We BUILT the GREATEST thing in Minecraft - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 4

  • Published on: 21 August 2019
  • Minecraft will never be the same after this!
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  • Runtime : 32:34


  • Rainlue
    Rainlue   14 hours ago

    26:18 my favorite part of the video.

  • Dapi
    Dapi   1 days ago

    Кто тут русский?

  • FlaminLion 12
    FlaminLion 12   2 days ago

    youtube rewind be full of sksks visco girls and billie elish

  • FlaminLion 12
    FlaminLion 12   2 days ago

    for real thought the video was over when he put his game XD

  • zoe 15
    zoe 15   3 days ago

    I love that Harry Potter reference at 18:23

  • Fateteller Cat
    Fateteller Cat   1 weeks ago

    I have been screaming at the screen 'SORT YOUR INVENTORY!'

  • Froggaming 12
    Froggaming 12   1 weeks ago

    For those who don't know "sugoi" means "great"

  • Blake Lopez
    Blake Lopez   1 weeks ago

    found ithttps://mcskinhistory.com/player/f50b2c3e3e2645dca16d829fc0b9263e

  • Trinity Rodriguez
    Trinity Rodriguez   1 weeks ago

    Jack:*spends not even a minute with felix playing minecraft*Felix and Jack: BEBE 2 BEBE

  • BBB
    BBB   1 weeks ago

    why did pewd disabled subtitles!!!??

  • moises montiel
    moises montiel   1 weeks ago

    when jack dies like your pets and when you said what then the tuber simulator thing happened I thought it was the end of the video lol

  • ANR Artz
    ANR Artz   1 weeks ago


  • Esther Macky
    Esther Macky   1 weeks ago

    You and Jack could just Tp to each other instead of taking forever following the co-ordinates🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • MrSailord
    MrSailord   1 weeks ago

    18:54Slowly but surely catching up.

  • delaym00 troll00
    delaym00 troll00   1 weeks ago

    ты бл* русский или кто я не пойму

  • Carson HALE
    Carson HALE   2 weeks ago

    who also almost clicked off the video at 27:45

  • Emilia Komulainen
    Emilia Komulainen   2 weeks ago

    Their upside down pyramid with campfire looks like a huge sauna

  • Felix Benton
    Felix Benton   2 weeks ago

    Pewds, you need to work things out with your translators.

  • lara jonas
    lara jonas   2 weeks ago

    Creeper: ima blow up nowJack: somehow always manages to be next to it

  • Zach T
    Zach T   3 weeks ago

    If you put a straw block under the campfire the smoke will rise higher

  • BEAR
    BEAR   3 weeks ago

    HATE:du schreibst deutsch auf dein Intro aber spricht englisch

  • Psycho Gamer
    Psycho Gamer   3 weeks ago

    HEY PEWDS DID YOU SEE!! they actually made a game where you and you 100 mil army storm area 51!! check it out!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8HQnDHMnkY&t=13s

  • BAD!
    BAD!   3 weeks ago

    Every video there has to be a glitch on ur face cam 🤣