questionable rainbow six siege...

  • Published on: 14 March 2020
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    Please don't question my gameplay, just sit back and enjoy the waffle. Operation Void Edge is coming up and I'm super excited, are you? New elite skins, new operators, new memes... So much to come!

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  • Runtime : 11:21
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  • Marley
    Marley   3 months ago

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  • S’moregirl Alvarez
    S’moregirl Alvarez   14 hours ago

    Marley:if you get it you can send me a video of you kicking it across the field.Me:😂🤣

  • A D
    A D   2 days ago

    I really thought you were going to it’s valentines day and you were going to spend it with ur sweetie Dom 😂😂

  • Abc Skills
    Abc Skills   5 days ago

    What's the outros name it's so sick mate

  • FXAR_ RocCo
    FXAR_ RocCo   1 weeks ago

    Have u ever thought about the competitive scen

  • soul z
    soul z   1 weeks ago

    I coudlnt get it 😭 beacuse my mom didnt let me

  • Jared England
    Jared England   1 weeks ago

    How do youtubers get all the casual-casual players :(

  • alpha wolf212
    alpha wolf212   1 weeks ago

    I was supposed to get the marley youtooz for my bday but my parents forgot rip for me

  • Fatbunny4n
    Fatbunny4n   1 weeks ago

    0:49 why are you incognito marly?

  • vedant rajeesh
    vedant rajeesh   1 weeks ago

    how does marley activate harry potter's cloak of invisibility whenever he pulls out a mira window

  • Owlify
    Owlify   2 weeks ago

    0:02 it looked like he jumped lol

  • Jaxson Fox
    Jaxson Fox   2 weeks ago

    I saw this video too late, went to buy the collectible, but I can’t now. you hate to see it ):

  • Evan LaPointe
    Evan LaPointe   2 weeks ago

    Bro dom said “yes sir” at 3:35 in a American accent lol

  • Icedceiling4805
    Icedceiling4805   3 weeks ago

    That Marley toy thing kinda looks like it would be an echo skin

  • Genocyd
    Genocyd   3 weeks ago

    Could you show a tryhard like pro leage clip

  • Wuanita Powers
    Wuanita Powers   3 weeks ago

    I like how most of this channel is: one tap dom: "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH"

  • Infidel Marine
    Infidel Marine   3 weeks ago

    It's sold out 😭Marley:*Picks buck*Me: why?Marley: handles shit recoil that buck hasMe: HoW tHe hElL

  • i'm worthless
    i'm worthless   3 weeks ago

    You make your teammates look like they are trash and that you the unique one that knows how to play and make aces 😔👌

  • Titus Florin
    Titus Florin   3 weeks ago

    I would like to see a video, where Marley Show his outtakes/Bad moments. That would be very nice

  • Benjani08 Howlett
    Benjani08 Howlett   4 weeks ago

    My cat ran off when I paused this video he is a true wafflet

    SHAZAM   1 months ago

    marley mask was ready for 2020