Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 October 2018
  • Is Shell V-Power Nitro+ better than cheap gasoline? Shell claims that it cleans better and contains 7 times the amount of detergents required. So, will Shell V-Power Nitro+ clean better than cheap gasoline? Will it prevent carbon buildup? Will an engine achieve better fuel efficiency? Let's find out. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 12:5
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  • Cesar86
    Cesar86   10 minuts ago

    Great tests and very interesting results! I believe that on real world applications, considering only the effect of additives in the fuel (with correct octane rating for the motor), engines that operate without completely warming up (ie short commutes) and engines that sit on idle and low loads for long periods (ie traffic jams) are more prone to carbon build up and can benefit more of "cleaning" fuels such as the Shell V-Power. On the other hand, engines that experience a more healthy mix of urban and highway cycles and higher load operation, may not benefit as much from the extra cleaning properties.

  • Rob Koch
    Rob Koch   13 hours ago

    Has he tested Chevron yet with the Techron in it?

  • Nathan Rivers
    Nathan Rivers   20 hours ago

    Hooked on these lately although I feel like the main point of premium fuels has been neglected. The engine needs to be optimized for each type of fuel, otherwise its not fair. Premium is only warranted when the quality of the fuel i.e 95 RON is too low quality to run without damaging the engine from i.e pre ignition.

  • Dallas Williams
    Dallas Williams   22 hours ago

    Can you do sheetz fuel vs bp ultimate? I need a bp or amoco ultimate test if you can do it ...

    ROD VAN   22 hours ago

    Maybe run a tank of the good stuff every 6 fills for cleaning? 😏

  • Robert NES816
    Robert NES816   23 hours ago

    I put Shell Gasoline in my Mazda plus Nitro Methane.I no longer own a Mazda 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • 175dell
    175dell   1 days ago

    Has anyone suggest a comparison of motor oil to some sort of cooking oil? Or motor oil compared to heavy weight gear oils?

  • geoffreyjones2000
    geoffreyjones2000   1 days ago

    I wonder if the water removes any of the additives sir... thanks again sir

  • Me Too
    Me Too   2 days ago

    V-Power Nitro, Chevron with Techron, etc. = MarketingGas is gas... it's all manufactured to the same spec per epa/carb(CA) so then you have to ask yourself is the additive held to the same scrutiny, I would say most likely yes

  • sgraham080
    sgraham080   2 days ago

    In a performance engine that can benefit from full power acceleration test there are gains to be made from V power

  • The Game Town
    The Game Town   2 days ago

    if i had a dollar for everytime he does a compression test...

  • Cool as Ice
    Cool as Ice   2 days ago

    From my experience Rich running engines don't like shell v power. They all seem to have a faint pudder or fluttery exhaust note while running it.

  • Shalala
    Shalala   3 days ago

    Man... I’d love to say 50 cents extra a gallon is a dealbreaker. I pay 8$ give or take a gallon

  • Boost Junkie
    Boost Junkie   3 days ago

    I use Shell V Power because is does have cleaning agents that removes some of the built up carbon soot on the piston and cylinder head

  • Robbert N
    Robbert N   3 days ago

    87 octan? I only use 98 octan gasoline in my cars.

  • Sambal bij
    Sambal bij   3 days ago

    Your vids always contain alot of detail thanks for that,

  • hellyeah66613
    hellyeah66613   3 days ago

    There’s significant scratching when you clean it like that, less smooth is more carbon buildup

  • Mg43best2
    Mg43best2   3 days ago

    Can you try rc nitro in a real motor pls ?

  • last-HERO-
    last-HERO-   3 days ago

    40-50 cents per gallon!!!!????? Fuck me the chepest gas in eu is like 2 dolars per literBut the lowest octane gas we have is 95 so and the most is 100 octane

  • Austin Stoddart
    Austin Stoddart   3 days ago

    Should of checked for which one prevents detonation the best

  • François Dillinger
    François Dillinger   3 days ago

    Can you make a video comparing Chevron vs Shell vs any of the other brands that are feasible for you to acquire? Also, if you could compare using EFI with ability to scan for knock, that would be amazing. Thank you for all of your informative videos.

