Happy Wheels is BACK!

  • Published on: 07 December 2019
  • happy wheels back its better than minecraft its incredible omg omg omg

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  • Runtime : 11:52
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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam   5 months ago

    People thought it was an old video so had to change title lmaooo

  • Stewart Moran
    Stewart Moran   2 minuts ago

    “We’re all going to die soon”Probably sooner than you thought lol.

  • Fin Baker
    Fin Baker   1 hours ago

    Lol I'm watching this in quarantine and I'm just like he guessed the future

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson   3 hours ago

    The world is going to endMe 5 months ago: lol haahaaMe now: oh $h!t

  • Jackson Leder
    Jackson Leder   7 hours ago

    0:00-0:22 dang boi you are quite the future teller

  • Ektez_
    Ektez_   7 hours ago

    Lazarbum: the world is gonna end...Me: nah fam...Me now: oh f*ck is he doctor strange??

  • ChuckDaPoo
    ChuckDaPoo   7 hours ago


  • Ibrahim Guluzada
    Ibrahim Guluzada   8 hours ago

    when this vid was downloaded that day juice wrld died rip legend

  • toby
    toby   9 hours ago

    We are are going 2 to die anyways because of the coronavirus

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts   11 hours ago

    When you watch this in 2020 lazar are you a mind reader

  • Hector P
    Hector P   15 hours ago

    Everybody watching the start in 2020 be likeYou were right

  • Office Dex
    Office Dex   16 hours ago

    Who would of known the end of the decade would lead straight to hell

  • Logan Bell
    Logan Bell   20 hours ago

    Wtf he prodicted the future 🤯🤯

  • Ethan Hebert
    Ethan Hebert   22 hours ago

    lannan doesnt realize he brought 2020 upon us

  • Nate Swisher
    Nate Swisher   23 hours ago

    Since u brought back happy wheels can you please bring back BeamNG drive plZ

  • Meme Heaven
    Meme Heaven   1 days ago

    Who else has been watching lazarbeam since 1M subs

  • Gacha Rilyer
    Gacha Rilyer   1 days ago

    Lol at the beginning yes we are all going to die from da virus

  • Alex Comix
    Alex Comix   1 days ago

    0:38, according to social blade, you don’t even make the top 100, lol

  • Sherri Cook
    Sherri Cook   1 days ago

    Well I mean he was right about the every one is going to die covid-19