Coronavirus: On the road with British police enforcing social distancing - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on: 31 March 2020
  • UK Government advice is clear that non-essential travel should be avoided, but many continue to be confused about when and why they can go outside, whether it’s OK to walk their dog, and what’s the right way to exercise during the coronavirus pandemic. Subscribe to our channel here:

    Newsnight spent a day with police in Weston-super-Mare as they travelled round checking on the public, making sure Covid-19 measures were being followed and checking up on the vulnerable.

    Sweeping powers brought in to address the spread of coronavirus allow them to regulate public space in an unprecedented way.

    How comfortable should we be with the police using measures that in normal times would be considered authoritarian?

    James Clayton reports, and Emily Maitlis is joined by Andy Marsh, Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, and Nick Cohen of the Observer, and Lord Finkelstein of the Times.

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  • Runtime : 18:58
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  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One   23 hours ago

    I hope every British police officer dies a slow and painful death in front of their families.

  • johnymarder Dixon
    johnymarder Dixon   23 hours ago

    6:22 PROTECT THE NHS ? hahahahaha...... The shutters are DOWN on our locat A and E entrance and our other main hospital is closed. What an offing joke. I'm so glad I threw my UK passport in the bin 14 years ago. Get on with it.

  • johnymarder Dixon
    johnymarder Dixon   1 days ago

    It's the job of the police to detect and solve crime.... it is NOT TO ACT AS SOCIAL WORKERS or tell people to get off the street. K'sake.

  • young1066
    young1066   2 days ago

    Cunts in blue 🐷🐷🐷🐷

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller   2 days ago

    Powermad fks. How come they dont distance? In their cars without masks! Earn the disrespect.

  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit   4 days ago

    Hosted by anti-white Jew, Emily Maitliss.

  • Portu Gal
    Portu Gal   6 days ago

    They need to do real police jobs , they work for the citizens, They need to Foxtrott uniform Charlie kilo Oscar Oscar Foxtrott!!!

  • Portu Gal
    Portu Gal   6 days ago

    They will be crying out for visitors when this is over , when they want the tourist money , all they do is moan at the moment but i hope people boycott these places where people are whinging and whining!!!

  • Michelle Louise Davis

    if th press wasn't there peoiple woiuld be beaten up and arrested, because the police are thugs.

  • Michelle Louise Davis

    the police are corrupt and why can't all the homeless somewhere to live before the lockdown? what a sad society we have created.

  • gen crow
    gen crow   1 weeks ago

    see the cop with the mask on the back of his neck lol i think they should offer training to the police and explain how masks work lmfao

  • gen crow
    gen crow   1 weeks ago

    there actualy breaking social distancing rule by sitting in the car togeather its a scam

  • Tom_ 88
    Tom_ 88   1 weeks ago

    Bunch of shit houses

  • r3ptile
    r3ptile   1 weeks ago

    Yet they REFUSE to stop child groomers, jihadis, stabbings, machete attacks, moped thieves, acid attacks, or polygamists... almost as if they’ll only address White people 🤔

  • whip
    whip   1 weeks ago

    people should not be homles full stop poles was never on the streets but if you born in the uk they couldn't give a shit about you

  • doc Kaos
    doc Kaos   1 weeks ago

    There you the police out 24/7 spreading the virus they should all be locked up

  • The True Crime Files
    The True Crime Files   1 weeks ago

    If the cameras weren’t there they would be acting very very different.

  • Richard O'shea
    Richard O'shea   1 weeks ago

    None of what those Police officers are doing is their job and none of it is supported by law. Moreover, none of it could ever be supported by law as it would violate a half dozen inalienable rights. I have been approached by Police officers three times in the last month and within seconds I have been threatened with fines, arrest and physical assault. In all three cases the Police left without any of those things happening because none of those things can happen by Law. If you try and make a law that violates my rights I'll see you in court myself. The Police absolutely do not have my support or my consent in these matters.

  • Sal Love
    Sal Love   1 weeks ago

    Don’t understand why people don’t use the online service with prescriptions??

  • fran drew
    fran drew   1 weeks ago

    "Police using common sense to interpret these guidelines". We're all fucked then.

  • GORT
    GORT   1 weeks ago

    Little Hitlers...if they applied half of this effort to catching criminals the public wouldn't hate these creeps so much.

  • EF
    EF   1 weeks ago

    The creation of fear is always determined by the sheeple watching the silly 'news' on their big screen tv. Take no notice of 'wishes', 'guidance', 'regulations' etc. Just look and read the real 'legislation' in the parent Act and arm yourself with that knowledge. Don't fall for all this bollox. 'Lock-up' ('lockdown'- ie, prison) is unlawful as the rushed through 'rules' cannot exceed the authority of the parent legislation (1984). But keep clapping..

  • MC
    MC   2 weeks ago

    We're not allowed out without being fined but thousands of OPENREACH engineers are??? Where's the logic...

  • Watson Clerk
    Watson Clerk   2 weeks ago

    Do as the police ask - and believe you live in a DemocracyDon't do as the Police ask and you'll see the Tyranny.Democracy exists as long as you do as your are told.

  • Anon
    Anon   2 weeks ago

    Home office guidance doesn't mention the word "essential" neither in relation to driving nor food.This video clearly shows officers (seemingly well meaning ones) telling the public something that simply isn't true.

  • G C
    G C   2 weeks ago

    Bbc paedophiles trying to trick people into thinking police have new powers

  • G C
    G C   2 weeks ago

    😂 😂 😂 The powers to break up crowds like at festivals. Na. But the abuse of police powers has went far to far.

  • Caron Ford-Wilson
    Caron Ford-Wilson   2 weeks ago

    Social distancing regarding the 2m rule is guidance and not law so whilst it is very important and vital for the police to be able to encourage safe and lawful behaviour, it cannot be enforced under the law. Its confusing the way that there is so much mix up between law (eg enforceability) and guidance (non enforceable) See Law Talk UK video on this if youre interested

  • my dog baily
    my dog baily   2 weeks ago

    what a complete waste of time the police have been. the cps have been throwing the cases out.obviously they do not understand the law.

  • Angry Zman
    Angry Zman   2 weeks ago

    This is some real Gestapo Nazi shit. They love it. Pigs are not even social distancing ffs.

  • daniel preece
    daniel preece   2 weeks ago

    Germany 1940 , random stop checks, identification, mass imprisonment. England 2020 random stop checks, identification and mass imprisonment The Nazis never stopped they just moved here

  • pj duff
    pj duff   2 weeks ago

    Whens the last time you seen bobbies on the street before all this shit

  • Gary Fryer
    Gary Fryer   2 weeks ago

    Never really have much positive to say about our police..BUT! In general most of them have been doing a good job..and its not there fault that they are run by the leftie pc brigade..I bet if you asked a lot of the older police who have been around for a while policing probably makes them feel sick. Remember when i was a kid you would cross over the road to get out of the way of the police..Theyd give you a slap for daring to walk near them...It doesnt help that these guys were 6ft 5 . Nowadays its 5ft 5 if your lucky and 25 stone..but thats what happens when snowflakes take over...God help us if these people get a grasp on our military...and it is beginning to sneak in.

  • Running Red Fox
    Running Red Fox   2 weeks ago

    National Police Chiefs' Council chairman Martin Hewitt said that the two-metre social distancing is not enshrined in law.He told Sky News that it is "not a policing role" to enforce two-metre social distancing - insisting it's an "individual responsibility"."We are not in a position to police the two-metre social distancing."