Shell V-Power NiTRO+ vs Cheap Gasoline. Is it better? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 October 2018
  • Is Shell V-Power Nitro+ better than cheap gasoline? Shell claims that it cleans better and contains 7 times the amount of detergents required. So, will Shell V-Power Nitro+ clean better than cheap gasoline? Will it prevent carbon buildup? Will an engine achieve better fuel efficiency? Let's find out. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 12:5
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  • James Copeland
    James Copeland   17 hours ago

    Again, GREAT VIDEO!A point of observation here... while it may not make sense to run this fuel in a lawnmower engine, your car is a different story. Not only can your vehicle's higher compression and more efficient combustion chambers make better use of the higher octane, vehicles with higher mileage will see a greater benefit from the response of engine management systems. Automotive engines have knock sensors, which retard ignition timing and enrich fuel ratios. Cheap gas has a higher tendency to trigger these responses, which can cause the following issues:-less power per gallon used-carbon deposit buildup-degradation of catalyst systems -increased engine wear-decreased duty cycleIt all boils down to what's more important to you. Running high grade/high octane fuel can help your engine live longer, get better mileage, and maintain performance. On the flip side... if you're the type to simply change your oil and "run it 'til it won't run"... the price of engine rebuild/replacement isn't likely to be much different between 5yrs and 10 or 15yrs. With engines and their control systems becoming vastly more advanced and efficient, I only run high grade/high octane fuel in anything after 1996, and especially after 2000. I have yet to run a vehicle made after 1998 that didn't show an immediate improvement in mileage to justify the higher price. My '04 F150 has 300k miles, and low enough compression to run cheap gas... it still gets 93 octane on every fill up... and non-ethanol when I can find it.I love this channel.

  • James Copeland
    James Copeland   18 hours ago

    Burn observations: Shell burns faster, with less flame exiting through the exhaust valve. Cheap gas has more flame clusters... indicating poor atomization.

  • Darrell Louque
    Darrell Louque   18 hours ago

    The reason they advertising Nitro is because the could not get the Nitrogen content down enough with ethanol content so they just decided to market it on a positive note.Nitrogen doesn't do anything but take up space. I retired from Shell in 2009

  • James Mana
    James Mana   21 hours ago

    Thanks this showed that I need to run a better fuel in my Saab 9000 2.3 HPT (High pressure turbo) Also explained why my car runs much better as well. You covered this very well.

  • johnson le
    johnson le   1 days ago

    Is shell v power nitro better than chervon techron gas 91 octane ?

  • Michael
    Michael   1 days ago

    When talking about using fuel additives like Techron as an alternative, do you mean in every tank, or how often?

  • Newly Slim
    Newly Slim   1 days ago

    Thanks for doing this bro! I have always wanted to know this!!!!!!!!

  • Bret
    Bret   1 days ago

    You do a great job. However, I don’t believe your test criteria is appropriate for these fuels. The kinds of carbon build up and the advantages of detergents is only noticeable over thousands and thousands of miles of driving and under many different conditions. For example, I have a 2013 f-150 4x4 with the 3.5 eco boost engine and 3.73 gears. I also have a Ram Pro-master 3500 that we use for construction. I live in maritime zone 5. I operate at idle a lot and also my morning warm up routine is probably not a good idea but rather a luxury, I start with a remote start and it runs for 12-15 minutes. Now, I run Costco fuel or any top tier fuel I can find at a good price, usually paying 20 cents more per gallon in our area. When I run these fuels, my truck and van idle more smoothly than when I use cheap equivalent octane. The most visible evidence of the idle difference is the radio antenna on the F-150. When using cheap Lee fuels the antenna rhythmically shakes, just a little bit noticeable. When I run Costco fuel or any of the fuels with top tier, the truck runs just slightly smoother and on our longer regular drives, 450 miles one way day, we achieve about 1.5 - 2.0 mpg improvement in mileage. Now, does this equate into a longer lasting, lower maintenance engine? I don’t know. My eco boost has the older direct injection which means the intake valves are not being cleaned by fuel as it would be from a non direct injection system. Ford changes all of their direct injection engines to a hybrid system where they are direct injected and port injected so that the gasoline with detergents will help stop the coking these engines, from every manufacturer, are known for. We recently sold an Audi 170,000 miles that had a similar direct injection engine. At about 100,000 miles we had to have the valves ground due to build up ($1200). Anyway, the mechanic told us that they recommended only top tier fuels for these 4-6 cylinder direct injection engines. He showed us valves from engines that exclusively ran top tier fuels. They were noticeably cleaner but still had build up. Ford evidently has found that by adding some fuel to the intake along with direct injection.... the result is much cleaner valves, better power and mileage. Well, keep up the good work. I like what you do and forgive me if my comments appear Knit picky

  • Paul Gordon
    Paul Gordon   1 days ago

    Shell V-Nitro premium 91 octane gas is designed to run in higher compression engines than 87 Octane gas. I'll bet if you ran your gas usage/hr test in a higher compression engine you'd see a difference. Higher Octane gas is designed to burn at higher compression and higher heat environments. Meaning the Shell 91 octane gas would probably run worse in a lower pressure lower heat environment than the no-name 87 octane gas. That is my understanding which could be wrong.

