Baby Shower Haul!!! (First Time Mom)

  • Published on: 23 January 2020
  • BABY REGISTRY IDEAS!! A first time mom showing you my baby shower haul and what I got for my baby shower!


    (FAV Items Stared ... but I seriously love these all sooooo)
    Boppy Bare Nursing Pillow:
    🌟 MamaRoo Baby Swing:
    🌟 Active Doodie Dad Diaper Bag:
    My Diaper Bag:
    Baby Changing Pad:
    🌟 Camel Swaddle:
    SwaddleMe Swaddle:
    Baby Bear Towel:
    "Little One Shop" Outfit
    🌟 Monthly Milestone Blanket:
    UV Window Protector:
    Wipe Warmer:
    🌟 Soft Building Blocks:
    🌟 Wooden Baby Toys:
    Carhart Hat:
    🌟 Baby Wrap:
    🌟 Car Seat Cover:
    Mesh Laundry Bag:
    Baby Overalls:
    Coffee Cup Teether:
    Winter Car Seat Cover:
    Buffalo Check Hooded Fleece:
    Baby Knotted Hats:
    Swaddle Sack & Hat:
    Car Seat Protector:
    🌟 Diaper Genie:
    High Chair:

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  • ER Nurse
    ER Nurse   4 months ago

    I have had 4 babies and the wipe warmer is a MUST HAVE! Nothing worse than a freezing wet wipe on the bum in the middle of the night!

  • bella Martinez
    bella Martinez   1 months ago

    My name is bella and Chris we love your baby haul and we like all the things and we love all the clothes and all the big things to your friends bella and Chris Martinez

  • Active Doodie Gear
    Active Doodie Gear   1 months ago

    Wow what a great video! Yes, the brand name of the Dad Squad diaper bag is "Active Doodie®" and we can be found at - thank you for such a wonderful review.

  • Katie Wood
    Katie Wood   1 months ago

    going through my first trimester with severe nausea, re-watching this because this is something I am most looking forward to (baby shower, and organizing and going through all of the baby stuff) your videos literally never get old, every time i watch them its like i am watching them for the first time again.

  • Candice Gooch
    Candice Gooch   2 months ago

    You sound funny 😂 and you so cute I love your clothes. Congratulations on your baby.

  • bella Martinez
    bella Martinez   3 months ago

    My name is bella and I like your baby haul video and I like your theme of your baby boy and I like all the baby clothes and all the big things to and I like your mommy must have video to your friend bella Jimenez

  • Mikayla Burbank
    Mikayla Burbank   3 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE your personality 😂 Congrats on your baby!! ❤️

  • TheAWOLFamily
    TheAWOLFamily   4 months ago

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant too and my son will be 10 months old on the 3rd of February🤰🏽👼🏽 so we’re about to be super busy. We just got some not so good news so we’re kind of going through a rough time. We’re also not having a baby shower so you are very lucky I wouldn’t know what to do with all of that stuff or even half🤭..Anyway God bless you and yours as well as anyone reading this👑❤️

  • bri casiano
    bri casiano   4 months ago

    love the part where she’s describing the soft block and just hit them together i love this girl 😂❤️

  • Neha Giri
    Neha Giri   4 months ago

    wow..I just enjoy watching u..Literally I can just spend my entire day relaxing and watching u and doing nothing. Watching ur videos makes me happiest..<3

  • alex blount
    alex blount   4 months ago

    Please be careful with the mirror to watch the baby in the backseat I had one and the sun reflecting off of it burned a whole in my daughters car seat (thankfully she wasn’t in it)

  • Emma Rowynn Blake Roberts

    Hey Lys and YT fam!! I could really use your help! I would love to have your opinion on twin names!! These are my favorites but not sure about pairing etc.I am having a boy and a girl due March and need some help!!Girl Names...1. Cecily Dawn Avril 2.Scarlett Rose 3.Theda Elise 4.Charlotte "Lottie" Alyss5. Rowynn BlaykeBoy names....1. Wade Theo Alias 2. Gable Quinn 3.Rowan Blake4.Wesley TheoIf you have any other suggestions please leave them below!!Thanks so much!!

  • sunflower98765
    sunflower98765   4 months ago

    Really not a fan of the fact that you’re a “boy” mom.

  • Kendel Eberhart
    Kendel Eberhart   4 months ago

    What baby registry did you use? I know you mentioned it in the video went to go look it up and forgot the name of it

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   4 months ago

    Ps .. your hair looks so good in thus video, and you’re so glowy +gorgeous

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   4 months ago

    The Big Panda 🐼 in the background is adorable though lol 😂👑

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   4 months ago

    Okay but I am absolutely living for that baby daddy diaper bag !! Did not even know they were a thing ,but you guys definitely have the cutest/coolest one.

  • Kiarra Draper
    Kiarra Draper   4 months ago

    Dang I'm late, although I loved this video! I literally cannot wait til Wesson is here!! Love you!❤❤❤


    Wonderful Haul! And also you didn’t give me the shoutout but it’s okay don’t worry about it love you so much one of my mums friends is having a baby! And she’s been throwing up lately and she’s 14 weeks! <3

  • Heyyy Zup
    Heyyy Zup   4 months ago

    It’s almost time can’t wait!!!!!

  • Hailey Dudleson
    Hailey Dudleson   4 months ago

    I’m so happy for you and your little fam❤️ my fiancé is in the army so I will definitely have to get him tactical baby things when we start trying to have one of our own, he would just love it!! Also once you have baby Wesson are you going to start doing family vlogs or keep it more of sit down videos?? 😊😊

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie   4 months ago

    15:00 will your mom make me one with my baby’s name on it? I’m due in March and I’m in love with that😍

  • FitDisney Momof5
    FitDisney Momof5   4 months ago

    You can’t have too many thermometers! You’ll be surprised how many times you lose one.

  • Didi K
    Didi K   4 months ago

    Such a great video. Thanks Lys. Also can't wait to see what you will do for a new intro once Wesson arrives...getting exciting. All the best for the last couple weeks and hope everything goes well and you stay safe.❤

  • Haley L.
    Haley L.   4 months ago

    I just found out I’m having a boy!! First time mom at 14 weeks!! Jumping on the boy mom train 😍😭

  • MeEr NuTz
    MeEr NuTz   4 months ago

    Your the most beautiful mom i wld hv ever seen😍😍😍

  • MeEr NuTz
    MeEr NuTz   4 months ago

    I wanna c your hospital bag video💕

  • MeEr NuTz
    MeEr NuTz   4 months ago

    4:18 its is surely a very active duty aftr having kids😂😂😂

  • MeEr NuTz
    MeEr NuTz   4 months ago

    Im can't wait to see wesson😍😍

  • Cel
    Cel   4 months ago

    Awww Lys I'm so happy for you! All the things you got are wonderful, you are soooo loved!

  • Mason Dawn
    Mason Dawn   4 months ago

    “You guys are in for a journey, if you’re gonna keep watching me.”Girl ima keep watching!! Love you!

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams   4 months ago

    Wipe warmer is everything. I love your colors 😩💕😍