  • tmtx7
    tmtx7   3 days ago

    I live in TN and there’s some gas station that sells non-ethanol gas which I believe the better option for my engine. Can you please compare the non-ethanol and the ethanol added in the performance of the engine. The non-ethanol usually higher in price by about 30-50 cent than the 10% ethanol added to the gas. I’d like to find out if I’m just wasting money on the non-ethanol gas. Also I’d like to find out if the non-ethanol run cleaner in the carbon build up and such in the engine. Thanks.

  • narancs5
    narancs5   4 days ago

    What kind of engines can be used with 87 octane fuel? I am genuinely curious, because in Europe, the lowest octane you can buy is 95 since the late '90s.

  • Admiral Percy
    Admiral Percy   4 days ago

    Wouldn't better detergents give a cumulative effect rather than immediate?

  • Zoometry
    Zoometry   5 days ago

    What is the lifespan of a engine over there lol

  • Andreas Milla
    Andreas Milla   5 days ago

    Love your videos and I see that you invest a lot of time in all of them! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • john travolta
    john travolta   5 days ago

    mate theres is no need for testing,.. here i tell u, shell v power makes my bike have a lot more power and be a lot more responsive, the engine just revs higher and smoother then with any other petrol kind.there, now u know, shell V power is much better.and also the more u use it the cleaner ur engine will get and more power it will produce.. shell v power cleans ur engine as well as gives more power out of it.

  • Eli TheScienceGuy
    Eli TheScienceGuy   5 days ago

    11:31 but the octane rating solely rates the gasoline's ability to be compressed before igniting by pressure. Being that the temperature difference of burning 91 vs 87 is only 1-10°F, which an engine will easily compensate for with its cooling system, AND higher octane prevents premature burning of certain, less-stable hydrocarbons in the gas that produce the gunk in the combustion chamber. Higher octane is really only questionable in small engines that dont have the abilities to adapt to different octane ratings.

  • Marco Fonti
    Marco Fonti   6 days ago

    Bad test. This comparison must be done with a last generation engine with fuel injection, lambda sensor and knock sensor. And check also the power output. Like this cannot see any difference.

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis   6 days ago

    If you changed the timing on the lawn-mower and generator to 91 octane, you'd have better performance overall. Both were set to 87 (or lower) octane so there'd be no benefit except, as proven here, as a detergent. Agreed, if you have a low-octane car vs a decent performance car, you'd be best sticking with the owner's manual regardless! Increasing your octane your car can't benefit from is a waste of money.

  • PB Snowflake
    PB Snowflake   1 weeks ago

    Id love to see how other brands compare. Exxon/Mobil

  • Crazylegs
    Crazylegs   1 weeks ago

    It’s already been proven that it does very little for shitty engines but for turbo tuned engines you can see upto 25% increase

  • Ryan Hogan
    Ryan Hogan   1 weeks ago

    Carbon deposit has to take significant space to effect compression ratios? But I don’t think that will effect how many pounds of pressure the rings and valves will hold back?

  • BlueSpacePictures
    BlueSpacePictures   1 weeks ago

    We have a ConocoPhillips refinery in out state all gas comes from there.

  • Raimonds Cacurs
    Raimonds Cacurs   1 weeks ago

    You really are doing a great and usefull job! Keep working!

  • Deleo Hostem NL84
    Deleo Hostem NL84   1 weeks ago

    50 cents per gallon... thats 3.8 liter.In the netherlands we pay €1,85 per liter for shell premium 5% ethanol , 95 octane.2km across the german border we pay €1,50 per liter for 0% ethanol fuel, also 95 octane.So for 50 cent difference in the US id rather buy premium fuel.

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL   1 weeks ago

    You should do a video with Soft Scrub cleaner as a lubricant. This is obviously not going to come out well, since Soft Scrub uses an abrasive matrix in order to clean, but I would be interested in seeing just how long an engine can last with this in the sump. I bet it would take 10 minutes for it to destroy compression and shut the engine off.

  • Farina Marcini
    Farina Marcini   1 weeks ago

    I useShell V power on a high performance modified sports saloon and get great results.Very nicely done comparasen test.I dont like many people these days but i like you genuine nice guy.Keep up the great work.