  • Alvaro Osorio
    Alvaro Osorio   1 days ago

    When on the same day 3 youtubers that you follow release videos about gasoline quality 🤔

  • Kartal Kartaloglu
    Kartal Kartaloglu   1 days ago

    Shell Yazıbaşı mercanlar petrol bayisinde 12/09/2019 tarihinde aracıma yanlış yakıt koydular; ben hariç herkes şu an haklı; herkes saygısız, sigorta istasyona, istasyon servise, servis bana atıyor topu, masrafı karşılayan yok! Aracın pistonlarına her yerine benzin girdi, 70 km yol yapıp Otobanda trafikte yolda kaldım araç servise çekildi? İstasyon, Shell, araç servisi ve sigorta arasında mekik dokuyorum; 1 ay oldu sonuç yok! Kaliteleri yalnızca sizden para alırken, kendi hataları ile ilgilenen yok! Shell hasarın tümünü sigortayı bahane ederek ödemiyor... şu an araç serviste takıldı kaldı .... opetten; Bp den şaşmayın 👍👍

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas   1 days ago

    NITRO IS BULLSHIT!!...All USA Fuels Are From The Same Tanks!...You can add a bottle of Dollar Tree.. 99 cent Octane Treatment And Save A 💩 Load Of $$ 🤑$$

  • boyum
    boyum   2 days ago

    The difference between Shell V-Power+ and regular Shell 87 in my new car is 13.1 in the 1/4 mile over a 13.8. And top speed of 210 over getting stuck at 185.

  • good stuff
    good stuff   2 days ago

    I use supreme, cause I am at 396000 km

  • tomjw7
    tomjw7   2 days ago

    Premium fuel is simply more knock resistant, whatever addative they use for that is up to them, either ethanol or something else. It will make no difference in engines that are not tuned too take advantage of the higher octane rating, which basically lets you run more boost in forced induction engines or more timing or both for more performance. Besides that, if ur car only requires 87, save money and run 87

  • 1 dude vong Internetz

    87 octane? In Germany you can't buy that. 95 octane is usual. The hightest octane level got Aral ultimate 102 with, surprise, 102 octane.

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek   2 days ago

    I was actually doing some Analytical chemistry today and to find % ethanol to any degree of accuracy you’d have to put it through a Gas chromatography instrument. Even a simple mix of water propanol and ethanol you still have to do this.

  • Robert Condon
    Robert Condon   2 days ago

    It might be worth spending the extra money for premium if the car manufacturer recommends premium due to your car having a high compression engine. That aspect was not tested during this testing. Love what you do. Thanks

  • scubbarookie
    scubbarookie   3 days ago

    Thank you for this test. There has been a few debates about using cheap gas because of rise of cost. More and more consumers are settling for the cheap stuff. This confirms I'm not crazy. 👍

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P   3 days ago

    Premium fuel performs better because higher octane my fiesta when driving in the city misfires and suffers fuel economy and lack of power with 87, but 93 or 90ethanol free gas my car accelerated better and has tons of power and my fuel economy is about 65miles more per tank

  • Justin F
    Justin F   4 days ago

    Wheres the "other gas" % of methanol?

  • Tay S
    Tay S   4 days ago

    I can tell you the no ethanol vpower makes my 71 valiant idle smoother. Cant richen up idle screw anymore on that leaner 71 carb either.Waste for it's super low compression . Always run about 1/4 tank of it though.

  • kiko The fool
    kiko The fool   5 days ago

    Thank you for this information! I had noticed a difference in my car it has been shaking alot since id been using arco gas the low grade one for about 2 years and my car started feeling like shaky Ive been using nitro shell for 2 days and my car seems to be less shaky than usual and today it didnt feel shakey at all!

  • Leighton Samms
    Leighton Samms   6 days ago

    One more safety item I ONLYdiscovered when I DID service work at SUN OIL DOREMUS AVE NEWARK, is that they will only dispense only 8600 gallons of gasoline REGARDLESS of what company !Cheers from NJ. 🇺🇸

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor   6 days ago

    I switched to Shell Regular for the added detergents after always using cheap gas that eventually clogged my injectors. Shell Regular gas is near same price as cheap Walmart gas in my area. If you use their Fuel Rewards program you can save 5 cent minimum a gallon, but can be much more. I get 10 cent off, buy on 10 cent off Thursdays, so this top tier rated gas is way less expensive than the cheap gas. It got rid of the hot start rough initial idle issue as if it was flooded. Plus it seems to have more pep at higher rpms.

  • Kelly Ricketts
    Kelly Ricketts   1 weeks ago

    Nonsense! First using generators and old lawn mowers as your test models is ridiculous. It has been proven that there is No difference between using Premium over Regular Gasoline, In Fact in the US Their regulatory body made Major oil companies stop using bogus claims on the better aspects of using Premium, just another Gouge, and your supporting them !

  • flailios
    flailios   1 weeks ago

    'ml' is pronounced 'mill' or 'mills'. Hail from Australia :-)

  • Jermiah King
    Jermiah King   1 weeks ago

    You’ve done a oil brand show down, what about branded gas show down? Preferably involving your main brands of gasoline including Kirkland.

  • R3D-1 Truth
    R3D-1 Truth   1 weeks ago

    Pardon- I was thinking, have you ever tried to conduct test on the critical level of oil loss? How low can it get before damage - due to prolonged oil change intervals and oil burn off

  • Jeff Sol
    Jeff Sol   1 weeks ago

    Just avoid going to gas stations that hardly have traffic, as the gas sits in those tanks collecting sediment. With a high volume gas station the gas tanks get replenished often and you get fresh fuel. Some older hole in the wall stations get "second rate" gas from the refineries after the big names get the good batches first.

  • Papa Linguine
    Papa Linguine   1 weeks ago

    I think a comparison of octane boosters would be a cool idea