manual to a different one for a different climate? Recommended is 10W30 on a motorcycle with dual wet clutches. However in temps in high 90' s, the oil thins out. Is it recommended/okay to change to 10W40 in Summertime?

  • White03T4RV82WD
    White03T4RV82WD   1 months ago

    Fun fact: Total is recommended for all modern Kia’s. Good to know we’re using good stuff.

  • D C
    D C   2 months ago

    So what would happen if you used racing oil in a regular engine

  • Ibram Guirguis
    Ibram Guirguis   2 months ago

    why the engine cap engine oil isnt important while it should be the same what in the car manual ??? i'd say if you dont want to ready your car manual look at the engine cap , the recommended oil type is written there , correct me if im wrong pls

  • Jim
    Jim   2 months ago

    The 20W-50 thing still doesn't make sense. How can the oil be thinner when it's cold (20) and thicker when it's hot (50)? That seems impossible.

  • Spanners & Sockets
    Spanners & Sockets   2 months ago

    News Flash!Most of the well known engine oil brands have a 'Which Oil' selector on their website which you can use to easily get quoted the right oil for your vehicle.Same with oil filters. Select your preferred brand and use the filter manufacturer's website to get the right filter.Nothing complicated at all.Happy motoring folks!

  • Tools & More DIY
    Tools & More DIY   2 months ago

    Great Vid!! I have a BMW X6 Xdrive 3.5 i and a BMW X3 Xdrive 3.0i respectively which oil would you suggest I should use ... I know that Diesel engines last longer then again is more friction in between engine parts; I would appreciate your advise as per which oil for each car; I will order it from total distributor in Miami-Florida. Tks 👌🏻!

  • Tarik Q
    Tarik Q   2 months ago

    My user manual said use 5W-30 but I’m leaving in very hot area and I changed the oil to 5W-40 is there something wrong??

  • vsamit17
    vsamit17   2 months ago

    Question 1: If the oil specifications (say 5w20) are influenced by weather conditions (which I believe it does), how we decided which oil to use for a vehicle with oil specification 5W20 when driving in (a) -25 in North Dakota and (b) 125 in Arizona? Question 2: If we just stick to manufacturer's guideline, how exposure to these extreme conditions would effect your engine life? Would (under identical maintenance and operation conditions, vehicles of identical make & model) vehicles have similar life?

  • John Loraditch
    John Loraditch   3 months ago

    One liter of oil can contaminate 250,000 liters of water

  • Marty Smarty
    Marty Smarty   3 months ago

    I've been doing all my own car maintenance for over 20 years. I have 3 vehicles, two with over 200K miles and one with over 300K miles. None have needed any major engine repairs. I follow the maintenance schedule in the owners manual for each vehicle. I use a great car maintenance program on my laptop www.automotivewolf.com configured to track and manage all the maintenance. It also monitors fuel economy performance, expenses, parts and does a cost analysis to show how much each vehicle costs you to own it. I also only use OEM oil and filters as recommended from the manufacturer. Toyota has specialized oil for many of their vehicles. So far it seems to be working just fine :)

  • catothewiser
    catothewiser   3 months ago

    Food grade oil and automotive in the same facility - just seems a bit weird to me. They aren't even the same thing. I don't think there is "food grade" petroleum. Oils for food are organic.

  • daniel ward
    daniel ward   3 months ago

    if you want to know more about where oil comes from and how it's refined go visit Texas where they drill, pump it out of the ground refine it and ship it .

  • John Burns
    John Burns   3 months ago

    The recommendation was to read the manual and do what it says in viscosity of oil and charge intervals. mmmmm, not good enough. You can buy cheap oil and filter or quality oil and filters. Guess which oil and filter will make your engine last longer?

  • sniper60605
    sniper60605   3 months ago

    But what about the ever present question, if I broke my engine in with conventional oil can I or should I switch to synthetic oil even if the owners manual calls for conventional?